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Nightshift 43: Janitor's Closet
[stand alone]
girlsandgadgets wrote in damned
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Once inside, Edgar swept the room for anything useful- especially something which could be used as a potential weapon in the event that Kuukaku and the newcomers started brawling outside. A broom caught his eye- it wasn't spectacular, but it'd be better than nothing if the situation went sour. He decided to leave it where it was standing- if the entire group did follow him into the closet, he didn't want to seem like he was looking for a fight. A fight in the closet wouldn't have been a very good idea, anyway- the room seemed fairly crowded with only his body and all the implements.

He knelt near a pile of assorted items on a shelf near the sink, keeping an eye on the doorway, listening for the sounds of a scuffle. He was sure Kuukaku was capable of taking care of herself, but he was not going to leave her alone to fight them both. The smells of paint and cleaning solutions were thick in the air- his head swam strangely for a moment before he shook the feeling off. His eyes landed on something of interest- an open, metal box with a screwdriver inside. Jackpot.

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Things had gotten dangerously close to getting out of hand. With Jason obviously ready for a fight and the woman turning out to be even more confrontational than the kid, it could have all unraveled in the space of a few seconds. (Harvey didn't exactly enjoy being called a dumbass or talked down to, either, but he was at least used to being insulted by thugs with mouths much dirtier than this woman's.)

Luckily, the other man had cut in and defused all of it rather quickly. It wasn't his words that did the job so much as his decision to just walk inside. That alone was enough to spur Harvey to follow after him, since he knew that finding what they were looking for before night ended was way more important than brawling for no reason. No, that was hardly his style, even if Jason seemed fond of the idea. If the kid wanted to stay behind and fight it out with the one-armed woman, then that was his prerogative.

The blond man was already poking through the clutter, so Harvey didn't waste any time either. While he had been here once before, the place was still such a mess that he had little idea of where to start. He turned toward the shelves and used his flashlight to scan over them for anything rope-like.

Unfortunately, he still wasn't being left alone. He could hear his own voice now, telling Rachel that it was all going to be fine. He remembered how he'd lied to her; even during that moment, he'd been lying through his teeth. Her strained voice started asking him, begging him to tell her what was going on.

He remembered the smell of gasoline, the taste of it as he'd tried to keep it out of his mouth. Harvey had to fight not to move his hand up to that side of his face. Dammit!

"You could try, but I doubt you can handle me," Jason challenged the woman, still smirking cockily. He was still in the mood to start something and her attitude just made a fight more appealing.

Besides, the closet was getting damn crowded with the number of people in it. Rather than try and cram in himself while they were all trying to sort through the piles of crap Jason stayed lurking in the doorway. This way he could keep an eye on the hallway outside and he'd have room to move if she did want to fight. In this case he trusted Two-Face to find what they were after, Dent was the one who'd first suggested finding the rope so he wasn't going to get careless and overlook it.

"See if you can't find matches or a lighter in there too," he called to Two-Face. He hadn't seen any last time he was here, but with everything that had been happening then he could've easily missed it.

Jason frowned as he glanced over to check on Two-Face's progress. He didn't know Dent well enough to tell but it looked like something had gotten under his skin. If he was that pissed off by Jason not just standing around like useless muscle while he did the talking then they were going to have some real problems if they were working together much longer than it took to get Batman where they wanted him. Fuck it. So long as Two-Face got what they needed he didn't care what had crawled up Dent's ass and died.

"Don't get cocky, brat!" Kuukaku scoffed as she pushed past him into the janitor's closet. She wasn't exactly pleased with Gerad's comment either, but she supposed he at least showed some guts here. That, and she needed some damned supplies already. She wasn't going to pass up on this opportunity because of some brat. Che!

Once inside, the fireworks master noticed that this place was definitely a huge mess. Why the hell was there so much junk crammed into such a small space, anyway? She swept her flashlight beam across the shelves, looking for anything useful before her eyes fell upon steel pipes of various sizes. Those could be used as decent weapon, she figured, and metal could be a handy material

Unfortunately, she couldn't carry multiply of those in one hand. She glanced around, looking for something to carry them with.

Edgar slid past the blade-wielding man and Kuukaku as she stepped inside, the toolkit tucked under his arm. The small room wasn't big enough for so many people- he couldn't tell if it was due to all the clutter, the number of people in the room, or a combination of the two.

He stood just outside the door, keeping an eye on the hallway. It still gave him an unnerving feeling- the fact that he kept hearing disturbingly familiar voices from the speaker in the wall didn't help matters much.

It only got worse as it moved into the last part of this long, drawn-out conversation before Rachel's death. Harvey remembered how it had felt so short in that moment, with the seconds just ticking down -- yet now, when he was forced to hear it again, he was left wondering when it would end.

He was able to convert his discomfort into the way that he started tossing things around in search of rope. The others would likely assume that he was just trying to move quickly through the mess in the room. Besides, the blond man was already out of the way, giving him more space to search around.

There it was; she was spurred into telling him that she did want to marry him, she did want to spend the rest of her life with him, and he still wondered if she had only said it because of the desperate moment they had been in.

There was no rope that he could find, but he did come across something else: coils of extension cord. He lifted one up into his hands, testing its strength. It was definitely only a shoddy replacement at best, but it was better than nothing. Who knew? Maybe it would actually work well against the Bat.

He took a few of the cords and then pushed past the woman so that he could get to Jason. "Looks like this is all they have," he murmured. "No lighters or matches, either." He wasn't sure what the kid wanted those for, but it probably wasn't good. Harvey's hackles tended to raise around fire these days, so he figured it was for the best that Jason didn't get his hands on that stuff.

Jason snickered, not in the least intimidated. He might have to keep an eye out for her later, she could be fun. Meanwhile Two-Face was getting impatient, tossing things about as he dug through the piles of crap.

No sign of danger or anything besides the annoying flickers at the edges of his vision that always turned out to be nothing. He was getting better at ignoring them but he didn't like knowing someone was screwing with him and that's what this was.

Finally Two-Face was done, leaving the cramped closet to show him what he'd gotten. Extension cords were nowhere near rope but coupled with the duct tape it would slow Batman down enough for them. He was going to get free no matter how they restrained him, the only thing they could do was make it as difficult as possible.

"They'll do." Too bad about the lighter, it would be useful and with the cigarettes from 'Talia'.... He'd just have to find something elsewhere.

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