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Nightshift 39: Main Hallway 2-West
loyal_despair wrote in damned
((From here.))

It was still dark, and unnaturally quiet, when they slipped out of the stairwell. Kira checked the grip on his sword and slipped the map from his pocket, the flashlight making it all very awkward. The pharmacy ... it was to the east of where they were, provided this place didn't shift unnaturally when people needed to go somewhere. He glanced to the east and saw only darkness and silence leading away.

"Are you ready?" he asked. Everything seemed too still for there not to be something lying in wait, but then again, he'd expected something on the stairwell, too. Carefully putting the map back in his pocket, Kira aimed the flashlight down the hall they needed to go through and glanced at Hanatarou.

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[ from here ]

The top floor: there they were, almost to wherever the hell Scarecrow wanted to go. Maybe. If Scarecrow hadn't gotten a false lead and they weren't going to end up getting slaughtered or hopelessly lost or both.

"Now what?" he mumbled, pouting. It wasn't a dead end at least, but it was more like a fork in the road. A fork in the road with like a million prongs. A spooky mutant freak monster fork in a death-trap filled road. "There are rooms and halls all over, and we don't know which one you need. Do we just kind of pick one?"

The Scarecrow turned his flashlight on for the seventeenth time and allowed the beam to fill the hallway. He could see a few people down the hall- some must have been 'patients' as well, judging by their clothing.

"Well, since neither of us seems to know where we're going," he started, moving his flashlight to illuminate one of the side hallways that branched to the left, "Maybe we should just start with the first hallway and see how it goes. Who knows? Maybe we'll stumble upon something that can help us." He sighed- he really didn't like that feeling of not knowing anything, not even where he wanted to go.

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