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Day 41: Courtyard
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
All praise to Leviathan, the Flower of Wutai was free!

Yuffie all but bolted away from the weirdo she'd shared her breakfast table with. She wanted to get to the courtyard as soon as possible, wanted to be free of the jolting disquiet brought on by Albedo's creepy grin, strange attitude, and his questions. If it hadn't been for the night before - and if he hadn't been one of the ones directly involved -- maybe it wouldn't have bothered her so much, but she was on edge. Couldn't quite work out what to think and what to feel. A breath of fresh air and the feel of grass under foot would hopefully fix that, or at least make it easier to deal with.

She spent the trip over bugging her nurse, as usual. And again as usual, she escaped from the woman as soon as she possibly could. "Like I'd ever cause trouble!" She called back to Miss Stuffy McNursey-pants, calling an end to their pseudo-argument about behaviour and safety. Grass tickled her palms as she cartwheeled across it. She breathed so deep that it almost made her dizzy, tumbling to a stop right by the edge of the pond, and stared up at the sky. Just this time last week, she'd met Sagara for the first time. It felt like months ago… Yuffie sat up sharply.

Now wasn't the time for nostalgia. Now was the time for the future, for getting her head on straight. The usual avoidance tactic just wasn't gonna cut it, kind of like how a butter knife would be useless in a battle against a Rampaging Syrup Monster from the depths of Carameltopia. This was going to require finesse. The Problem At Hand was trying to ninja her; she had to ninja it right back. Sneak up on it, grab it in her best headlock and hold on until it surrendered. Make it think it really was getting to her -- which it was -- and then… and then…

Push it down the No-Go trapdoor and pretend it never happened? No. She had to use this. Nobody could change the past, but the future… that was fixable. If her various victims didn't make it their missions in life to A - make her time hell or B - take their revenge in slightly more permanent ways, that was.

[Loose reserved for Guy. Limit: 4]

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Daphne supposed it was probably funny, considering how much time she'd spent in the Sun Room over the past couple of days, that she'd started to really miss the sun. She padded out after the nurse into the courtyard, turning her face up to bask in the warm light, breathing deep to soak in fresh air rather than the recycled, sterile smelling stuff circulated through the vents.

It only took a minute for the spike of frustration to hit. It wasn't quite homesickness, because homesickness implied a place, but the feeling was similar. She missed her ability, missed the freedom, and hated knowing she should have been able to be over the wall already. To be long, long gone, further than anyone would be able to chase her.

Brief good mood thoroughly spoiled, she circled the pond, motion restless enough to be called pacing but for the wide path. Dwelling on the problem wouldn't help. She knew it wouldn't help. But it was next to impossible not to do it anyway.

[Free, limit any]

While the Scarecrow was disappointed that the nurses had interrupted his conversation with his roommate to drag him elsewhere, he was pleased to be going outside again. He'd take the fresh air of the outdoors over whatever he was breathing inside any day. The sun felt good on his skin, in sort of a strangely familiar fashion. After checking to be sure his nurse wasn't over his shoulder, he stooped and took off his shoes so that he could feel the ground beneath him. It was sort of tingly, not yet warmed by the sunlight- a good, but interesting feeling. I really should probably write down all these feelings, he thought to himself, knowing he'd miss them once he was made of straw again.

He smiled, thinking of how different this place was at night from how it was during the day. Despite being so far from home, it really wasn't so awful in the daylight. At night was another story altogether.

His curiosity was piqued as he spotted a pond, and he headed toward it, treading carefully so as not to twist his feet awkwardly and fall to the ground. He was getting better at this, but he certainly didn't need to add any more injuries to his collection. He sat near the water's edge, eying a woman pacing nearby. He watched her for a moment before his curiosity got the better of him. "Is something troubling your mind, miss?" he asked, hoping he wasn't interrupting any important thoughts.

It took Daphne a few seconds to realize she was the one being spoken to, with as many people around as there were. She chastised herself for not paying attention, and turned. Though she mustered a smile, it was a little wry, and her eyebrows lifted in amused question. "Aside from being stuck here?" she asked, drawing a quick circle in the air with one hand to encompass the grounds and the building both. "Nah, not really. Just..."

She hesitated, debating the use of keeping silent. There wasn't much, she supposed. She hadn't encountered anyone who was there by choice, and though she wouldn't be surprised to find at least some of the patients were plants or something along those lines, paranoia was pretty much useless without any ready way to tell who. Besides, she didn't have anything resembling a coherent plan.

"Just looking for a way to get out of here, and get back to normal."

Normal? thought the Scarecrow. He wondered briefly if she was any more 'normal' than himself, or anyone else in this place for that matter. After all, the institute was seemingly littered with people in a similar situation to his own, having been something else before being turned into a human or put into a human body while here or some such. It was a little technical and closer to magic than he'd like to get.

"And what's 'normal' for you," he started, "If you don't mind me asking? It seems we've all got a bit of a different definition for it, 'round here. As for a way out, I think many of us are also looking for that."

"Paris," Daphne replied automatically. "Traveling the world. Not being stuck inside some stupid little box, playing at dodging monsters at night and being a mental patient during the day."

She caught herself, and shook her head apologetically. She wouldn't normally worry about the impression she gave, but it was looking more and more like she was going to need all the allies she could get in there. And besides, ranting at someone who was just making conversation really did make her sound just a little bit like she belonged locked up. "Sorry. Guess it's all getting to me a little bit more than I thought, you know?"

"No worries there, Ma'am," said the Scarecrow politely. "Not all of us can be used to being trapped in one place, and being able to travel the world sounds incredible. As for me, I been both free and trapped before. While being free is a fantastic sort of commodity, this is definitely more favorable than the first time I was trapped, despite all the monsters and such."

Huh, did I really just say that? he thought to himself, somewhat doubting his brainless thoughts. He mentally weighed the two circumstances together and decided that yes, even with the monsters and newfound sense of pain, the other feelings he could experience definitely made his imprisonment in a creepy establishment worth some merit.

Daphne frankly stared for several seconds, mouth opening and closing twice in comedic surprise. When she finally gathered her wits, it was only to blurt out a rather undiplomatic, and slightly louder than she'd intended, "Wait, you mean you were stuck somewhere even worse than this? What the hell?"

Brilliant, she thought almost immediately after. You're really making a case for stability and self control there, Daphne.

"Don't get me wrong," the Scarecrow answered with a wave. "This place isn't home, and I'd rather be there than here, but this place has some... uh, certain advantages? I guess I'm not really sure how to word it, s'all."

He touched his foot to the water, retracting it almost immediately. It was a little like the 'foot-on-the-bare-floor' feeling. "I'm one of those types who wasn't human before coming here. It seems I'm not the only one of those here." He smiled, his mind wandering. "Surprising coincidence, really. Still, before I came here, I couldn't feel and taste and smell. Trust me, those are all wonderful senses. I never knew what I was missing!"

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