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Day 44: Men's Showers, Second Shift
notachick wrote in damned
Okita had woken with a start, his breath coming back to him in a rush. Toward the end of the night, he had sworn he'd seen someone in the shadows - someone no taller than a boy of nine, a mask covering his face, blood running down his front. He'd seen him. There was no way of mistaking that outfit or that mask; and Okita didn't need to see the face behind it to know who it was. The man didn't have a name and he likely never would, but Okita could never forget him. No one ever forgot their first kill.

When his breathing returned to normal, he realized that Guy was gone and worse, that the shift was nearly over. The nurses came in, fussing over him, saying he'd had a fever or some other nonsense that morning and thus they had left him to rest. Now they were asking how he was feeling, touching his forehead and trying to get him to put some metal tube in his mouth. That? Was a big no. Okita politely and firmly refused their repeated requests and they finally gave in, allowing him to get up and get dressed before informing him that today was--

"Now, the adults may be escorted to the showers while children can partake in Arts & Crafts activities."

The intercom cut in and Okita smiled. Finally. A shower. He put up little resistance when the nurses led him to the shower room, quickly undressing before touching his shoulder and ribs. Fully healed now, not a trace of his former injuries. Without further hesitation, Okita went to the closest stall and turned on the water, closing his eyes as the heat washed over him, clearing his head of the previous night's illusions. There was no way that demon man was still alive, and no way that he could have returned to taunt him yet again. It was merely a trick of the mind; something easily dismissed. That was exactly it. With that decided, Okita began to shampoo his hair, marveling again at the conveniences of the modern day.


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"Come along now, Mr. Quartermain. It's time for your shower." Alfred's nurse escorted him out of the cafeteria and into a tiled room that he hadn't been in yet. "The showers are through there and once your done, the towel and fresh clothes are there and there." She pointed to each place respectively. "Once you're finished, feel free to finish the shift in the sun room. Have a nice shower."

Once she'd left, Alfred prepared himself for the showers and walked into the large room. An eyebrow raised. Communal showers? Well that was certainly... different for a place that was claiming to be a mental institute. Alfred moved to a free shower head and turned the water on, taking a quick shower before heading back out to the first room to dry off and cloth himself before going out to the sun room.

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