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Nightshift 43: Main Hallway 2-West
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It was quiet so far up here. Sam couldn't see anyone around unlike how it'd been downstairs. Which actually put him in more of his comfort zone, really. Wasn't often they did a hunt while other people were strolling through the halls of what basically amounted to an abandoned building and he could never shake the feeling he needed to clear the area before anything happened. He probably should've gotten used to the patients ambling through by now, but old habits were hard to shake.

He followed Dean into the joining hallway, scanning the rear with his flashlight while Dean looked ahead. The last time they'd gone down this way, they'd come across some spirits on their way out. It hadn't attacked then, but that didn't make it harmless. And from what he'd heard, the dead had made their way here last night, too. At least that didn't look like it was happening again. So far.

Sam cast a side glance at his brother. He was starting to wonder if he was maybe going about this the wrong way, if maybe looking for answers in every place possible wasn't what he was supposed to do considering it'd, you know. Worked out so great the last time. But it was what he was good at. The only thing he knew how to do well that he didn't have to feel guilty about or like it was all gonna go wrong if the scales tipped just a bit off.

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Sam moved forward into another dark hallway. It was better with a light, but other than the sounds that he and the Scarecrow were making, it was too quiet. He kept expecting to finally see a monster. Or at least hear one. So much that when the intercom started broadcasting, right after Sam had finished speaking, he jumped and cast his hands out in front of him.

The Scarecrow was about to answer the question, but stopped a few steps into the hall as the intercom clicked on, gave some sort of a bizarre message, and continued to buzz in a fairly unnerving fashion. He half-turned to his companion, not questioning his strange stance. "It doesn't normally sound like that. I wonder what's going on?"

He turned his flashlight down the corridor once more, noting one immediate difference from the view a few seconds prior: the entire hallway was covered in some sort of pink something, moving as if it were a creature all its own. The vision became less pleasant as the floor beneath the Scarecrow's bare feet changed to match the rest of the hallway. The accompanying feeling was one he wouldn't soon forget as it left a groaning feeling in his gut.

"Ah, that... uh... " His brain completely shut down for a few seconds as he couldn't comprehend this enchantment. Surely it was an enchantment! This was the same hallway where he and Kaiji had been attacked- perhaps this was another one of their tricks, something to keep them from progressing any further?

If it was, it was certainly working. The Scarecrow was reluctant to move. He looked at Sam, his discomfort apparent. "This isn't normally like this, either."

"Great grasping hands of—" Sam cut himself off as he felt the change in the floor beneath his feet. "Euuurgh! Now there's an odd sensation."

From what he could see of the hallway, the whole room had been transformed into some kind of slimy, organic passageway. Well, if kidnapping, forcible transformation, and these mysterious monsters he had yet to see, why not rooms mysteriously transforming into some sort of... intestine, maybe?

"You don't say," Sam replied. "We picked the best time to come up here!" Then he noticed that the Scarecrow didn't look very happy. Oh yeah. Just because Sam was travelling with him, that didn't mean he was like Max. Now he remembered. "What's the matter? Too gross?"

It was definitely one of the few times that Sam wished he wore shoes.

Giving a nod, the Scarecrow turned his flashlight to his feet. Actually seeing himself standing ankle-deep in the disgusting mess that was now the floor made the physical feeling worse. He lifted and replanted both of his feet- nope, not any better.

"Let's just say I'm regretting leaving my slippers in my room," he answered. This was definitely the one time he wasn't enjoying the feeling of the floor below him.

He turned his flashlight to illuminate the rest of the hall- from a short distance away, he could hear something that sounded like a scuffle. The darkness (and probably that floor-is-gross feeling that was ringing through his mind) seemed to swallow the majority of the action, but there seemed to be two men having some sort of a fight.

"Let's go back and take the other stairs at the other end of the main hall," he suggested, replanting his feet again. "That way doesn't look safe at all."

He wanted to leave? Just when things were getting interesting? The Scarecrow really was no Max. Still, Sam liked him even if he was kind of chicken. Besides, he was the one with the flashlight.

Also, was that a fight he could hear? Sam sniffed, trying to figure out if there were other people nearby, then gagged and grabbed his weird, triangular nose. Anything that smelled like that couldn't be healthy. It had to be organic. And it was moving... Suddenly, Sam wanted to take a shower.

"All right," he said, still a little reluctantly. "Let's try the other way."

Walking carefully— he definitely didn't want to wade through this stuff— Sam went in the direction he thought was the stairwell. Unfortunately, he was going the wrong way.

Before the Scarecrow could stop him, Sam had wandered into the next hallway. He followed him, treading carefully along the still-changed floor.

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Sam ran down the hallway, hopefully in the right direction this time. His feet weren't sinking in so far now that he was moving faster. It was as pleasant as running in the dark could get without chasing anyone, as long as he remembered to breathe through his mouth.

He could hear some weird talking on the intercom that reminded him of the Internet, and that made him think of Reality 2.0. Could they all be stuck in some kind of Reality 2.0-like Internet simulation?

No, that was silly. Nobody could never make a simulation this good. Where were the weird colours, and why did everything smell and feel exactly how he'd expect it to? Reality 2.0 hadn't been like that.

That also raised the question of what exactly Sam was running through in the real world. No, this had to be real.

The Scarecrow scurried after Sam, attempting to run as lightly as he could on the slimy floor. The feeling was as unpleasant as it had been a few moments ago.

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