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Day 43: Cafeteria, Second Shift
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remnantsofflame wrote in damned
The intercom message was unnerving. Again with this I.R.I.S. thing, and some nonsense about guests and tours. What the hell was going on? Was the head doctor really dead? That seemed to be the theory, but Asch couldn't be sure. He hadn't thought this place could get any nuttier, but apparently, it could.

Asch wasn't sure he even felt like eating, but the nurse insisted. So he got his tray of food and sat in the corner of the cafeteria, away from the other patients. He was well aware that this particular strategy was flawed, of course, as it had yet to provide him with anything resembling peace and quiet.

He hoped against hope, though, that he wouldn't be bothered. That annoying guy that used to room with the replica had no reason to come and bother him, and he'd spoken to Claude yesterday. He knew that the man from the night before - Apollo, that was what he'd written on the bulletin board - wanted to repay him somehow, but that wasn't exactly going to happen at a lunch table.

He reminded himself that he'd have to take the kitchen shears to Alfred to exchange for the meat cleaver, once night fell. The cleaver wasn't his first choice of weapon, but it beat the hell out of stabbing things with shears.

He took a drink of his juice and sighed. Maybe he'd get in contact with ZEX regarding night shift; he wasn't sure he wanted to venture out alone.


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Much as Jason had wanted to avoid meeting anyone he knew earlier, he couldn't avoid the cafeteria all day. His stomach was already complaining about how little he'd eaten yesterday so he let the nurse lead him away from Nataku and the chapel to secure some breakfast. Brunch. Whatever the fuck they felt like calling it.

Talking to the kid had been.... interesting. He hated hearing what those bastards he lived with had done to him but he liked Nataku. A kid shouldn't have to deal with that sort of crap but in spite of it all he still managed to be good person. Better than Jason had ever been anyway. He'd keep an eye out for him while he was here and whenever they managed to find a way out he'd find him a place where that sort of shit wouldn't happen.

Settling down at an empty table, he began to wolf down his meal, mostly ignoring those around him. Once he was finished it would be time to get to work. For some reason, even though he'd only been here a few days it felt like it was taking forever to get anything done and he did have a lot to be doing. It would be too much to hope Harley or Grell and Luxord had gotten torn apart last night. Not that he was going to complain about being the one to deal with them.

[Waiting for Momma Alfred]

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Alfred's nurse cheerfully whisked him away from Asch (although he would be seeing the young man later) and into the cafeteria, smiling and addressing him as "Mr. Quartermain" the entire time. Alfred didn't bother correcting her, for now. It wasn't as if doing so got him anywhere, and judging from Asch's reaction when the nurse had called him "Luke", it simply wasn't worth the argument.

He went through the buffet line, eying the large selection with some skepticism before taking the tray that had been offered. He grabbed a waffle, which he topped with strawberries, a bowl of cereal, a small assortment of fruit, and a cup of tea, to which he added a spoonful of sugar and some cream. Once his nurse had ensured that Alfred had enough food (and added some sausage links to his plate, "for the protein") she steered him away from the buffet line, and towards a table. "Oh, look, Mr. Quartermain, it's Ben. The two of you seemed to be getting along so well yesterday! Why don't you go talk to him again?" She beamed at him.

Alfred raised an eyebrow. Ben? He looked to where the nurse was leading him. Ah. Jason. He willingly followed the nurse, sitting at the table across from Jason - he had, after all, wanted to insure that Jason was all right. The nurse beamed at him once more before rushing off, as usual.

Alfred turned his attention to the younger man, raising an eyebrow at how he was scarfing his food down. "It's not polite to eat your food in such a manner, young sir. I do believe that eating too quickly can also be rather disruptive to one's digestive system." He cut into his own waffle, taking a sip of tea before glancing back at Jason. "You appear to be in good health, considering the events of last night."

Jason had seen Alfred coming this time and while it had been tempting to get up and leave, he made himself stay put. He hadn't finished eating and didn't want to abandon his meal just yet. He had some warning this time and so managed to keep his wits but the way he tensed up in readiness was painfully obvious to anyone actually paying attention.

"I'm not normally worried about offending people," he replied, tone flippant in spite of his tension. He did slow down eating a little but made an extra effort to be as messy and offensive as he could manage without wasting anything. It was petty but he didn't care.

Trying to discreetly check the old man for injuries he shrugged, gulping down some fruit juice and shovelling a few more bites into his mouth before replying indistinctly "Yeah, I'm fine. No urges to start chewing on anyone more than usual. You look like you did OK too." Alfred was really the only one he'd been even a little bit concerned about. Bruce wouldn't be killed by a bunch of undead and Jason himself would've been just fine last night even without a couple of metas by his side, so of course the baby bird had survived too. He wasn't going to bring either of them up anyway. Didn't want to get into the same territory their last talk had.

Alfred watch Jason tense up at his approach, sighing internally.

He raised an eyebrow at Jason's response to his reprimand, pushing a few napkins towards him, "And abnormally, young sir? Perhaps you might consider, at the very least, cleaning you face when you're done."

Jason didn't appear to be any more worse for the wear than he'd been the last time Alfred had spoken with him. Of course, he could take care of himself, but... He took a sip of his tea and began cutting his food into small, bit sized pieces. "Apparently this facility has acquired a zombie expert as one of it's 'patients.' I do believe that one attempted to make a meal out of me, but I somehow managed to escape from it and survive the night. I even got a souvenir." Alfred paused, eating some of his food, and tried to think of a tactful way, that wouldn't send Jason running, to inquire about the other people from Gotham that were present at the institute. He knew from the bulletin that Harley Quinn was here, but there was someone else that wasn't a fan of Batman.

Snickering at Alfred's response, Jason relented and went back to eating in a more normal manner, though he'd never have the sort of manners Alfred might like him to.

"How the hell do you get to be a zombie expert?" he asked idly. He didn't care but it was an interesting job description, even if it would involve way too much time fucking around with corpses. He'd bet it hadn't done whoever it was much good last night.

"What sort of souvenir we talking about here? I really don't think a pet zombie is a good idea Alfs. I hear they're hell on the carpet." He had an idea what the old man might be talking about - if Jason had gotten to keep the machete then it seemed likely Alfred would have kept something from last night too. It was good to know the man would at least be armed now, rather than having to deal with all the shit trying to kill them with his bare hands.

Jason had seen the bulletin notice looking for Bruce, though he wasn't sure who had put it up there. Fortunately Two-Face wasn't stupid enough to think Jason had posted it so he hadn't given himself away but it did make it clear that he'd need to watch his step if he wanted to keep his alliance with Dent hidden. He wasn't thinking about that now though, more concerned with how easy it was to let his guard down around a familiar face that wasn't actively expressing it's disappointment in him. It was dangerous but so long as he watched himself - it wasn't like he was saying anything important.

Alfred almost smiled at Jason's compliance with his initial request to eat like a human being before moving to his question. "I'm not entirely certain of the details required by that profession. In all the excitement, I forgot to ask. Perhaps you could question him, if you wish. He seems to wear sunglasses most of the time, so he should be fairly easy to find."

"Then I suppose it's a good thing that there doesn't appear to be that much carpet around here. They did seem to be rather affectionate. I thought it might make a charming addition to my room here. The decor is rather plain." He paused, "but it's nothing of the sort, I'm afraid. I woke up with a baseball cap and a meat cleaver. However, I've agreed to trade the later with a young man I met this morning. He had a pair of shears that were of no use to him."

Alfred decided to hold off on the questioning for now. Jason didn't seem to be angry, frustrated, or as if he was going to run off. And Alfred did enjoy the company of the younger man, differences all aside. It was worrisome, though, that Bruce hadn't yet responded to the bat signal. He wasn't even sure how willing Jason would be to share information with him. Jason had a good head on his shoulders, and could be a valuable ally, but only if he decided that he wanted to be.

Sunglasses? That was actually familiar. Unless there were two guys who liked wearing sunglasses at night then it was likely that Alfred was talking about Wesker. He'd already been certain there was more to the man than met the eye but this clinched it. So he was a zombie expert too? Maybe Jason would look him up again, just to see what the story behind that was.

Goddamn it, he can't stop himself laughing at the image of Alfred keeping a pet zombie somewhere, giving it obedience training and maybe even teaching it a few tricks. Like chewing on the baby bird. The kid's scrawny enough to be a chew toy. After all, the pet zombie deal had worked out pretty well for Talia. That sobers him up again, though the smile doesn't completely disappear. Any more of this and he's going to start to worry about going soft.

"Shears? That's what you'd rather?" Not to say he doesn't think something like that couldn't be dangerous, just even given the choice between that and something as unwieldy as a cleaver, he still wouldn't pick them. It does remind him that he should check his room more carefully tonight, maybe it wasn't just the machete that had been brought back with him. So long as the stupid meta he'd been saddled with didn't cause too much trouble. But even if he did, Jason still had a machete that he wouldn't mind introducing the moron to.

Alfred smiled at Jason. It was good to hear him laugh again, even under the current circumstances. Sure, Jason seemed to have plenty of misdirected rage, but he seemed more like... how he'd been before, if nobody reminded him that he held certain people responsible for the events that had happened several years ago now.

"I don't intend to fight with them, Jason. But I do believe that they could be useful. I was able to acquire a decently sized pipe the night after I first spoke with you. If I leave my room at night, I intend to take it with me." He paused, being careful not to refer to the boy as 'Master Jason'. That would be sure to cause an argument. "Do you have any medical supplies available to you? Or available to someone else that would be able to help you, should you get injured?"

Alfred's task would, first and foremost, be to ensure that his current companions received any medical attention that they might need during the night, but it couldn't hurt to extend the offer to Jason. He didn't wish for the boy to get himself killed again. The least he could do was make certain that Jason's injuries would be taken care of by someone who was competent at the task.

"Nah, I can manage without." Taking care of injuries wasn't something he'd put much thought into. Their injuries got patched at the end of the night and healed faster than normal anyway, so as long as he didn't get badly hurt at the beginning of the night he'd be fine. There were plenty of fall backs he could use if there was an emergency and he was used to looking after himself. It wasn't worth worrying about.

It wasn't like he expected Alfred to be willing to patch him up again anyway. He wasn't part of the family, had no place with them anymore. No matter how easy it was to relax and make believe nothing had changed, it had and he couldn't afford to forget that.

Jason wasn't sure what to say now. He could ask about the bulletin notice and some of the people who'd replied to it - he didn't recognise all of them which is worrying - but that's heading into dangerous territory. In spite of the way the last time they spoke went, he didn't want to destroy the brief moment of peace here.

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"If you insist." Alfred didn't doubt Jason's ability to be resourceful, and decided not to push the subject any further. There had been a bulletin post earlier that day talking about "clubs" and describing their functions. There were obviously other people here that had medical knowledge, and Jason should be able to tend minor wounds on his own.

But it couldn't hurt to extend the offer. "If you ever do require assistance with an injury, I'm currently located in room M98." Perhaps it was a bit risky, and no doubt Bruce would disapprove, but Alfred didn't hate Jason and there was no reason for the young man to give his room number out to anyone else. If he was after anyone, it would be Bruce.

Alfred paused momentarily. This conversation with Jason had been surprisingly pleasant, but, while he didn't wish to ruin that, Alfred had a few questions about the bulletin post that he'd put up. And Jason was the only person he could currently ask. He would see Wally later, but the topic had already come up the last time he'd talked with Jason.

"Somebody has posted the batsignal on the bulletin, and it seems to have received quite a bit of attention. The last time we spoke, you mentioned that some of the lunatics from Arkham are here. Who, exactly?" He was careful with his wording, not wanting to give away the fact that he'd been the one to post the bulletin. Jason hadn't seemed to feel very amiable about Bruce the other day, and Alfred doubted that it would go over well if Jason thought that he was the one trying to contact Batman. Although that was, perhaps, expected of him.

Jason nodded, taking careful note of the room number. He didn't think he'd ever use it but he might need to find the baby bird or Bruce one night and it would be as good a place as any to start looking. "I'll keep it in mind," he hesitated before adding, "Thanks."

The mention of the batsignal brought all his initial tension rushing back though he made an effort to feign nonchalance. He didn't know if Alfred would believe the act but that didn't stop him trying. "Yeah, I saw that. Gotta lot of attention," he replied, smirking lazily. "Seems like everyone's interested in the big bad Bat doesn't it?" He almost commented on why everyone would be looking for a man Alfred had claimed was known to be dead and gone but he honestly wasn't trying to cruel here.

"You must've seen that the clown's whore is here for starters - though calling her that's an insult to whores," he spat in answer to the question, mouth twisting into a snarl. If the baby bird felt like causing her trouble he was welcome to it, the more the stupid bitch suffered the better. Of the others who's comments he'd seen there were a couple more he recognised but only one who'd made it clear he had a grudge.

"There's someone else too, but I haven't found out who yet. They made a notice a few days back looking for others from Arkham and asking about B." How much Alfred would believe him he couldn't say but it would help that he was telling the truth and others could confirm it. It could be that whoever that had been had died since then but all he wanted to do was throw them off Two-Face's trail for a few days more. "I'm sure whoever it is little Timmy will figure it out, he is the smart one right?"

He nodded, making a mental note to tell any allies that he found that Jason knew his room number. It wouldn't do for Master Timothy or somebody else to get into a fight in the hall outside his room - or in his room, for that matter.

Alfred almost regretted mentioning the batsignal when he saw Jason tense up again. Especially since it didn't provide him with any new information. The purpose of the signal had been to see who would recognize and respond to it, and the turnout had been a bit higher than Alfred had expected. He still didn't know who "Terry" was, but he seemed to know of Alfred. And he had entrusted him with his name, although, if he was new, he might not know any better.

"There does seem to be quite a bit of turnout. Rather surprising, really." And Bruce had responded. Alfred had removed the drawing, as requested, mostly because he'd wanted, above all else, to confirm that Batman was present in the institute and he hadn't simply been imagining things the other night. He still was unsure about the situation. Batman had recently died after all. Although Timothy had insisted that this was a different Bruce.

"Yes." Alfred raised an eyebrow at Jason's description of Harley. "I presume you're referring to Harley Quinn? Has she given you any trouble?"

So Jason wasn't aware of who the other person from Arkham was either. He'd have to see if somebody else might know, but neither he nor Timothy had been able to get the person to give their name. And apparently Jason didn't know who they were either. Alfred let the jibe at Timothy pass - nothing could be good would come from responding.

"I don't know - this is a mental institute. Seems like just the sort of place you should find plenty of people from Gotham," he answered brightly.

"Who else would I be talking about? But she's nothing I can't handle, don't worry about her." The way he spoke made it clear just how Jason was planning on dealing with Harley Quinn but that should hardly come as a surprise to the old man. The bigger question would be why he hadn't done anything about her already.

He frowned as the intercom came on again, spouting out another message to the 'guests' of the institute. "'Visitors' huh? Too bad we're not going to get to see what that involves."

"Perhaps. Although it would seem that the number of vigilantes significantly outweighs the number of criminals."

"I see," Alfred responded dryly. He might have said more if his nurse hadn't reappeared at his side the second the intercom had sounded.

"Come along, Mr. Quartermain. Time to move along now. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to talk with Ben later, and you don't want to keep your visitor waiting!" She said the last part as though she was offering Alfred some amazing treat.

Alfred looked at Jason for a moment before turning his own attention to the nurse. "Perhaps I'll talk with you again, sometime, Ben."

The nurse arrived at just the right time there. He didn't want to get into an argument over what he did, especially not where Harley was involved. Maybe next time he'd remember to keep his mouth shut. Yeah, not likely.

"Was nice talking to you again Mr. Quartermain, sir," Jason drawled sarcastically in reply as Alfred was led off. Who the hell would be visiting him? Or rather, who would they have made up to visit him? He'd have to ask later, it could be funny to hear what kind of story they concocted.

Jason got to his feet as his own nurse approached. He had an appointment to keep and now he knew Alfred would be stuck with some made-up visitor he didn't have to worry about getting away and not being spotted with Two-Face. Whatever Dent had to show him better be good, though considering what Jason himself had come back with from last night it was a safe bet it was something worthwhile.

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