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Nightshift 39: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
poise and confidence
high_prosecutor wrote in damned
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Miles slowed again as he entered the hallway, due to another sharp spike of pain in his head. This time, it was accompanied by a louder rumble, one that almost sounded like garbled words.

He swept the beam of his flashlight from side to side. "Now, see? Nothing - and no one - is there," he muttered, hoping that would silence the voice's insistent worry. It was starting to get both annoying and worrisome at the same time. What was making it react like this? He couldn't think of anything, and the intercom announcement hadn't indicated anything particularly worrisome, either.

He sighed and continued down the hallway, continuing to scan for anything in the shadows with each step.

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Oh yes, there was definitely something invigorating about taking the lead for once! While Scarecrow was technically directing the route of this trip, Kaiji was the one who knew the Institute better. The only disappointing part was that as far as he knew, he really had nothing to gain from this.

That was, unless the staff of Landel's was keeping the booze in the cooler with the bodies of mythical creatures or whatever. Would that be messed up beyond belief or pleasantly surprising? Maybe a bit of both.

Speaking of which, it probably would have been wise to ask Scarecrow where exactly they were going. With any luck he'd be able to give a name or at least a description.

He could ask when things got more complicated than a few hallways.

Scarecrow clicked his light on and off absentmindedly as he followed Kaiji through the hall, trying to take in the atmosphere. This place was a lot less inviting at night. It was strange to see people out and about, free from their nurses and restrictions. He kept his hand along the wall as they walked, trying not to have another nasty fall. If he was going to keep up with Kaiji's pace, he'd need his legs in working order.

Speaking of pace, where were they going? Oh yeah, the third floor! he thought. There must be some way up there.

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