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Day 41: Breakfast
why was I one of the chosen ones?
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Endrance turned his head to look at the intercom, giving it a look that would wither an entire rose garden in an instant. He would never get used to ending up in his room again from somewhere else in the Institute.

He brushed his bangs out of his eyes, not sitting up just yet. He could tell already that his torso had been heavily bandaged, even more so than it had been the night before. The cuts on his arms were covered with fresh bandages, and the one on his cheek seemed to no longer be there at all.

Endrance had been expecting to wake up in a lot of pain, but even that seemed numbed. "They must have given me something," he murmured quietly, as he slowly sat up.

At that moment, his nurse came to get him, pushing a wheelchair along with her. "Peyton, dear, good morning. I've come to take you to breakfast, so..." He shook his head. "I'm fine. There's no need for that...I can walk perfectly well."

She sighed. Well, if he insisted, she wasn't going to stop him. She motioned for an orderly to take the chair away, and walked him to the cafeteria. Once they had gotten there, she pointed him toward a seat, then set a full tray of pancakes covered with syrup, a bowl of fruit, and a glass of orange juice in front of him. "Now eat all of that, Peyton, or else you won't be strong enough to keep walking like that."

He glared at her back as she walked away, then stopped suddenly. There was that faint pulse he'd felt the night before...it was exactly the same.

And so he completely ignored his food in favor of staring at the cafeteria doors, looking at every patient that came in.

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The Scarecrow took his tray and sat without a word at an uncrowded table. He felt he would never get used to those gaps in his memory that occurred at the end of the night- how did he get back into his bed? Did people just carry him and all the other patients back to their rooms, or did the wizard Landel magic everyone away? It all seemed extremely strange and beyond explanation at this point. At lot of aspects of the institute were that way, and it was simultaneously fascinating and frustrating.

The previous night had left him in the company of several people who seemed less than savory, leaving him wondering how the other people he knew had fared through the night. He'd not seen his roommate since their romp in the upstairs hallway. He'd read on the bulletin board that there were more disappearances during the night, which didn't sound pleasant at all. The Scarecrow hoped Kaiji wasn't one of them.

He rubbed the back of his calf, noting it wasn't as bothersome as the day before- that had to be a good sign. The delicious food was a bonus to the start of his day- yes, he was definitely going to miss the feeling of taste when he got back to Oz.

Home still seemed so far away. It had been two full days, and he wasn't any closer to getting back his original body or finding a way home. Maybe he'd try not relaxing tonight, instead- it hadn't worked out so well anyway.

[Closed roommate party with Kaiji]

For a night when he vowed to have no adventures, last night turned out to be pretty damn strange. Kaiji should have known better than to wander out of his room at night if he wanted to have a reasonably normal time, and he should have doubly known not to stick his hand into mysterious holes in the wall. Unfortunately, though, he was Kaiji: master of inadvisable things. That wouldn't have been him.

It could've been worse, he guessed. At least he and Chise hadn't been attacked by anything - or maybe Chise had and just didn't want to talk about it. It was absolutely bizarre how casually she was treating the fact that she was covered in blood. Not to mention kind of creepy. Maybe she was another one of those crazy fighting people?

Whatever. It was her and the institute's problem now since he was no longer trying to guard her. At the moment, Kaiji had more delicious things to worry about. After collecting his food he hesitated for a moment in anticipation of the daily rant from the nurses about how he needed to talk to more people and make friends. He was ready to let them randomly stick him with some unfortunate individual when something in his expression suddenly shifted: someone or something had caught his eye!

Kaiji started grinning - something that didn't happen as often as it probably should have - and trotted away from the now-bewildered nurses on his own. His gait was a little unusual thanks to the continued soreness in both his lower and upper right leg, but it didn't really hold him back: at worst, it made him jostle his cup of water and get a bit of it on his arm.

This was probably a new record: Kaiji made excellent time with his cafeteria-sprint. If Scarecrow blinked, he might've missed his roommate setting down his food and drink and sliding into his chair. "Scarecrow!" he called out excitedly in greeting.

And then his expression suddenly shifted again, turning to something unpleasant. With it, his tone changed appropriately: "Where the hell were you last night!?"

Scarecrow must have blinked, because he didn't see Kaiji's arrival until the man was already upon him and seated. His fork tried to escape his fingers in the moment of surprise, but he managed to catch it before it hit the floor.

"Kaiji, speak of the devil!" he said, returning his silverware to his tray. "I was just thinking of where you might have gone- I didn't see you all day yesterday, I don't believe." The Scarecrow took a bite of pancake, deciding his roommate's appearance must be a good sign, despite his shift in tone.

"I went to find a way outside," he answered. "It's great out there! The air is wonderful, not stale as it is in here. There were some folks out there- a tall one and a guy who said he was a 'robot' and a little girl who I suspect was some sort of a witch. Then we were attacked by these mongrels and two more men showed up, and it was... eye-openingly brutal." His mind filled with images from the previous night- the corpses of the dogs being torn apart as his own body had been several times, but it was very different with those of the flesh-and-blood sort.

"So, how did you fare?" he asked quietly. "You weren't too sore from those somethings that attacked us the other night, I trust?"

"I was around," he shrugged, trying to make it sound casual. Actually, yesterday had been one of his better ones considering the outcome of his therapy appointment. Even last night wasn't terrible. Just kind of lame. Speaking of lame, this place really could've used more beer. Or beer at all. Or any alcoholic beverages. The longer he went without it, the more it bothered him, subtly but surely. Maybe he'd have to make some special trips to try to remedy this at some point...

With the explanation, Kaiji's expression softened then turned a little sad when it got to the 'eye-openingly brutal' part. Scarecrow seemed like the innocent type to Kaiji, especially after that comment, and it made him feel pretty bad that he was stuck here like this. "I was out there for a while last night, too, but I didn't see you. I was in kind of a hurry - it's kind of a weird story." A weird story involving creepy bathrooms, holes in the wall, and girls covered in blood. He'd spare Scarecrow the details.

"I guess I'm recovering alright," he answered. He proceeded to cut out a good wedge of pancake and cram it into his mouth, considering whether or not he wanted to say what he was thinking of saying as he chewed. His eyes moved unsubtly to glance at his left hand.

Someone had to say it.

"Um, Scarecrow," he mumbled to start. "You probably noticed this by now - this might even be what you were talking about when you said last night was 'eye-opening,' but I'm gonna put it out there again 'cause it's important." Once again, when had Kaiji turned into everyone's teacher-slash-parent? Well, he was probably one of the best candidates to explain this anyway.

Moving on: "Humans and stuff-" such an eloquent beginning. He couldn't have said 'living things' though, because Scarecrow had apparently been a living scarecrow before. "-are a hell of a lot harder to put back together than scarecrows." Not that Kaiji had ever put a scarecrow back together before, but he could only assume that it would just be a little patching-up here and there. "There's no guarantee that it can even be done all the time, and when it can, it's never really the same after."

Not to mention it was really fucking expensive and painful. But again, he'd keep that to himself. "I don't know about some of these people, but normal humans like me-" a rarity here, "-break pretty easily."

He finished with something bordering on jealousy: "You didn't even have to eat or sleep before, did you?"

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The Scarecrow smiled shyly. "No, eating wasn't necessary as a scarecrow, though it's something I've taken quite a liking to, thanks to this place." He cut a neat square out of his pancake with his fork and knife, bringing the piece to his mouth. "I didn't have to sleep either- I couldn't, actually." Huh, sleeping. That might explain those periods where he couldn't remember where he was or how he got there. "I guess I've been doing that since I got here," he added, feeling a little weird for being unsure.

He took a bite of pancake to give himself a few seconds of thinking time. "Humans require a lot of work, it seems like. I fell apart a lot originally, but this is a different sort of frailty. These dogs last night..." He tried not to recreate the whole scene in his mind, but it seemed he didn't have enough brains to control it. "They didn't even have a chance against us, which was good, but once they were on the ground, the other men tore into them, taking their jaws for trophies and pulling their fur and skin and such right off. Honestly, I've never seen someone torn apart in the same way I was. It's a lot more gruesome with flesh-and-blood creatures. Wounds seem a lot more permanent."

He'd seen all sorts of people in his short time at the institute- some with powers, some with markings, some with scars. Even his roommate had some, and now seemed as good a time as ever to ask about them. He'd never know if he didn't ask, after all.

"I'm guessing your scars came from being stitched back together somehow?"

Kaiji looked a little bewildered. Did... Did Scarecrow really not know what sleep was? "Sleep is, um, well..." How the hell could sleep be defined!? "Since you got here, you ever had a time when you were doing something and you felt like you couldn't keep doing it? Like, you really want to just lay down and close your eyes for a long time?" This was so weird. So, so weird. "Even if you don't know what I'm talking about, you've got to be doing it some time. We-" meaning 'normal people,' "wouldn't be able to do anything without it. It's right up there with eating and drinking."

At least talking to Scarecrow made Kaiji feel kind of smart. Like a master of being human or something.

It sounded like Scarecrow had seen a hell of a show last night, though, and it was obvious that Kaiji found the description of the event to be a little on the messed up side. Even he, with all of his experience with violence and death, probably would have been unsettled if he saw or took part in all of that. Kaiji was pretty rough around the edges, but he wasn't a killer. The worst he had really done was bite someone in the leg once. He hadn't even offed any of the creatures here! That said just as much about his ability as it did of his viciousness.

Kaiji put down his fork when asked about his scars. As much as he didn't like showing them off, this could serve as a good emphasis on his warning that Scarecrow needed to be careful as long as he was human. Maybe if he had been able to show this assortment of marks to Sahara before...

"Some of them are from getting stitched back together," he answered reluctantly, "and a few are just cuts that healed on their own. And..." Kaiji looked around quickly, then leaned in with his left side toward Scarecrow. Oddly, that seemed to be where the majority of his permanent marks were concentrated. He slid the left sleeve of his shirt up to reveal the '21' there: "Some are from getting burned."

And that was the conclusion of Kaiji's abridged glorious tour of various ways for humans to get mangled. He could think of several other things that he could explain, but those were the most accessible: it was probably a lot more effective when he had examples literally on him. He could go into bruising, which probably would have been the most likely way for Scarecrow to get injured, but his own enormous bruise was difficult to access.

Those weren't permanent or debilitating though, so they didn't fit the theme.

Yay, getting mauled and mutilated sounds like fun. :DDDDD

The Scarecrow nodded as he marveled at Kaiji's various injuries. Though easily broken, it seemed the human body was pretty adept at fixing itself, even without some sort of medical attention. And fire seemed like it would still be a problem for him, especially if it could leave permanent marks. A constant avoidance of fire was probably a good thing, anyway.

"I suppose I sleep when we stop remembering what's going on at night," he mused, taking special note of Kaiji's fingers. "You know, when they must be putting us all back in our beds or something, then it's suddenly morning." That didn't sound like a very good explanation of what he was thinking once it had escaped his lips, but he couldn't be jiggered to come up with a better way of wording it. Kaiji seemed liked a knowledgeable guy when it came to being human- he'd been doing it his whole life, after all. Chances were he knew more about what the former scarecrow was talking about than he himself did.

"So, on burning," he started, his eyes on the '21,' "It's not fatal to humans?"

"That must be it," he clarified. "If this place was normal, you'd remember falling asleep. No one just kind of ends up that way unless there's something wrong with them or they got all drugged up or something." The part about getting all drugged up might've been a bit of an advanced concept for Scarecrow. Once again, Kaiji was experienced enough to know this all pretty well.

The question about burning was weird, but he supposed it made sense. Kaiji let his sleeve drop back down. Considering a careful answer for this, he delayed by loosely gripping his cup of water with his left hand and taking a drawn-out sip of it. "It's not a sure-kill," he finally answered methodically. That really should have gone with a warning though, before Scarecrow might've decided to get too cocky. "We can touch some pretty hot things and it'll just hurt like hell and leave a mark, but don't expect us to get through getting set on fire or anything."

Something about explaining human limitations to someone who was decidedly human at the moment was really, really strange.

Oh well. At least he hadn't asked about falling.

"Okay, avoid fire," he confirmed to himself with a nod. It seemed fire was just an all-around bad sort of danger, even if one wasn't made of dried straw. The Scarecrow wasn't sure about being 'drugged up,' but he could certainly avoid being set ablaze. Well, at least he hoped he could. Surely the monsters of the institute didn't carry matches.

He put a hand to his face, thinking more. He had yet to get his brains back, but it seemed he couldn't do any harm by trying to think without them. Learning all this knowledge of humanity was somewhat comforting. At least those wounds he received from those somethings would repair themselves to some degree, though they might leave a mark--

Oh! His train of thought came to a screeching halt as he thought about those somethings and the attack and the night it happened and why they got attacked in the first place. "Speaking of wounds and being injured and whatnot, I saw that girl we tried to rescue the other night- the unconscious one? She's... strange, to say the least. Not the sort of girls I'm used to, I suppose." Those weren't the most flattering words to describe her, but those were the ones that came to mind. "She's okay, at least. I was afraid that those somethings might have gotten to her, despite our efforts."

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