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Night 43: Main Hallway, 1-West
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Even distracted as he was, Suzaku remembered to stay on his guard as he passed into the main hallway. He would only be here for a moment, but there could still be a monster lurking in the darkness. And it was so quiet and deserted just now that he would make easy prey.

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Kuukaku reached the main hallway without any trouble. Given her mean streak for fun and excitement, she couldn't help but to be curious about these monsters here. They sounded like trouble, which was exactly what the fireworks master loved.

She paused for a moment, leaning against the wall. Plenty of patients standing around here, but she didn't feel like dealing them right now. She drew the maps she copied from the bulletin board, using the light of that stick to see it properly.

She had just arrived last night, so there were a lot of places she hadn't visited yet. She looked at the various rooms scribbled upon the paper, wondering which of those would have the best supplies.

Those punks running this joint had stolen her damned sword, so she needed a new weapon. Not to mention she wanted to know what this place had to offer when it came to supplies for some explosive stuff. Probably wouldn't be easy to get, but that would hardly stop her anyway.

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This place was deceivingly large as each hallway seemed to lead to another that branched into a few more directions. Doors seemed to appear and disappear, as well- probably the result of some enchantment. Magic was both fascinating and infuriating, and the machinist found it often didn't make sense.

The corridor opened into a larger hallway, one which seemed a lot darker than the last. Though bright, the light seemed to have little effect on the area- he could hardly make out most of the shapes he could barely see moving about in the shadows. He did make out one shape of interest.

"Excuse me, milady," he said with a smile as he approached the feminine figure. "I'm afraid I'm quite new here, and don't yet know the layout of the area. Might I accompany you this eve until I get my bearings?"

Kuukaku looked up from her map, studying the strange punk that had just approached her. She retrieved the lightstick she had clasped under her arm to shine it in the man's face, not caring about potential rudeness of the gesture. Long blond hair, fit the 'pretty boy'-description to a T, but otherwise nothing that really stood out. Not that it said anything.

"And who the hell are you, Pretty Boy?" she demanded. She wasn't gonna trust the first random stranger walking up to her, though she didn't really object for someone to tag along. If it wasn't someone who'd pee his damned pants at the sight of some monster, at least.

"Forgive me for my complete lack of manners, milady!" he said with an apologetic smirk. He gave a low bow, keeping eye contact with her despite the bright light in his eyes. As lovely as she seemed, he decided it might be best to stick to his false identity in the event Kefka was tied to this place somehow.

"The name is Gerad," he said as he returned to straighter posture, "Though one as beautiful as yourself may call me anything you like."

Kuukaku stared at the man. This dumbass was obviously hitting on her. She rolled her eyes. At least the man had manners. Sort of. "If you keep that up I'm gonna puke all over you, punk!" she said anyway. "Name's Shiba Kuukaku."

Returning the beam to her map, she studied it for another moment. This guy was a new one just like her, which meant he didn't knew much more about the rooms and their supplies than she did. The second floor seemed to be the most promising judging from the map.

"Alright, listen up!" she said as she folded the map and put it in her pocket. "I'm gonna look for some supplies in this place. Second floor seems to have most of 'em, so we're headin' there! Any questions?"

Without allowing Gerad so much as a second to even think of a question, she continued: "Alright, let's get goin'." And the fireworks master began heading towards where the staircase should be.

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