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Day 39: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The Head Doctor seemed a little rushed as he spoke on the intercom, not taking as much pleasure as he usually did in describing the delicious food that would soon be served.

"Hello, everyone! Tonight is turkey night, which means turkey breast in a great turkey gravy with some nice turkey sides: peas, herb potatoes, a small garden salad, and for dessert, a slice of pumpkin pie. We of course have vegetarian substitutes available, as well as our usual assortment of drinks.

"...I believe that's it! I'll talk to you soon!"

The intercom clicked off abruptly.

[ If you are introducing your character during this shift, you may either choose for them character to wake up before their roommate gets back, or after.

All room threads go in response to this post; please post your character's room number as the subject line of the initial post. Thank you! ]

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The nurse left Scarecrow alone with his dinner, giving the man time to think to himself. His first full day had been eventful- he'd discovered that food was possibly the greatest aspect of this place, while the bathroom was one of the strangest. The people he'd met throughout the day were incredibly helpful, despite his awkwardness, and he had yet to see his roommate. The Scarecrow looked to Kaiji's bed, wondering where the man could have been hiding all day.

Though the food his nurse had brought for him looked delicious, the Scarecrow had important things to do before he could settle with it. Matt mentioned a flashlight should be in here somewhere, and that I should take it with me tonight, he thought. Guess I should start there, especially if I do leave the room this evening.

After a few minutes of searching every corner and crevice of the room, the Scarecrow had an assortment of seemingly important items sitting atop his bed: a book with blank pages, a metal ring, some sort of a device that began to play music when activated, numerous writing utensils similar to the one he'd borrowed from a nurse earlier to write on the bulletin board, the aforementioned flashlight, and a few metallic tubes of unknown use.

He eyed his collection with a smile, wondering which he would need during the night. The flashlight was a given, although he wasn't sure how to make it work- nothing seemed to happen when he fiddled with it. The journal could come in handy, and he'd need a pen to make use of it. He tucked the drawing of the United States he'd taken from the bulletin board into the journal for safe keeping. He really needed to find some sort of a map that showed where this country was in relation to Oz.

Hearing his stomach complain again, he decided dinner would be his next priority, followed by figuring out how to work the flashlight. Time to see if this meal was comparable to the pizza he'd had for lunch.

Apparently Kaiji found something objectionable.

It would have been hard not to hear him coming as he whined all the way down the hallway, asking hypothetical questions and just generally complaining about things. Among his list of complaints that could be picked out were something about therapy and several issues about 'don't want to tell them anything,' 'the only normal person,' and 'a whole different kind of crazy.'

In the end, though, it was all pointless. Like the stray dog that he was so often compared to, Kaiji didn't have a choice but to wander back to the closest thing to a home he had. He crawled onto his bed with an obnoxious sigh and oriented himself so that he could keep a passive watch over whatever Scarecrow happened to be doing.

What was Scarecrow doing? He was starting to pile up an impressive little collection of things over there. Curiosity didn't really get the best of Kaiji, but he didn't have anything better to do or say than ask about it. "What's with the pile of stuff?"

The Scarecrow turned from his food as his roommate entered the room. "There you are!" he said in surprise. "Been wondering where you were all day! I had some questions to ask you, but I met some other folks who were pretty nice and answered just about everything I could think of without my brains."

Scarfing down another bite (this food was as excellent as the delicacy at lunch!), he stood and returned his attention to his collection. "I was trying to find a few things to take with me tonight. I thought I might do some exploring of this place."

He sat on his own bed and picked up the flashlight, clicking the button a few times- nothing happened. He twisted the front, pulling the glass-and-bulb end from the empty, metal tube that was the rest of the flashlight. There didn't seem to be any clockwork inside to make it work.

"Do you know how to make this work?" he asked, feeling hopeless.

Kaiji leaned on his elbow and for a split second cracked a smile. There was something reassuring about knowing that someone out there gave enough of a damn about him to actually look for him. Added bonus: as far as Kaiji knew, his roommate wasn't aiming to collect any debt from him or subject him to horrible torture. Maybe this Scarecrow guy wasn't so bad. Even if he was a scarecrow with a strange fascination with brains.

"Exploring with who?" he asked almost reflexively. If this guy didn't have something set up with someone else, Kaiji narrowed his options down to two things: he'd either offer to go along, or he'd do anything in his power to keep Scarecrow from going anywhere. Probably by using his teeth. It wouldn't be the most pleasant solution, but surely Scarecrow would thank him later if it came down to it. "You're going with someone else, right? If you are, that light's a good thing to have around."

How could the flashlight not be working, though? From Kaiji's experience those things could probably survive a nuclear holocaust. They were like electronic cockroaches. Electronic... Kaiji couldn't see the hollow flashlight very well from the other side of the room and from his angle, but there was only one way that the device could fail to work unless someone up there had a thing against his roommate. "It's got batteries in it, right?"

That was a dumb question. Everyone knew that scarecrows don't use batteries.

"Well," the Scarecrow said as he averted his eyes, feeling a slight pang of guilt for his consideration of going alone despite what everyone had told him all day, "I don't really have anyone to travel with. See, I read on the bulletin board that we folks who didn't used to be human before coming here might not be enchanted after all, but may have had our bodies switched somehow, and that our original forms might be somewhere on the third floor. I figured I'd see if I could find a way up there."

His eyes trailed to the tube in his hands. "Batteries?" He eyed the four smaller, heavier tubes he'd left sitting on the bed. "Oh, these?" he asked, lifting a pair.

There was a bit of a frustrated tone in Kaiji's voice as he confirmed that what his roommate had were indeed batteries and that they were necessary for the operation of a flashlight. "Yeah, those. You've got to put them in the right way or else it won't work." It probably would have been easier to just walk over, grab the thing, and stick the batteries in to save the trouble of giving a lesson on it, but this was probably a better method in the long run.

"Even with a working flashlight, you're not going anywhere," Kaiji hissed, "unless you've got someone to go with." This was some very serious business, and Kaiji wasn't about to let Scarecrow do anything blatantly stupid as long as he could help it. There was a predatory look to him, the kind that said 'No, really, if you don't do as I say, my teeth are going to become intimately acquainted with your flesh.' Those familiar with that look of his knew to watch their ankles.

"You've got two choices: Either I'll stop you, or you're getting followed."

The Scarecrow's fingers got clumsy as his roommate hissed at him, and he dropped the first pair of batteries- they scattered across the floor and rolled under the bed. He watched them in silence before meeting Kaiji's eyes- they made him feel terribly uncomfortable. He took the other pair of batteries and started to put them into the flashlight, one after the other.

"Well, s- since I've decided that I want to take a look around," he said, his voice wavering a bit, "I guess I'll be having some company. Glad to have it, frankly!" He fumbled with the flashlight, trying to get the cap screwed on. When it still didn't work, he took the batteries out and tried again, reversing their order.

"What could we possibly meet out there, anyway?" he asked, smiling weakly; he was much more fearful of what Kaiji would do to him if he left alone than of anything he could conceivably meet during his nightly travel.

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