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Night 43: M-A Block Hallway
superdynamic wrote in damned
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Suzaku made his way out of his own cell block at a brisk pace, even though he wasn't quite sure he could take Yuffie's presence right now. He didn't want to talk to anyone, least of all have to pretend everything was fine again -- because he didn't want to bother her with the details of his life, and even if he did there was only a limited amount he could tell her. He was sick of pretending.

On the other hand, talking to her reminded him a bit of being with the Student Council. No matter how miserable he felt, he couldn't help relaxing a little around such cheerful people. Even if he hadn't spoken to Yuffie in person, maybe it would help to be with someone so. . . perky. And it would definitely help to beat the shit out of any monsters they ran into outside. He needed to feel like he was doing something proactive, actually accomplishing something useful, and since fighting was the only thing he was good for, he was looking forward to it for once.

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Edgar shined his light down the corridor, noting other people moving in the darkness. His roommate had been right- they did give the prisoners a chance to escape. The master of this game must be enjoying himself, if he had this many participants.

To the right was a dead end; to the left was a door. What better way to find out what was behind it than to take a look?

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