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Nightshift 39: West Wing, South hall 1-A
mind_the_sukima wrote in damned
[From here]

This hallways seemed familiar. But then, they all looked the same.

Keeping an ear out for creepy-crawlies, Yukari passed the Nurse's station and came to the door to the men's block.

It was this one, right? Why did there have to be so many male rooms? Her mind wandered from the gender-imbalance to poor architectural design to a lack of signs to what room was she trying to go to again? Yawning again, Yukari considered calling the whole matter off and going back to sleep.

No, this was important. Making nice with the rescue team could come in handy later. This in mind, Yukari mentally confirmed her directions and destination then headed onwards.

Besides, if she got there early enough, maybe she could catch a few moments of shut-eye before they headed out.

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[From here.]

Scarecrow clicked his light again as he and his roommate walked through another doorway. The darkness and completely different atmosphere were very disorienting, and he wasn't sure where they were.

"Are there stairs anywhere?" he asked, clicking his flashlight off.

"Straight ahead," Kaiji called out expertly as they proceeded down the straight hall. This was the easy part of the trip - things were going to get tricky when they actually had to figure out which specific room on the top floor Scarecrow wanted. Kaiji knew nothing of magic or body switching, so he tried his best to think of it in perspective: if he was a crazy body-swapping mental hospital, where would he keep the other bodies?

The answer fell somewhere along the lines of 'which one of you drugged my lunch, why would anyone ever do something that stupid?' That wasn't a location. Dammit!

Other than the little complication of what was coming up next, though, so far so good.

He did wonder for a moment if he was moving too quickly for his roommate to sufficiently keep up, but unless the other man protested, he was going to keep moving at a brisk pace. They might've had to move even faster if they ran into something they couldn't handle. That was extremely likely: despite his looks, Kaiji really wasn't much of a fighter. And Scarecrow was... A scarecrow.

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