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Nightshift 39: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
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The stairwell was echoingly empty when the pair entered it, leaving Hanatarou even more nervous than he had been before. What if there was something waiting in the shadows for them, that hadn't already been flushed out by someone previously moving through the area? And if they were the first ones here they might also be the first ones upstairs, as well, which didn't reassure him at all.

He cleared his throat quietly, giving a sidelong glance toward his companion. "Hinamori-fukutaichou suggested the...the pharmacy or the storage room. Have you been up there before?" Maybe he'd be lucky. Maybe Kira had already been there and would exactly where they were going and what to look for once there.

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Kaiji slowed down upon reaching the staircase - while everything seemed reasonably quiet, this was one place where at least a little bit of caution was necessary regardless of whether or not there was definitely some unspeakable horror present. It went in the same category as becoming potentially distracted by that one guy's nose the other night: it wasn't quite as idiotic since deaths on stairs weren't unheard of (certainly more common than death by getting distracted by a weird shaped nose in a spooky mental hospital), but tripping up or down stairs was still a very real, very bad possibility. Kaiji still had a good deal of things that he wanted to accomplish in life.

Stopping at the base of the stairs, Kaiji's flashlight clicked on and he covered it up with his hand, creating a soft orangish glow to light his way bright enough to see but dark enough to make him less visible to anything that might be lurking nearby. The stitched seams of his sewn-on fingers caused an odd disconnect in the subdued light and a few rays shot out where his hand wasn't quite big enough to cover it up.

At this point, he thought to ask for some more direction. They were going to be on the top floor soon, but Kaiji had no clue which room they were aiming for. There was one that he could think of that might have bodies in it, but he wasn't sure if that was the same as what Scarecrow had in mind. "Do you know which room we're going for?" he finally asked in a low voice.

Scarecrow stopped behind Kaiji, clicking his flashlight on again. "To be honest, I don't know what rooms are in this place at all, aside from where we've been throughout the day," he said, moving his light along the stairs. "A map of this place would be handy right about now." He clicked his flashlight off and on again, trying to think. He put his hand on the railing of the stairwell, wondering how reliable it would be in a fall. He really didn't want to fall again, and falling on the stairs would probably be much worse than on a flat surface.

If only I had my brains! he thought, still irked at his loss. Maybe he'd be lucky and the diploma would be with his original body, if it was here at all. I do hope they've not taken it apart and stored it in pieces. Or worse, fed the straw to some animal. Do they have any animals like that here? I'm sure they don't have a Horse of a Different Color, but they might have horses of the normal variety-

He shook his head, not wanting his mind to wander too much. It seemed to be doing that a lot lately. This place did weird things to him- he kept thinking he saw shadows moving, but it must have been a trick of the light.

"If I were a mad Wizard who ran some sort of an institute for people who were supposedly insane," he mused aloud, "Where would I store the bodies of those who had not initially been human?" He took a couple of steps up the incline, wondering if that question was a bit too complicated to tackle without his diploma.

Well, damn. No indication of which room to go to, and Kaiji wasn't as familiar with this place as he might've seen. When he had been upstairs he had been in the autopsy room and... The autopsy room. That was it. It made some sense to go there, but he couldn't really be sure about it because Scarecrow wasn't really sure about it.

Attempting to ignore the slow flashlight rave going on in his immediate vicinity, Kaiji continued without skipping a beat. "That's too bad, 'cause I don't have a map and neither do you. Unless we run into someone else who's got one, we're out of luck with that."

Almost at the top, and nothing had gone horribly wrong yet! Either some divine entity was smiling upon the two of them at the moment, or the devil was lurking around the corner and was about to ambush them full-force before they could even see him coming.

"I was trying to think of that!" Kaiji crowed back. Wait, what did that mean? He and a guy who said he didn't have a brain were thinking strangely alike.

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