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Day 42: Bus 1
[Seeker] I Can Figure It Out
rope_victim wrote in damned
After the way night had ended (Miku wasn't sure if they'd ever get the smell of charnel out of her clothes), and morning had returned with its clockwork weirdness. She was hurried onto the bus in her dark red long coat and the dark, knee-length, slightly full dress beneath it. It was surprisingly warm, Miku noted, but that could've just been her body lying to her legs, which were going to be undoubtedly chillier through the day. As always with these trips, her nurse had taken the opportunity to channel Little Red Riding Hood into her patient's life.

Oh, well, she didn't mind that much. It was just clothing.

Miku slid into a seat with her bag of breakfast and her camera in her pocket. She couldn't help shake the feeling of oncoming dread that had started with the end of the night's bleeding walls. Maybe she was just being silly, maybe she shouldn't listen to the alarm ringing in the back of her mind.

But still, she couldn't help but to wonder what it was leading to.

[Waiting for Peter]

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"Alfred." Bruce turned towards him, and his eyes... Alfred didn't know what nightmare the man that stood before him had walked out of, but he reached for him as he fainted. And then he lost sight of Batman and the boy, amidst the fog. Fog? Alfred looked around himself, blindly, trying to see what little he could through the damp air. The last thing he remembered was the blood pouring from the walls, pooling at his feet and surrounding the fallen bodies of Batman and his young ward.

Alfred woke up with a sense of disorientation not dissimilar to the displacement he'd experienced the first time he'd woken up at this Godforsaken institute. He looked around the room, trying to get his bearings, but at least there was nobody else here - no strangers to see. There were no signs of blood. Not on the floor, the walls, or (he discovered when he pulled the sheets away) on his person.

He started to step out of bed when the nurse from yesterday bustled into the room, depositing some clothing on the bed next to him, topped by a navy blue baseball cap. "Here you are, Mr. Quartermain! Hurry up and get dressed. It's going to be an exciting day!" She exited the room, presumably in order to allow him time to change clothing.

"Pennyworth, ma'am." Alfred's mouth retorted immediately, his mind still in the hallway, last night. He pulled on the heavy, navy bluework pants that the nurse had given him, before turning his attention to the pale blue, button-up shirt that had been given to him. He unfolded it, pausing when he saw the sewn on name tag. This appeared to have belonged to a mechanic or something of the like, at one point. He put it on, buttoning up the front with a feeling on slight unease. In a place where the nurses seemed unable to address him by his name it was... unsettling that Bruce should appear before him, and then that the name on his clothes this morning should be "Wayne Butler". Perhaps that name had belonged to someone. It didn't sound uncommon, but it was not coincidental. Things brushed off as "coincidental" could too often be fatal.

The nurse came back into the room, placing the cap snugly on Alfred's head before pushing him out of the room and leading him down the hallways and outside where, surprisingly, buses awaited. He allowed the nurse to lead him to one of them and he walked a short ways down the isle until he found an empty seat. His nurse ushered him into it, before turning on her heel and heading off again.

Alfred moved over, to sit next to the window. He wasn't feeling particularly sociable after last night's... incident, but there was no sense in taking an entire seat. Jason... had he been correct in thinking that Bruce was here? No... Alfred looked out the window. My son is dead. And the best rarely come back.

[Closed thread. Just wanted to establish his presence on the bus]

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