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Day 43: Sun Room, Third Shift
thinking, thinking...
shamusdoggydog wrote in damned
Sam frowned when he heard the intercom message. That didn't sound right. He'd gathered from his conversation with Sen that everybody in the institute was sane, but that the staff were trying to convince them they were mental patients for some nefarious purpose. So why that announcement? If Sam knew anything about brainwashing, he knew that it was a bad idea to announce it to the brainwashees. Good thing he was immune to...

"Oh no," mumbled Sam, feeling the top of his head. He wasn't wearing his hat, and if he wasn't wearing his hat, he wasn't immune to mind control. His mind was totally open to whatever insidious brain... control... things this place planned to inflict on him.

They seemed to be leaving him alone for now, though, so he headed back into the Sun Room and inspected the bulletin board, which was very hard to miss now that he was looking for it. It was plastered with messages, some signed with strange aliases, and some babbling about zombies.

Sam read the messages closely, engrossed. The biggest thing he'd learned about solving cases these days was that it was important to read everything. Talk to everyone too, but that could wait. Even that short conversation with Sen had taken all of brunch.

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Dick followed through, taking in the appearance of the Institute. With a name like that, it wasn't likely to be anything good but with a lack of resources, it was best to observe considering he was in no immediate danger. The so-called Sun Room didn't jog his memory either. The feasible explanations included getting abducted from the Manor (which would mean a lot more was at stake than he liked to consider) or there was some multiverse insanity coming into play and that had even bigger ramifications if it was true. Of course, there could be something else in play here but it wasn't apparent yet. Clearly, his brain had just clicked into overdrive.

The nurse gave an enthusiastic but equally fake smile when they came to a halt. There were quite a few people here and unless he was very much mistaken, none of them seemed all too happy. It seemed too large for a kidnapping operations, unless they were planning for some time. He supposed anything was possible, but finding out what was going on seemed like an excellent starting point. Of course, it would probably go better if he paid attention to what he was being told.

"..so why don't you have a little chat with some of the others here?" That fake cheeriness was seeming less fake and more eerie by the moment, so to be honest, he was glad as she wandered off. He needed to move a little more freely around here to see what he could find out and it was easiest to do that without the henchman (henchnurse?) looking over his shoulder.

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After Damien had become tired of "visiting his grandfather", Alfred was led back to the Sun Room for the small portion of the shift that remained. Most of the patients were already otherwise engaged, including Jason.

He looked over as a new patient was led into the room, a look of surprise overtaking his face before he covered it with the usual, indifferent expression. After everything else that had occurred since his arrival at this place, he supposed that nothing should really come as much of a surprise anymore.

Alfred made his way over to Richard, half-hoping that it wasn't actually him, because, although he would be useful here, it meant that they had all been kidnapped and brought to the institute. He did have to wonder though, why he hadn't seen any of the ladies from Gotham yet.

"Master Richard?" He reached the young man's side as his nurse left.

As Dick scanned the room for anything that could give a clue to where to start so he wasn't just floundering, he heard a very familiar voice calling his name in a way that only one person ever does. He cursed himself for not noticing the elder man sooner but that was Alfred for you. He was like Macavity without the crimes. He always seemed to spontaneously show up where he was least expected. However, expectations or no, Dick couldn't deny the sudden feeling of happiness when he saw him, but it was quickly squashed by the realisation that he was likely right about the Manor being compromised. He wracked his brains to think if Tim or Damian had been in the house at the time and found he didn't know. There had been a lot of silence in Wayne Manor since Bruce had passed away.

Stifling the sudden urge to fuss and check on things, Dick upraised him with a nod. "Are you okay?" He hated how that sounded, as clearly something was very wrong and he appeared to be in particular pain beyond perhaps missing his suit. He wasn't the only one wishing for his old attire but he couldn't bring much up here as it was far too public and far too many faces he didn't know.

Alfred raised an eyebrow, "Why, yes, Master Richard we all seem to be doing rather well, aside from the zombie infestation in the nearby town. The creatures that roam the halls at night, looking for unwary civilians to attack are rather unsavory as well. I do, however, seem to have avoided injury, which is rather miraculous when you take into account the bandages on several of the people here." Alfred paused, for a brief moment. "It would seem that Master Timothy is here as well, along with several others. When did you arrive?"

There had been an announcement earlier that some new patients were coming in, but Alfred hadn't expected to see Richard (or anybody that he knew) among them. There also seemed to be the slight possibility that the Richard he was currently speaking with was not, in fact, the same Richard that he'd known back home. And if he was, there was a possibility that he might not remember recent events, as was the case with Jason.

"And what was the last major event that you can remember, before you 'woke up' here, as most of the population seems to say?" He added, almost as an afterthought.

Alright, stupid question, Dick noted mentally as he tried to digest the idea of a zombie infestation and 'creatures'. It had been a while since he had attempted to deal with zombies, but it made a little more sense now that there was a possible reason for them being there. Someone perhaps supplying food or recruits, someone doing a psychological experiment (this could be right up Doc Stranges street) or maybe some sick game that people were watching. Never underestimate the cruelty in people.

"Just now, I think," Dick told him, in a hushed tone. "I just 'woke up' here after going to sleep at the Manor." He shouldn't have slept through someone moving him. He hadn't been tired enough to have slept through that, surely. It had to been being drugged. At least his head seemed clear enough for him to think."I seem to be alright, just disoriented. I can't imagine why (!)"

He stopped to consider the sudden question. The largest event? What could he possibly mean by that? Was he trying to check he was him? "Retrieving Abe," He said, hoping he would understand that he was referring to Tim, Alfred and himself pulling the giant penny from it's chasm in the cave after the events of the crisis. "Why do you ask?"

"Is that so?" So Richard was a member of the new 'patient' group then. "Master Timothy and I seem to have arrived here about two days ago. It would seem that people are gathered here from different times and universes. If you have a moment, it wouldn't hurt to look over the information that's been posted on the bulletin." Alfred gestured at the board, before continuing. "For instance, it would appear that Jason Todd is here as well. However, the last thing that he recalls is when you left on your cruise with Master Bruce and Master Timothy. Apparently, you and I and Timothy are all from within the same time span."

Alfred glanced over at the doorway when the intercom sounded before turning back to Richard. I'm supposed to meet with somebody right now, but perhaps we continue our discussion later on tonight. After sunset the people here are free to wander the grounds as they please. My room number is M98." He pulled a copied maps of the patient rooms out and pointed to his room. "Would it be all right to meet there after dinner?"

There was no way it could have been two days without Dick noticing they were gone. That would sit with the idea of different times and universes, but that opened up a whole other can of worms. He made a note to be careful that the people he sees may not be what they appear to be. He could take a look over the bulletin board and he was sure it would help. Trust Alfred to bring stability to an insane situation.

Dick's jaw clenched ever so slightly at the mention of Jason. That would makes things a little more intense, especially in this kind of circumstances. Putting Jason and Tim into a confined space was asking for problems. Of course, this could be a different Jason all together under the circumstances, so he just nodded in response. There wasn't much left to say when it came to that situation.

"Yes," Dick said in response to the information on the institution, though it was clear 'be careful' was on the edge of his tongue. Alfred could take care of himself and he had other things he had to do.

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