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Day 44: Lunch
Uhh... moosen?
mizuhomaiden wrote in damned
That had been a very frustrating shower. For many reasons. At least Raine was going to at least look at Forte. Hopefully, she'll actually heal him. The showers had also succeeded in making the ninja feel like a pervert. A mild one, but still... It was as if Yukari had picked that spot in the showers because she knew the ninja could easily see her.

Ugh! Damn youkai.

Squirreling herself away in a corner of the cafeteria, Sheena finger combed her wet hair before pulling it back with the bright red ribbon. She so needed her own hair ribbon back. She was attempting to formulate her plan of acquisition - she was ninja after all - as people started trickling into the room. The plan was put on pause, though, when her stomach rumbled.

Food now - plan later.

[Closed to Haseo and Endrance]

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The Scarecrow took a seat, feeling immensely better after his conversation with Mele at breakfast and his shower the previous shift. He still had a lot on his mind, but he was in much better shape than he had been in the morning.

The room was still fairly empty, so the nurse picked him a seat at an empty table, wandering away without a word. The Scarecrow turned to look for her as she came to mind- he probably should have asked her where Kaiji was. He snapped his fingers, cursing his missed chance.

His attention returned to his food, which smelled extremely enticing. Ready to dig in, he took his fork awkwardly in one hand, knife in the other, and got to work on trying to cut his burger into pieces.

[For Junior, I believe?]

All in all, the discussion with Sora had gone better than Junior could've hoped. It wasn't every day that he met someone who'd take his explanation without more questions or suspicion; maybe that was more normal, and the universe he came from was just paranoid.

Of course, then Albedo had had to go and ruin his good mood through that little stunt on the bulletin. It only proved that even if he had friends who took it well, Junior was completely, utterly screwed when it came to his twin. At least he'd had the sense to head to the cafeteria before it got him too hot-headed.

The nurse settled him down at a table across from a man that looked kind of familiar to Junior. Hadn't he seen him before, a few days ago or something? He watched the man try to cut his burger, and a bit of a grin tugged at the edges of the redhead's mouth. "Never seen anyone eat a burger quite like that," he commented. "I'd figure it'd be too thick and would fall apart or something."

Taking a quick look around, the Scarecrow noticed he was the only one using his utensils to eat his meal. "It seems I'm going about this the wrong way!" he observed. "No wonder I was having such trouble with it. You'll have to forgive me- I'm still getting used to food and the like."

He returned the fork and knife to his tray and took the burger in his hands. He had another glance at the young man across the table from him. "Say, didn't I meet you a few days ago? It's Junior, right?"

Junior gave a bit of a chuckle at the man's reaction, nodding when he picked up the burger. "No worries. That'll probably give you less trouble." Although what he said about getting used to food was kind of odd. Was he one of those robots walking around here or something? Sure didn't talk like any robot Junior'd ever met, but then the ones here were also...different. "And yeah, it's Junior. I don't think I ever got your name, though."

"Scarecrow," he answered, hearing the more chipper tone in his own voice as he spoke. "My apologies for not introducin' myself before!"

One bite of the burger quickly reminded him of why food was fantastic- and also why being human was something he was enjoying maybe a little too much, which led to him wondering about what Dorothy had said during her visit and the truth and whatnot. He furrowed his brow. Clearly, getting away from ones worries was harder than he'd initially thought. Still, he was sure he'd feel better with confirmation: if he could find his body or his brains, he be sure Oz was real. It had to be!

But there was that notion he wasn't sure he liked again: would it be so bad if it wasn't?

He shook his head. "So," he said to get away from the subject picking his brain, "Glad to see a familiar face, even if we'd barely met at the time. People come and go here so quickly sometimes."

Scarecrow, huh? That caught the redhead's interest. He'd read enough Oz to know the name, and not many people went by one like that. Was it just some huge coincidence? It was always a tough call around here. "It's no big deal! Sometimes things just go by real fast, you know? And yeah, it's hard to tell sometimes if you'll see people around the next day or not," he agreed, nodding. "Looks like you've been doing pretty okay for a place like this, though."

Junior paused, trying to decide whether or not to ask what he really wanted to. Of course, the decision itself took less than three seconds, with his curiosity winning out, it was just a matter of figuring out how to put it so that he didn't sound really weird. Finally, he settled on, "So where are you from? What'd you mean by 'still getting used to food'?"

The Scarecrow swallowed his a bite of burger before answering: "I'm from the Emerald City of Oz, a place which is apparently farther from here than I would've expected." He wasn't really sure exactly how far away Oz was, but judging by what he'd heard from other people, it couldn't have been close, if it actually existed. He wasn't going to linger on that topic again.

"See, as a scarecrow, I didn't have to eat before coming here," he continued, trying to think of how to explain his previous form. This seemed to be hard no matter how many times he talked about it. "I was just straw and some old clothes and whatnot, and didn't need it. Didn't sleep a wink, either! But I've been getting an awful lot of both since I arrived, it seems."

Anything else that Junior might have been thinking of came to a screeching halt when he got the confirmation, leaving him gaping in surprise. He wasn't just talking to someone named Scarecrow; this was the Scarecrow.

It only vaguely crossed his mind that it should be weird for the Scarecrow to be sitting right in front of him; four to five thousand years meant it was totally possible for the book to have some sort of basis in history, and there were other self-admitted historical people hanging around here. It wasn't like Junior studied the writer or anything, it just made for a good bedtime story. Or had, until now. Now he was pretty much sitting right across from one of those people he'd always read about. Brother problems and all that aside, this was the greatest day of his life.

Or the greatest hour of the day, at any rate.

Finally, the redhead recovered some of his composure, though he couldn't help the huge grin that had all but cemented itself on his face. "Ahh, gotcha," he replied, trying to squash down all sorts of questions, like if being stuffed with straw had been really itchy or not. "Sounds like they pretty much made you human, then. Gave you a heart, a brain...everything. How's it feel now?"

"Frankly, it feels a little... novel, I suppose," he said, putting a finger to his temple. "I used to not feel anything, and now I feel everything, so it's all very new and interesting!" He could go on and on listing the various feelings he liked and disliked, but he didn't want to bore the youth. Talking an awful lot did that to most people.

"It does seem they gave me all the parts humans have, normally. Not so sure my brain works as well as my old one, though. I've been having trouble makin' sense of a lot of this predicament, and I know I could've before!" He prodded the table with his finger- it didn't feel as good as he'd thought it might.

"Still," he said, rubbing his finger, "I'm sort of enjoying it. I know I should miss home a lot more than this, but this is certainly an opportunity I never thought I'd have."

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