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Nightshift 43: Stairwell by Nurse's Station 1-B
scarefaux wrote in damned
[From here.]

The stairs were surprisingly empty. The light of the Scarecrow's flashlight managed to push back the shadows, but it didn't make the atmosphere any more inviting; if anything, it made the shadows seem deeper.

The Scarecrow put his hand on the hand rail, careful with his footing on the climb upward. He was much better on his feet than he had been a few days ago- perhaps it was a sign he was adjusting well to his new-found humanity? That would be encouraging, and certainly a benefit to the health of his elbows. He wasn't sure they'd recover from all the falls he'd taken.

He looked over his shoulder at his new acquaintance. "I don't believe I introduced myself," he said, taking another couple of steps upwards. "I'm the Scarecrow, from Oz."

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Sam followed him, glad to have someone to talk to. "I'm Sam, freelance police." Wait a second. Scarecrow from Oz? Like the Wizard of Oz? "Uh... is that some kind of pseudonym?"

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