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Day 43: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Hello! I.R.I.S. here once more to announce to you, our honored guests, that you have officially made it through a day of our typical Landel's treatment. Of course, it isn't quite over: we will now have you retire to our designated patient quarters with one of your agency partners to inspect their sleeping area and the tools that we provide them with for the true bulk of our behavioral testing. On an added note, we would like you to notice once again that the meals we provide to our subjects are of the highest quality.

For those of you feeling apprehensive about taking part in our more intensive methods, please be aware that we would never imagine putting all of you in any danger whatsoever. This last shift will be your last at our Institute; afterward, we will escort you to our Head Doctor's personal observation station to survey some of our test Next-Wave participants in the rigorous trials we put them through – all for their betterment, of course.

Once again, we hope that you are satisfied with what you find, and as always, direct any questions you may have to your console.

The nurses began to escort the patients to their rooms. They didn't even seem to be brought to awareness by words such as "testing" and "subjects."

[ All room threads go in response to this post; please post your character's room number as the subject line of the initial post. (Find all of the newly changed room assignments and shift introductions here.) If you are introducing your character during this shift, you may either choose for them character to wake up before their roommate gets back, or after. ]

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Today had been rough. The Scarecrow looked at the tray of food in his hands as he stood just inside the doorway, listening to the nurse in the hallway chattering with one of the other ladies- he really didn't feel hungry for some reason, despite having skipped lunch entirely. All his rambling thoughts really seemed to be killing the drive.

He placed the tray on his desk, opting to sit on the floor, leaning back onto the side of his bed. The floor had that nice feeling which used to be rather unpleasant, but he'd grown accustomed to it, as he had with some of his other human senses.

He closed his eyes- he could still see Dorothy's face in his mind. He wanted to convince himself otherwise, but he was so sure it was her! Sounded like her, acted like her, even had that same sort of embrace. Some of what she was saying didn't make any sense, but there was the possibility she'd been deceived somehow, possibly bewitched. But what if she had been here before, and they'd forced her to believe those things?

Somehow, that didn't seem like a better prospect than if she was telling the truth. After all, even though she'd said the farm wasn't doing well, she had her family and friends and home. All of these were good things. Even better was that she said he belonged there as well- he had family, friends, and a home.

But he already had those! Well, he had friends, though he didn't see them much. Lion was a busier king than the Scarecrow, and Tin Man had his own issues. Still, they were his friends, even if he'd lost contact with them. He had a home, too- the Emerald City didn't feel like it sometimes, due to his friends not being there, but it was home.

Or maybe Oz was home. Oz in general. Hm. The more he thought about this, the less he liked where it was going.

He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. If she'd been speaking the truth, it wouldn't be so bad. A home with friends, especially one that he'd never see in Oz... And he had a job, one where people needed him. He loved that feeling that he was doing something productive, something worthwhile.

He took a deep breath. He'd divulged some of those more troubling thoughts he'd been having to her- ones he'd not told anyone here. She had to be the real Dorothy. He wanted to go home, but to which? Oz should be home, but he was enjoying his new-found humanity. What would he lose if he put forth an effort to just accept it? He did miss being made of straw, right?

He'd made a promise! He'd told Dorothy he was going to try to remember these things so he could get out of the Institute and go to Kansas. Going back on his word wasn't something he enjoyed doing. He wasn't entirely clear on everything she'd said, but he was going to put more thought into it when he could. Right now, he really wanted a distraction.

His eyes trailed to the door. He'd made several acquaintances here, but really only had one person he considered a friend- one he cared enough about to worry about their well-being, anyway. He certainly hoped Kaiji hadn't been hurt in all the chaos of the previous night. He didn't know what he'd think if that was the case.

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