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Day 42, Noon: The Twin Pine Restaurant
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
Yuffie took the long way around, practically making it a tour of the entire town. She collared--not literally, since the nurses would've thrown fits--a few random citizens along the way, asked as many inconspicuous sounding questions as possible, and then moved on. Wash, rinse, repeat. Sneaking a few covert glimpses into stores and windows confirmed what she'd been talking about with Sam earlier; no dates, no explicitly mentioned locations outside of the town itself… how weird was that? Even the most insular of towns back on Gaia would've coughed up some kind of connection with the outside world.

It was almost like a living ghost town.

Well, maybe she was just thinking too hard. Maybe she was throwing shuriken too hard at the wrong target. Back home, she had a concrete frame of reference. Here, she couldn't take anything for granted; she had no local or international knowledge whatsoever. All she could try to do was get a profile of the immediate area and build it up and out from there. Theories were already budding, popping up like weeds hit by Quadra-Haste, but without facts to back them up, theories were like sand in a desert.

Not that she didn't want to share those theories, sand or not. She did. A lot.

Once she'd developed a viable mental map of the place (as viable as she was gonna get given the time constraints), Yuffie swung back around and jogged back to North Street. From there, she took the alley; a quick right turn; slow to a trot, and there. Her cheeks were tinged pink from the cold winter air, and they stung as she poked her head in through the door.

Okay, so maybe she was a little early after all. That was cool. Very cool. She had some time to set things up, to pretend that she wasn't hideously under prepared for this lunch date. Stepping into the warmth, Yuffie surreptitiously cased the place out as she headed to a table. Homey, in a way that almost reminded her of some of the up-and-coming rural towns. Automatically seeking out one of the more strategic seats--one with a good view of the rest of the restaurant, and one that didn't leave her totally vulnerable to mutant chairs or murderous sandwiches--she made herself comfortable, whipped out a few crumpled pieces of paper and a pen, and began to jot down her findings.

[Closed to Edgeworth.]

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[from here]

Alfred walked into the restaurant, glancing at each of the other diners as he made his way to a table near the back and sat down, making sure that he had a clear view of the doors. A coupon for a free meal at this restaurant had been handed to him as he’d gotten off the bus and, after he’d left Timothy, Alfred had asked one of the ever present nurses to direct him here.

It looked like several people had ordered coffee to go with their meals, but Alfred made sure to specify that he would prefer hot tea, “if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, miss.” It wasn’t, and in a few minutes the tea had arrived. While it wasn’t the best tea that Alfred had ever had the pleasure of drinking, it certainly wasn’t the worst, and so it was acceptable in a way that was moderately above that of the food he’d eaten last night.

He glanced over the menu and dug the coupons out of his pocket, separating the necessary coupon and laying it on the table. He gave the waitress a small smile, removing his cap as he placed his order. Once the waitress was gone, the cap returned to it's former position, shading Alfred's face and causing his study of the other diners to go unnoticed.

The conversation that he'd just had with Timothy had been rather confusing, and Alfred still wasn't sure what he should think about Bruce or Batman. Perhaps, if he was lucky (or unlucky) he would run into the man himself and come to his own conclusions. While Jason may have had reason to lie about Bruce, Alfred couldn't believe that Timothy would do the same. So he must believe what he'd said.

Alfred ate his meal alone, in silence, taking two bottles of water with him when he left the restaurant. They'd both been concealed within his untouched breakfast bag. One bottle was empty, and the other was full and sealed. He politely thanked the waitress as he stood up, heading for the door. This town might hold something that could be useful once he was taken back - provided he didn't see an opportunity for escape - he just needed to find it and get his hands on it.

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