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Nightshift 43: Main Hallway 2-Center
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constellates wrote in damned
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As they approached the top of the stairs, Alkaid took the natural exit, and turned to face the right. She'd already sorta been down what was there in the left corridor, but she wasn't sure where to go from here.

"...Hey, Badou? Speaking of sane... don't pay any attention to me if I talk about items and item screens and equipment. It's kind of a really old habit, so if you go thinking I'm crazy, I won't forgi--"

Just then, out of the corner of her eye, a wall seemed to peel back for a split second, revealing the rusty, drippy pipes within. She flicked her flashlight over to it just to see the normal, if dirty, wall. Nothing was there, but...

"Huh. I take back what I said earlier... I'm starting to think this place is glitching."

It would make sense, especially if he had already seen something similar. And with the intercom screwup, it seemed totally obvious.

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[From here]

"Looks like the gross stuff ain't continuing here," she commented as they headed further down the hallway. The only surroundings passing the beam of her light was just normal floor, wall and ceiling. Aside from the pipes she saw in the corner of her eye (which had disappeared again by the time she got a proper look at it), there was nothing here.

"Thankfully," Edgar responded dryly. The outfits were already terrible- they didn't need enchanted slime to make them even less appealing.

He kept following Kuukaku down the hallway. He wasn't the type to let a lady lead, but she did seem to have some sort of a map, and he was quite sure she wouldn't share if asked.

Kuukaku had seen the railing they passed, recognizing it from her stay in the sun room during the day. Looked like they were right above the place right now, but she couldn't make out anything in the darkness even with the light they carried.

"Let's keep goin'!" she ordered.

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