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Day 41: Lunch
Not amused, Disdainful, Disapproving
perfectrecord wrote in damned
Just as von Karma started to enter the doorway leading to the Courtyard to look around for anyone remotely resembling his daughter, that pretentious lunatic's voice rang out over the Intercom, heralding the approach of lunch time. Right away, the damned nurse practically dragged him back into the cafeteria and towards the serving tables, telling him in that cloyingly cheerful tone that he could get his fresh air after he had had his meal. What rotten timing!

His mood worsened as he saw what was on those tables. "Nurse! This is the same greasy, disgusting, perfect-artery-ruining swill that was offered for lunch the last time I was in here! Does this Institute serve nothing else? How is any of this healthy for someone whom you claim has recently suffered from a stroke?!"

"Why, you're right, Mr. Fuchs! Here, I'll fix you a nice, big, healthy salad." Before he could protest that he wasn't hungry anyway, the smiling nurse loaded a heap of greens and some fruits onto a plate for him. Then she led him to one of the tables and seated him there. "Now, be a good man and finish all of that. You will do that just for me, won't you?"

The look he shot her in response indicated that he would never do anything "just for her." Certainly, not consuming this entire mountain of lettuce and carrots. As much as he approved of salads, the portion she served him was nothing short of ludicrous. Glaring at her in silence, he made no pretense of even starting in on this ridiculous travesty of a meal. Finally, she seemed to take the hint, excusing herself to attend to the other patients... but not without admonishing him that his "plate had better be clean" by the time she returned to take him to the Courtyard.

As she left him, von Karma looked all around him to see whether Franziska had come into the cafeteria yet. Unfortunately, as he had already arranged to meet his former roommate at this time, all he could do for now was to attempt to visually confirm her presence in this hellhole. As much as he hoped that the author of the replies to this S.T.'s note was nothing more than an impostor -- in which case, he would make that person pay for brazenly impersonating his daughter -- he was not entirely certain of that right now.

In the meantime, he had other practical matters to attend to. He still needed to speak to Javert to find out what had truly happened during the time he was unconscious. As he surreptitiously scanned the stream of arriving patients for the face of his daughter -- or those of his enemies -- he patiently awaited Javert's arrival, hoping that the man could still recognize him after all this time.

[Closed to Javert]

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Back in the stale air, thought the Scarecrow as he took his tray to an empty table. He'd also forgotten to ask the name of the the woman he'd been talking to near the pond- How rude of me! he thought, knowing poor manners reflected badly on both himself and Oz. It has to be those durned missing brains. Some King!

His thoughts got brighter as he took a bite of the meal. It tasted excellent, but had a strange name, like a lot of the people here- chickens didn't have fingers, or at least none of the chickens he knew did. Maybe they were built differently in the United States of America. He took another bite, hoping to spot Kaiji, or anyone else he knew for that matter.

[Reserved for Kinomoto Sakura and Junior, I believe?]

Junior wasn't sure whether to be relieved or irritated that the nurses had interrupted his conversation with his twin. It hadn't been entirely bad, but he hadn't exactly wanted to deal with his twin's suspicious attitude, there toward the end. At least Albedo had bought the excuse on how his ear had gotten pierced.

It was getting harder and harder to avoid talking about what happened, though. He was going to have to tell Albedo and Nigredo eventually, so he may as well start preparing himself for it. After lunch.

The redhead piled several chicken strips and fries onto his plate, also grabbing a glass of apple juice before going to find a seat. There was one next to a tall man, so he headed over. The man seemed kind of familiar, like he'd seen him around somewhere before. He'd probably just seen him around, but never talked to him. "Hey," he greeted. "You mind if I sit here?"

"Not at all!" said the Scarecrow, putting on his usual smile. "I was just wondering what sort of company I might find in here." He scooted his tray aside to make room for the one the boy was carrying. So many children here, ran through his mind as he looked the young man up and down.

"Now then," he said once there was room for his new acquaintance to have a seat, "What would your name be?"

[from here]

There was so much for Sakura to worry about - her family, her friends, her cards and guardians, and even simply her location – yet once she reached the cafeteria, all her worries were quickly eclipsed by her hunger. For some reason, it felt as if she hadn’t eaten for days, and she could barely walk without feeling faint. After placing a few chicken strips and fries onto her plate, the young girl walked across the cafeteria, searching for a place to sit and eat.

Catching sight of a red-haired boy who looked relatively close to her age and a tall man, Sakura approached, hoping to find not only some friends but also some information on where she was. “U-Umm... Can I eat with you guys?” the young girl asked nervously.

All sorts of weird crap could be happening, but there were still nice strangers around this place. The redhead smiled, setting his tray down before plopping into the seat. "My name's Junior. What's your--" he started, then cut himself off as a girl came over, doing a double-take.

Sakura!? He blinked once, twice. No, the girl was still there. The voice was definitely not how he remembered hers, and her hair was just a little bit different, but the girl looked so much like her that he had to wonder.

Junior was so busy staring that he nearly missed her question. "O-oh, uh, sure! I don't see why not." He looked over at the man next to him. "Do you have a problem with it?"

"Of course not," said the Scarecrow, glad for more company, though surprised again by the number of children at the institute. "There's plenty of room here, after all. Have a seat, Miss." He waved his hand toward one of the empty seats, inviting the newcomer to sit.

"So many young folks here," he said, musing aloud as he took another bite of chicken. "One would think the guy runnin' this place would have enough decency to not kidnap children."

"Thanks!" Sakura responded, nodding and smiling. It seemed like the other patients were friendly enough, and they didn't seem crazy like the nurse had claimed. Maybe they could even help her find her way home.

The young girl placed her tray down and opened her milk before sitting down. "So you guys were kidnapped too?" she asked, having finally settled herself in her seat.

I'm not a kid, he thought automatically, but didn't say it. The man had a point, though. There were a bunch of kids running around here, really, if he took out himself and his brothers.

"You'd figure, but I guess he's just got to prove how evil he is or something." Junior shrugged, then nodded at the girl as he picked up a chicken strip. "Yeah. I think it'd be kinda hard to find someone who wasn't kidnapped."

Then he offered her a smile. "What's your name?" It'd be easier to think of her as not Sakura if he had a name, and it was only polite that they all know each other's names if they were going to eat together, right?

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