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Nightshift 43: Main Hallway 2-West
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It was quiet so far up here. Sam couldn't see anyone around unlike how it'd been downstairs. Which actually put him in more of his comfort zone, really. Wasn't often they did a hunt while other people were strolling through the halls of what basically amounted to an abandoned building and he could never shake the feeling he needed to clear the area before anything happened. He probably should've gotten used to the patients ambling through by now, but old habits were hard to shake.

He followed Dean into the joining hallway, scanning the rear with his flashlight while Dean looked ahead. The last time they'd gone down this way, they'd come across some spirits on their way out. It hadn't attacked then, but that didn't make it harmless. And from what he'd heard, the dead had made their way here last night, too. At least that didn't look like it was happening again. So far.

Sam cast a side glance at his brother. He was starting to wonder if he was maybe going about this the wrong way, if maybe looking for answers in every place possible wasn't what he was supposed to do considering it'd, you know. Worked out so great the last time. But it was what he was good at. The only thing he knew how to do well that he didn't have to feel guilty about or like it was all gonna go wrong if the scales tipped just a bit off.

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[From here.]

The voice of the inter-prison communication system made Edgar pause. He wasn't sure what it was saying, but the vaguely melodic noise was unsettling nonetheless.

"What in blazes was that?" he asked aloud to both himself and his traveling companion.

When Gerad paused at the voice, Kuukaku did too, eyes narrowing. What the hell was this all about?! She also had no idea what it meant, but the noise was vaguely melodic which only helped raising the 'what the fuck'-factor.

"Some messed up announcement, obviously!" she answered. Then again, since that guy died last night those messages were pretty weird ever since. The ones during the day sounded pretty weird if anyone asked her.

"Che! No clue what this crap's about, but there's no sense in standing around and thinking about it." The fireworks master continued after a moment. Which only left to decide which room to raid first.

"I suppose you're right," he said casually. "Conversing about the unknown would best be saved for once we reach our destination."

He eyed Kuukaku carefully, trying to guess what she'd do next. "You have a map of some sort, I presume, so you know where we're headed?"

"Che!" Kuukaku had been about to grab her map when something went wrong all of a sudden. One moment, it had been a normal hallway, the next they were suddenly surrounded by pulsing, pink flesh. As if they were standing in someone's belly or something.

"What the hell is this bullshit?!" she yelled to no one in particular.

[ooc; any place you want them to go?]

Edgar swung his flashlight quickly, noting the sudden change in the environment. "Magic, I expect," he said. He lifted a foot to inspect the slimy residue he could feel seeping through his slippers. "A rather disgusting sort of enchantment, I must say."

He shined his light down the hallway. "It seems like it goes on like this for some distance," he said. "Perhaps we should move?"

[OOC: Not particularly! He's game to go anywhere. :D]

"Looks like someone's insides." she commented, also noticing the slippers did little to prevent the slimy stuff from getting to her feet. She might as well have walked around bare-footed.

"There's some storage rooms somewhere over there." she said, pointing into the direction of the East wing. "Let's see what they got!"

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