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Nightshift 40: Recreational Field
not_rly_fai wrote in damned
[from here]

It probably wasn't the safest route, but it was a shorter distance. 

Yuuhi pushed the door open out into the cold night air and stayed close to the building.  He kept the flashlight off, not wanting to attract any extra attention.  The door wasn't far, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to walk quickly and quietly back inside.

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[from here]

Lockdown shivered when he stepped into the cold night air. Curse this pathetic body. Can't even control its own temperature.

The bounty hunter began walking around the grounds, keeping an optic open. He walked over to one of the nets bound between a metal frame. Perhaps if he could find a way to cut the net down, it would make a decent enough weapon or trap.

Scar had found the way to the recreational field quickly, not that such was all that difficult to accomplish. Even the most brainless patient could do this, most likely.

The King glanced around. It was a little difficult to say whether the area was safe or not, considering it was so vast. Even his eyes couldn't see through the darkness enough to spot any possible threats. He smelled some humans, but that hardly told him anything.

The king simply refused to use that light-stick, however. It would only attract unwanted attention.

Clutching the steel pipe he held a little awkwardly in one of his hands, he decided to follow the scent of one of these humans and approach one. This was yet another occasion where he missed his feline limbs - at least his paws were padded which happened to be rather convenient for being stealthy. Every bit of noise he made with his human feet was simply too loud to his more sensitive ears. Whether humans - possibly including the one he was sneaking to - would be able to hear it was up for debate.

But as he approached, he began to notice it was a fellow patient. Though that didn't entirely mean 'harmless', it was at least a little more promising than a man-eating...something. Or a special counseling patient, but this particular individual was wearing that silly Landel uniform. Scar halted his approach, stopping a respective distance away from the other person.

"I take it you are not of those Special Counseling patients they are throwing out tonight." Scar said, only loud enough for the other patient to hear.

When Lockdown heard the voice behind him, he immediately whipped around and instinctively poised into a Metallikato fighting stance.

The one who approached him was an older-looking human, with dark hair and skin, green human-optics, and a scar across his left human-optic. He didn't look too dangerous, but Lockdown did not allow himself to relax. Experience had told him not to get careless or be decieved by appearances.

Lockdown narrowed his optics at the man. "'Special Counseling patients'? What are you talking about, flesh creature?" Probably something that he was ignorant of, since he had only been here a few days.

"Flesh creature, hmmm?" Scar answered. Maybe this person was a similar case as his roommate was, even though the King couldn't quite understand. All he knew was that unlike humans and animals, these creatures were not organic. Interesting...

What was also interesting that this individual wasn't familiar with Special Counseling. This suggested that the man happened to be rather new around here. Just his luck...

He supposed being 'helpful' would pay off.

"Special Counseling is something that happens every other night." The King explained. "The institute picks a few patients and brainwashes them so they believe they work for the institute for the night. They regain any powers or powers they previously had for that night as well." And apparently also their original form if it applied, but Scar had yet to discover if that was for certain.

"They attack wandering patients." he added. "Large, heavily traversed areas such as the sun room, the courtyard and the recreational field are commonly guarded by one of them."

He hoped tonight was an exception. So far so good...

"Hmm, interesting," Even though this human had not tried to attack him, Lockdown was not quite ready to drop his guard, and so he stayed in his fighting stance. "Not much for the whole brainwashing thing, but that part about regaining my abilites sounds appealing. That would have to mean they would give me my body back, since all my abilities are housed in it."

That had to mean that his and HK's theory was right. The institute was keeping their real bodies somewhere. All he, HK, and the other Transformers had to do was find them. Somehow.

Scar had no intention of attacking the other patient, despite the steel pipe he carried. The former lion was not the type to resort to violence quickly (especially if he was the one having to do the dirty work), but there was hardly a reason for any of that. He studied the other patient for a moment, taking note of the curious black markings on the man's face.

"But unfortunately, your body along with it's abilities would be gone by the time it is morning." The tone of Scar's voice sounded as if what he said should be common sense. Which was exactly what it was, or there would be a lot more non-humans creatures running around. Not including the monsters, of course.

"The headdoctor would hardly make matters easy for us, would he?" Of course, he wanted his body back just as much as the rest of the people in a similar situation. "I suppose you are one of those inorganic types, then?"

A big part of Lockdown's processor knew that it had to be too good to be true, and his human's words confirmed that. "Well, so much for wishful thinking."

He relaxed somewhat, lowering his hands down halfway. Just in case this human did turn out to be hostile, he had to be prepared to defend himself in an instant's notice.

"Yes, I'm a Transformer. A robot."

[From here. Sorry I'm late!]

That first breath of the night air as he stepped through the door let the Scarecrow know he'd found the Recreational Field. Despite the darkness that filled the area, it still felt more like home than the rest of the institute. He clicked his flashlight on and off, determining that he could see decently enough in the dim light from the sky- the moon was hidden by clouds, but he imagined the nighttime field was beautiful when illuminated.

As he walked further into the field, he heard some words that caught his attention- Inorganic types? He looked around, and spotted two forms standing near one of the netted posts he'd seen earlier in the day, and headed toward them, thinking he recognized the Landel's uniforms.

"Excuse me," he asked, hoping he wasn't interrupting something terribly important, "I didn't mean to overhear or anything, but were you just talking about folks who didn't used to be of the human sort before comin' here?"

Scar was just about to ask what a robot was before he was interrupted by a third patient approaching them, bringing up the matter they were just discussing. The king took a moment to observe the new arrival; partly to determine whether it was a threat or not. Aside from the leathery skin there wasn't anything worth notable. Or as far as he could see at least, with the lack of a decent light-source and his vision not as it was supposed to be.

How in the world did these human manage to avoid walking into walls all the time? Surely, they weren't actually born with these light-sticks, now were they?

"I suppose we were." he commented dryly. "Let me guess; you are one of them?" There was hardly a reason to bring it up otherwise. Especially not when standing in a dark field where they could or could not be attacked by something unpleasant any moment. He could think of better locations or times to discuss these sorts of matters, but the former lion wasn't about to run off on his own and get eaten by a giant rat along the way. Especially not after finding two possible meat-shields that were just up for grabs. It'd be rude to ignore such an opportunity.

Lockdown turned his head to face this latest other human. The only notable feature on his one was the leathery skin. What was with all the humans here? Did all humans feel the need to just randomly walk up to others and pester them?

Then Lockdown began thinking. Starscream and everyone else had said the monsters here were dangerous if one faced them alone, and that it was better to travel in groups. Perhaps these humans could work to his advantage in that area. It was doubtful that they would be decent partners, but Lockdown had no problems with meat-shields.

The bounty hunter finally relaxed fully. Was this new person a robot like himself?

"Yes, tell us," Lockdown said, making his voice sound pleasant and casual. "Are you a fellow robot, like me?"

"Er..." The Scarecrow stumbled, wondering what in the world a robot could be. "Well, let's just say I wasn't originally human either."

Now that he was closer and his eyes were adjusting to the darkness, he could make out these two a little better. It occurred to him that these men could have easily been some sort of monsters from the institution- he really was going to have to be more careful when it came to wandering around during the night. He thought about clicking his light on to get a better look- especially at the one with the interesting facial markings- but figured it was better to just leave it off. Kaiji had warned him about drawing too much attention the previous night, and look where that had gotten them. He'd not even thought about that dull pain in his legs since he'd been outside- the night air seemed to be working its magic.

"I've heard there is the possibility that our original forms are still here somewhere," he continued, drawing his eyes away from the facial tattoos to the leaner of the two men. "I was just curious if you gentlemen might have heard the same, or something different."

[[From West Wing, North Hall 1-B.]]

The diminutive vampire quickly determined the rec field to be completely free of bird-monsters, or any victims thereof. There were plenty of completely intact patients, but they didn't seem to have drawn any attackers. Perhaps their numbers had intimidated the creatures, or the beasts here were closer to an actual ecology than true guards, and attacked seldom and at random, as would be expected if they intended only to feed.

The end effect was the same; she was going to have to work a little to get anything out of this. Of the patient groups on the field, most seemed to be heading somewhere, but one was at a standstill, apparently as a result of internal discussion. Hoping to hear something of interest, she crept closer.

Scar rolled his eyes. "Gee, we could not have possibly figured that out on our own." he commented, voice dripping with sarcasm. "Would you care to specify, by any chance? There is a rather wide range of inhuman creatures in here, you know." Landel seemed to enjoy variety, he supposed.

"Rumor has it that our original forms are indeed somewhere in here." the feline answered on a more matter-of-fact-ly tone. Somewhere on the third floor, supposedly behind the doors across the railing overlooking the sun room. But considering those were tightly locked, entrance would be rather difficult unless this ZEX's plan with the explosions would work. Or if someone managed to acquire a key. One of the nurses should be able to carry them.

Not that he planned on including such information, however.

"Yeah, I've heard this theory as well. Although, my original body is kinda large, and it's doubtful any humans would be able to carry it up." Lockdown said. Unless there was a driveway leading to where the bodies were being kept. Lockdown was disgusted by the idea of any human driving his body.

Like the man beside him, the bounty hunter was curious to know what this newcomer was originally. He looked confused when Lockdown had asked if he was a robot like him. Perhaps he came from a world without robots?

"I used to be a scarecrow," he answered, hoping they would know what a scarecrow was and he wouldn't have to go into the details of his former occupation. The name was pretty self-explanatory as it was, but it seemed that there weren't scarecrows from some of the patients' homelands. "My original body wouldn't be hard to hide here, but if some of us had bodies that would be too difficult to carry into a building like this, especially to one of the upper floors, then perhaps they are stored elsewhere, or even in two different places."

He crossed his arms as he tried to think, recalling the notes on the bulletin board and his own attempt to reach the third floor the night prior. He certainly hoped the bodies would be elsewhere- somewhere safer than the third floor, preferably. If the monsters he and Kaiji had encountered the previous night during their adventure were what the second floor had to offer, he expected the ones inhabiting the third must be far worse.

"Surely wherever they are is well protected by the institute," he mused aloud.

Nonhumans, huh. Evangeline fell into that category herself, technically, but not the way these guys were talking about. The scarecrow made her curious, though, about how exactly he'd been animated. The golem-crafter in her wanted to know.

"If it's storage space you're looking for, there's more room under the building than in it," she interjected as though she'd been part of the conversation from the beginning. This was far from a helpful gesture on her part; there was a small grain of truth to what she'd said but no real evidence, and besides that she didn't think much of their assumption that their old bodies were just lying around here somewhere anyway. If they'd been transformed with magic that certainly wouldn't be the case... and even if they could find them in storage getting back into them would be another matter entirely.

No, she was more interested in infiltrating the group and pushing them to do something, anything. There was no point in being here if the nights were as boring as the days.

"A scarecrow?" Scar repeated, unknowingly confirming the Scarecrow's fears. "Pray tell me, what might that be?" The name suggested that a scarecrow was to scare, but otherwise the name didn't tell him anything. It might have had something to do with the fact that he simply wasn't familiar with crows, either.

"Indeed." he said. "The theories have not yet been confirmed, however. You might not want to get your hopes up and all that." Wasn't he being particularly helpful tonight with pointing this out?

They were soon joined by a girl, who was doubtlessly speaking of the basement below their feet. Scar never had the pleasure of visiting it, but he had collected a thing or two about it from the bulletin board.

The former lion offered the female a curious glance in the meantime, attempting to determine if she was a threat or not. The fact that she suddenly stepped into the middle of the conversation suggested that she had been eavesdropping. He had been too distracted to notice her approach, apparently. Something he realized should not happen again.

This turned out to be some sort of unofficial meeting, he supposed. Once again, he could think of better locations.

Lockdown was just as confused by the unfamiliar word. "A scarecrow? Never heard of 'em." His thoughts went the same route as the scarred man, that the 'Scarecrow' had something to do with scaring stuff. Now that was something Lockdown could relate to.

When the female approached them, the bounty hunter turned his head to look at her threateningly. What was up with everybody here just walking up and inturrupting conversations tonight? This hadn't been a problem the previous night when it was just him and Starscream.

However, he was somewhat glad that she had provide some clue as to the whereabouts of his real body. There was a very slim chance it was true, but it was a start.

Keeping his optics narrowed at the female, he asked, "And, who might you be?" He swept his gaze to the other two men. "For that matter, who the slag might the rest of you be?"

The Scarecrow started to answer the first questions directed at him, but stopped when the group was approached by a young lady. What could someone so young be doing wandering around at this time of night? he thought as he furrowed his brow, Especially when it's dark and dangerous and whatnot?

Then again, he supposed she was doing what everyone else seemed to be- looking for a way out, or a way home, or just something to do. It seemed that danger and darkness wasn't enough to crush the hope that there was a way to escape the institute. A grin found his face as he thought about going home again. There must a way out, or surely people wouldn't be looking for it, he pondered. After all, if it was confirmed that we're trapped here and beyond help, what would be the point?

Putting his optimistic thoughts aside, the Scarecrow answered first as the man with the black tattoos addressed the group. "I'm the Scarecrow of Oz- just Scarecrow for short."

Evangeline stared disbelievingly at the self-proclaimed scarecrow of Oz.

"You're joking, right?" she asked flatly. It'd be real nice if he was just some golem with a crap sense of humor or a poor grip on reality, but she was kind of getting the feeling that he wasn't. It shouldn't really have come as some big shock since she'd gotten the whole 'many worlds' thing early on and she'd even been thinking of making fun of the 'Javert' on the message board, but having someone introduce themselves that way was kind of...

"No, nevermind," she said contriving to sound annoyed rather than surprised and no longer sure she wanted an answer anyway, "I'm Evangeline."

Of all the places for a meet and greet, the open field at not was not the wisest of choices. Especially not this night, when a pack of the dogs that roamed the area around the building had ventured a little closer than usual.

Three of them, driven closer still by poor hunting and hunger, made their way to the edge of the field and there remained, tempted by the sight and scent of human prey that didn't seem inclined to move just yet. Or even all that aware of their surroundings.

A howl shivered out across the chill air, breaking the stillness of the night as the leader of the diminished pack finally called the others to him. The hunt was beginning, and the prey had just that warning alone.


Scar was about to share his own name, but he tensed. His sharper senses had picked something up; a scent. It was faint, but still there and the former lion wasn't about to take any risks. The smell faintly reminded him of hyenas (but completely different regardless), so he could tell that it was a predatory scent. Animals, but the faint scent of decay meant they were the institute's version thereof. That meant predatory by default, but there was the small simlarity to hyenas.

"Canines, possibly." he whispered under his breath, more to himself than any of the people he was with.

That did not bode well. He narrowed his eyes and spun around, watching the direction the scent had come from. His senses were lessened, which prevented him from pinpointing the exact location of whatever was nearby. This was terribly inconvenient, but hopefully he would be able to catch movement before it was too late.

Next there was a howl. It only confirmed that something was indeed near. Scar briefly wondered why it would bother to announce it's arrival like that, but now wasn't quite the time to wonder about such things in the first place.

"Could we save the rest of the introduction round for a later point in time?" he hissed to the ones near him, searching the darkness while keeping his ears perked. It was bound to happen. He could only hope the others had also heard the howl and would remain silent.

Lockdown turned his head just slightly in the direction of the howl. Instinctively, he tried to activate his stealth mode, but then remembered that he didn't have it anymore.

He supposed that if the monsters attacked them he could always try fighting them off with martial arts. He considered just running and leaving the others, but that would most likely make him an easy target and the monsters would attack him for sure.

Keeping his optics and audios open, Lockdown tensed again, preparing himself for a fight. At the so-far-unnamed man's question, he said, "Yeah, sure." He turned his optics to the group. "Don't suppose any of you have a spare weapon?"

"All I've got is this flashlight," said the Scarecrow, noting the howls himself. Those didn't sound pleasant in the least. He'd not met any animals from this place, but he was willing to bet they weren't particularly friendly, whether they were capable of speech or not.

"Maybe we should move to a safer location?" he suggested, resisting the impulse to turn on his flashlight and take a look around.

There was a nostalgic sound, one that brought back memories of pre-industrial Europe. The purposeful howling of a hunting... wolf? No... "Dogs."

"He's right," she said of the Scarecrow's suggestion, "They're pack hunters; they'll try to surround us. We should at least get our backs to something so we can watch each others' flanks."

The whole idea of fighting cooperatively in this fashion was foreign to her, but she had to face facts; in this body, getting surrounded would be a problem. Even if she used magic liberally it wouldn't help much against an attack from behind. And using magic wasn't something she wanted to do too much in the first place- showing off was all well and good, but there was no way she was going to get into the habit of helping people out for free.

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