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Night 41: M91-M100 Hallway
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"Damn that Megatron," Starscream muttered, struggling angrily with his uncooperative crutches as he waited outside his room, impatiently waiting on Lockdown. "He is quickly becoming just as irritatingly stubborn as the one from my universe. I do not care for his accusations, both of my treachery nor of my inability to be of use...bah, it should be ME ordering HIM around. Damn this leg..."

There was also the matter of the doctor's words, he thought to himself, closing his eyes and reminiscing on what the flesh-creature had said. "Play a game...what do you have in mind, human," he murmured, crossing his arms in thought as best he could. "Perhaps I shall get a chance to find out...if this fool ever shows up, that is..."

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Once again, Brooklyn had neglected to make plans. He could always look for Peter... if he was still around. After Near he'd started to worry. But no, he had to be. He'd passed him in the hall at some point that day, hadn't he...?

There were new patients today. Perhaps he should focus on finding them and helping them learn their way around the place? After all, he and Peter had arrived in the middle of the night with no one to tell them what was going on.

He put on his robe, making sure his weapons were safe in the pockets, before stepping outside his room and simply looking around. Were there already a couple new faces? Everyone was walking off without much glancing back so it was hard to tell.

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Alfred stood in the doorway to his room and turned the flashlight on, shining its beam to the left and right. There were a few people speaking with eachother along the hall, but all of the people who were not engaged in conversation seemed to be heading to his right. Alfred turned, and walked left. He'd noticed earlier that the hallway seemed to dead-end in this direction, but it couldn't hurt to check every possibility.

As he walked, he shone his light up to illuminate the room numbers, taking note of the fact that they were growing smaller.

Brooklyn watched the older patient come his way with a raised eyebrow. He wondered if the man even saw him, since he didn't carry a flashlight of his own. In any case, he wasn't going to get anywhere going that way.

"Hey," he said, hoping not to startle him. "Exit's on the other end." He had to be new, that was for sure. People who needed help really did have a way of running into him, didn't they? Should he say more than that?

Alfred raised an eyebrow as he turned to face the young man who had addressed him, "Then there is nothing to be found in this direction, young sir?"

He re-angled his flashlight so that he could see the face of the young man who was speaking to him, being careful not to shine the beam directly at his face or blind him with the light. The boy had white hair, which was certainly interesting, but Alfred knew of young people with hair of the same color. It was unusual, but nothing incredibly different.

Young sir? That was a new one. It made this guy sound like a servant or a butler or something, and the closest to that he'd ever dealt with was Owen. He blinked a bit, squinting in the light even though it didn't reach his eyes. "Just the end of the block. They didn't design this place all that well."

Not that he knew much about building design. They just didn't seem to have a lot of navigating in the dark in mind.

"You're new, aren't you? Are you trying to get somewhere in particular?"

"I've only been here for a very short while, young sir. I would assume that this would make me "new" here. You might also take into consideration the fact that I've never been here before today." Alfred lowered his flashlight so that it was pointed, once more, at the floor, taking note of how the young man had squinted, even if very slightly, against the light. So the hallways did dead-end. That would be useful to know.

"I've only been in one area today, other than the room I've been assigned to. Perhaps you would be so kind as to direct me towards the bulletin board? I've heard that it contains useful information."

"The bulletin?" He was new, wasn't he? "It's a good source of information, yeah, but I'd wait until morning to check it out. Hasn't anyone told you it isn't safe out at night?" Well, given the short time he'd been around, perhaps they hadn't. Brooklyn rubbed at the back of his neck.

"Look, I can give you a run down of some of the basics if you need, but the sun room is one of the more dangerous places to be after dark. I can take you outside of it, but I'm willing to bet that we'll find things going on inside when we get there." He smiled a bit weakly. "My name's Brooklyn, by the way. You don't have to keep calling me 'young sir.'"

That was interesting. Tenzen had mentioned earlier that there had been mention of monster roaming around during the night, and this young man seemed to think, at the very least, that there was something dangerous out there.

"Mr. Yakushiji did mention to me that there was talk of monsters during the night here. This does seem rather odd, but the theory cannot be discounted until it has been explored, Mr. Brooklyn. It certainly couldn't hurt to take a look at the sun room, could it? Alfred Pennyworth. At your service." Ironic that Brooklyn was currently the one offering to do Alfred a service, but if Brooklyn should ever require something of the butler, he would see to it.

This Mr. Yakuwhatever must be another patient Alfred had met, and Brooklyn didn't worry much about remembering the name. In any case, he needed to learn quickly that the monsters in this place were very real.

"It can hurt, actually. I wouldn't even step in there until we knew if something or someone was set to guard it. Here..." The gargoyle pulled up the front of his shirt, revealing what was left of his wounds from a few nights ago. With the stone sleep a gargoyle normally went through, most wounds were completely healed by the next night. Though the healing rate in this place was high and the bandages had been since removed, there were still the pink and somewhat scabbed remains of deep claw marks in his side. "There's no set place they show up in, and the worst isn't going to be the monsters, but other patients who've had their abilities restored for the night in order to act as brainwashed pawns for the Institute. I'm telling you, it's not a good idea."

He pulled his shirt back down. "If you still want to go and at least check the place out, I'll come with you. I'm armed, at least."

Alfred inspected the wounds, face expressionless, seeming unshaken by them. "Could you tell me, young sir, who or what has done this to you. I do hope that you were able to seek prompt medical attention?" He'd dressed similar wounds before, on the some of the occasions when Batman had come home gravelly injured. "My former employer used to be in the habit of acquiring similar injuries from time to time." It was a bit more concerning that this young man had been attacked by whatever this creature was, but he didn't appear to be any younger than Master Timothy.

"I would still like to, at the very least, pass by the sun room so that I can be sure of its location tomorrow." He paused very slightly, "Abilities? What, exactly, do you mean by that, Mr. Brooklyn? Are there people kept in this facility who are more than human?" Not that this would be strange. Alfred had met people before who looked as though they were normal but possessed amazing powers.

"If you can make it through the night, you'll typically find yourself well taken care of by morning." Brooklyn shrugged. "It's kinda creepy, but helpful at the same time. The thing that did this to me was big, mean, and undead. Chimera-like, really. If I hadn't been able to use the cramped room to my advantage, I probably would have been killed easily."

He sighed. The man seemed adamant about getting to the sun room, so he'd do his best to get him there. It was going to be one of those nights. "Yeah, there are. Some that weren't human to begin with." Like himself. "No matter what you were before, you're human here. Any powers you have are dulled to the point of barely being useful. Not the best of conditions."

Moving away from the door, he started walking down the hall. "Come on. I'll take you where you want to go."

"Is there absolutely no one to attend to these injuries during the night then?" Undead? Well that would be fantastic if Alfred were to run into one. He'd have to keep an eye out so that he could avoid them. Even if he didn't look it, the older man could hold his own in a fight, but he didn't think he'd like to take his chance on one of these "chimeras". "Is there any way to escape from these monsters?"

"Well, as I was simply a human before my arrival here, I don't believe I'm in any danger of having powers drained from me. I have been trained in various forms of combat, although a weapon would be advantageous." Alfred moved as well, walking next to Brooklyn. "I appreciate your assistance, Mr. Brooklyn. Did you have powers before your arrival here?"

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