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Nightshift 43: Main Hallway 2-East
so exciting
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He flicked away his old cigarette and lit another as they entered the next hallway. It was kind of nice to get through that last one unmolested, but he wasn't going to count on their luck holding out for much longer. (Even for Badou it was a sad night when wondering through the halls of a glitchy monster-filled hospital with zombie girl behind you counted as 'luck'. But whatever, man. You took what you could get.)

At least she wasn't trying to eat him or anything. That could get awkward.

"Should be the next corridor coming up." Badou offered, partially to distract himself from that new, even more exciting line of thought. "You know, you never told me what you did back home."

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[From here]

Looked like they reached the East wing now. If the map had been right, there should be a hallway to their left somewhere around here leading to those storage rooms.

"For some place supposed to be crawlin' with monsters, it's pretty quiet," she said, glancing around.

"I'll say," Edgar agreed. "Much quieter than some of the less seedy places I've been. Aside from that enchanted hallway, there doesn't seem to be much activity. Perhaps we have been lucky to this point, milady?"

He was pretty sure that wasn't the case, but it wasn't like they were equipped to scare away potential monsters. Perhaps the smiling faces on the fronts of the uniforms were some sort of bizarre deterrent.

"Guess so," Kuukaku wasn't sure whether to be disappointed or not. Empty hallways were pretty boring, but whatever monsters there were, some light beams wouldn't scare 'em away. They'd probably need to have a bit more fun stuff.

"And what kinda places have you been to, anyway?" she asked curiously as she continued down the hallway.

"Lots of places," he said, following her. He stopped, his eyes locked on a figure he could see just beyond his light's reach- he could have sworn it was his brother, but as he took a few steps forward and shined his light there again, the figure disappeared. He shook his head. Another accursed enchantment: one he'd let get to him.

"Caves, dungeons, factories, prisons, palaces, flying masses of land..." he listed, trying to remember everywhere he'd been and keeping his eyes on where he thought he saw Sabin. "Frankly, if you name a general locale, it's likely I've been there at some point in time. Most of the places I've been had some sort of guardians or beasts inhabiting them."

"You some traveler or something lookin' around for the dangerous spots?" Kuukaku asked Gerad, smirking. "Those places sound like a lotta trouble!" Which wasn't anything bad, really. Trouble kept things from getting boring.

"I bet you never been to my place." she continued before noticing they had reached the corner. Storage rooms should be nearby soon.

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