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Day 41: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
When the intercom's jingle sounded, there seemed to be some kind of tapping in the background noise, like letters being punched into a keyboard. It stopped and the Head Doctor chuckled.

"Hello, everyone! I'm actually taking a break from paperwork for once – everyone needs some recreational time, you know! – and of course, now we can all look forward to a scrumptious dinner from our cooks. Tonight, herb-seasoned grilled salmon is on the menu, served with buttery mashed potatoes and asparagus. All our regular drinks and vegetarian options are available, and for dessert, we will be serving yellow cake with a whipped cream icing.

"...Well! I can hardly wait to get my own dinner after saying all that. Good bye for now, everyone, and enjoy your delicious food!"

The intercom clicked off.

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The shift after lunch hadn't been particularly eventful, but at least Tenzen had been allowed the opportunity to think before being herded back to 'his' room. The only thing of interest mentioned upon the board had been this trip to 'Doyleton' planned for tomorrow, which was apparently supervised heavily by the nurses. If the man of breakfast had been right and his attempt to escape this facility, the trip might at least tell him where this prison was located.

As he sat down to pick at his dinner, Tenzen occasionally glanced at the other side of the room. It seemed he was going to share this space with another patient.

[from here]

Alfred had raised an eyebrow when the intercom's jingle sounded, followed by announcements for the night's dinner menu. The intercom had barely clicked off when a nurse appeared at Alfred's side, ushering him back to the room he'd woken up in.

"Here you go, Mr. Quartermain," she smiled, opening the door and pushing him gently inside. "Enjoy your dinner!"

"Pennyworth." Alfred corrected her, as the door closed in his face. He didn't waste any time staring at the closed door, instead turning back to the bed that he'd woken up in earlier. As he turned, he took the features of the other man that now occupied the room. "Good evening, sir," he greeted the other. It wasn't surprising to find another person here. The room was clearly set up to accommodate two people, so there was no reason that he shouldn't have a roommate.

He walked over to the desk at the foot of his bed, pulled the chair out, and sat down. He surveyed the dinner that had been left for him with a mixture of disapproval and distrust, although neither emotion was strongly evident in his expression.

And that other patient entered the room not much later than Tenzen himself did. "Good evening," he answered, briefly studying the other patient before continuing to pick at his meal. The ninja didn't quite trust his food just yet, however, so he'd only eat the bare minimum for the sake of keeping his strength up.

"Are you new as well?" he asked after a pause. Judging from the messages on the board, new prisoners were brought in rather frequently. Even if some stories sounded ridiculous, at least that part sounded believable.

Although Alfred disapproved of the way the other man was picking at his food, he refrained from commenting on it. There was a possibility that something had been done to the food, but if there were people that had been here for several days then they must be getting nutrition from somewhere. And the provided meals seemed, for the moment, to be the best - and perhaps only - option.

He picked up the plastic utensils and contemplated eating his dinner before turning to look at his roommate, "It would seem so, sir, seeing as I simply woke up here today." Alfred angled the desk chair towards the other man, so that he could keep an eye on him while eating. Since he hadn't exhibited any sign of illness from consuming the food, Alfred presumed that it probably wouldn't kill him and cut himself a bite of the salmon.

"I see." Tenzen answered, sparing his roommate a brief glance. "I don't suppose you remember the circumstances of your arrival?" Perhaps the ninja hoped to acquire more reliable information, though such hopes were rather slim to begin with.

He returned his gaze towards his meal, contemplating whether to eat more of his dinner or not. Aside from the untrustworthy food, the utensils were rather troublesome as well. This place had been mainly an annoyance thus far, and that was not including the fact that this nonsense was greatly delaying his plans.

"I'm afraid, sir, that I do not remember the circumstances of my arrival." Alfred took a bite of the salmon, finding it palatable and himself still alive. It was all right for "hospital" food, but certainly nothing to write home about. He cut himself another piece of salmon and, as the plastic fork lightly connected with the plate, one of its prongs snapped off. The small projectile hit the wall and fell onto the desk.

Alfred's eye twitched, almost imperceptibly, as he ate the salmon he'd cut with his now incomplete fork.

"I see." Same case, then. Then this man didn't knew any more than Tenzen himself did.

These utensils, aside from being not too hygienic, apparently weren't all that sturdy either. However, Tenzen had enough of this strange meal and shoved it aside, beginning to study the maps he had copied from the board. The layout seemed to match the areas he had visited thus far, which meant the outside areas weren't all that far away.

It was troublesome he didn't possess his weapons, but they could be replaced. There was hardly any sense in wasting time to find them.

Alfred finished his own dinner, casting a skeptical eye at the mashed potatoes, and setting down his broken fork. He stood up, taking a step towards his roommate, eyeing the papers. "Pardon me, sir. Would you mind if I looked over those as well?"

"Very well." Tenzen said, seeing more benefit than harm in allowing the other man a look at his maps. He offered him the sheets of paper (which were rather strange compared to the scrolls the ninja was used to).

"I am Yakushiji Tenzen." he said after a moment, not yet telling he was of the Iga clan. "What is your name?"

"Thank you, Mr. Yakushiji." Alfred took the papers, looking quickly through the maps, before shuffling them back into order and offering them back, "Alfred Pennyworth - at your service. Would you mind telling me how you were able to acquire these maps?"

"They were included in one of the messages upon the board." Tenzen answered simply as he took back his maps. "It had been a case of copying them. From what I've seen of this locations' lay-out, they seem reliable enough."

A contrast from the other so-called 'information' he had found on it, but he supposed he would see the truth tonight.

"Where-" Alfred began, but he was cut off as the buzzed to life with a cheerful jingle. An eyebrow rose as the man's voice sounded on the intercom, just as it had earlier. The voice wished them all a good night before clicking off.

This place was most certainly interesting. Alfred turned his attention back to Tenzen. "Where exactly is this board located, sir?" He had noticed something that looked like a bulletin board earlier, when he'd spoken to Jason, but it couldn't hurt to be sure of its location.

Tenzen paused as he listened to the announcement, but there was hardly anything of interest to be heard.

"In the room I believe they called the Sun room." Tenzen answered as he continued to study his map, planning the shortest route leading outside. He then folded the sheets of paper and put them in his pocket in case he would need them later.

He stood up and grabbed the strange item under his pillow. The ninja wasn't aware of it's purpose, but it could serve as a make-shift weapon for now.

"I see." That was probably the room that he'd been in earlier. There would probably be somebody else that he could double-check with tomorrow.

Alfred raised an eyebrow as Tenzen stood, and pulled a flashlight from under his pillow. That was rather odd. Was it in case of a power outage, or did they honestly expect people to wander the halls here at night?

Then the intercom was crackling to life again. The announcement that came through this time appeared to be some sort of riddle - and not at all friendly, unlike the other, informative, announcements. There was definitely something afoot here, and it probably wasn't good.

Alfred walked over to his own bed and reached under the pillow, pulling out his own flashlight. "Rather interesting, don't you think, that they should provide us with flashlights. Do they expect the power to go out? Perhaps they offer activities at night. This is a somewhat bizarre institution, don't you think, sir?" He clicked the flashlight on, before turning it off again. It seemed to be in working order. And almost too nice for something provided to a patient in a mental institute.

The ninja raised an eyebrow at the mention of 'flashlight', and he couldn't help but to be surprised by the sudden demonstration the other man unwittingly gave him. This item was like some sort of lantern, then? Upon investigation he concluded there was no flame or candle in this item, so how did it give light?

He followed Alfred's example and clicked it on and off. Interesting...having a portable light source with him would proof useful at the very least.

"As bizarre as the stories I've heard earlier today." Tenzen said, narrowing his eyes at the announcement. So far, said stories had been correct. "The patients speak of monsters and experiments during the nights. Soon, we will see how much of it is actually true."

"Monsters?" Alfred raised an eyebrow. Jason hadn't mentioned anything like that, but then... their earlier conversation had been mostly about Gotham, and very little had been said about the institute. All that he'd learned so far was that the people here seemed to have no memories of the conditions under which they'd been brought here and, now, that there was talk of monsters and experiments. The experiments seemed a little more likely than the monsters, but neither theory could be entirely discounted. Monsters came in many forms.

"Shall we? Do they simply let the people here wander about at night unsupervised?"

"That seems to be the case indeed." Tenzen said, moving over to the door. The door was unsurprisingly not locked, so the ninja simply pushed it open and peeked outside. If it were any other prison, guards that were usually bad at their job should be patrolling the hallways. In here, they were completely absent. Then again, this institute hardly fitted into the category of 'usual prison'.

The Iga needed little further provocation to head out.

Alfred watched the other man leave, and then set his flashlight on the desk so he could search the drawers. They held nothing that would be of any use to him in the dark - a bunch of pens and a journal. He left them untouched, for now, and headed for the exit himself, taking the flashlight with him.

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