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Day 44: Lunch
Uhh... moosen?
mizuhomaiden wrote in damned
That had been a very frustrating shower. For many reasons. At least Raine was going to at least look at Forte. Hopefully, she'll actually heal him. The showers had also succeeded in making the ninja feel like a pervert. A mild one, but still... It was as if Yukari had picked that spot in the showers because she knew the ninja could easily see her.

Ugh! Damn youkai.

Squirreling herself away in a corner of the cafeteria, Sheena finger combed her wet hair before pulling it back with the bright red ribbon. She so needed her own hair ribbon back. She was attempting to formulate her plan of acquisition - she was ninja after all - as people started trickling into the room. The plan was put on pause, though, when her stomach rumbled.

Food now - plan later.

[Closed to Haseo and Endrance]

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The ache in Abe's chest hadn't completely abated by lunchtime, but between Beelzemon's new friendship and the absolute madness he'd gotten drawn into on the bulletin board he was feeling a bit better. He'd been too upset to eat anything at breakfast and now his appetite had returned full force.

Abe pillaged the salad bar, taking double scoops of the chopped up boiled eggs and piling them onto slices of lettuce and onion. He was hesitant about the meat, still concerned for his own digestion, but he settled on the smallest hamburger in the stack just for a test.

Sitting down at an isolated table, he dug into his eggs with great relish. They felt bland to his new taste buds, but a little bit of onion in the mix made them taste properly rotton.

[For Alfred]

Aside from the quick shower that his nurse had encouraged him to take - and Alfred had been more than happy to do as she directed - the last shift had been rather uneventful. His nurse had, for once, allowed him to spend an entire shift in solitude. His company hadn't been imposed upon some stranger who would rather have been left alone, and none of the other nurses had seen fit to direct any of their "patients" over to him.

Once lunch time came around however, it seemed that his nurse had decided that it would be beneficial for him to converse with yet another stranger while "enjoying his meal."

"Here you are, Mr. Quartermain." The nurse had prepared Alfred a tray with a large salad, a cheeseburger, some fruit, and a cup of tea. After that task was completed she directed her patient towards a table, setting the tray down and beaming at him. "This is Langdon. He's a little new, so make sure that you're friendly." And then she was walking briskly towards the doors leading back to the sun room.

Alfred watched her for a moment before turning his attention back to his dining partner. "Alfred Pennyworth, sir, at your service. If you don't mind my asking, sir, exactly how long have you been kept in this facility?"

Langdon, ugh. Could they have given him a name that sounded more...aggressive? Less stuffed shirt and tweed, at least.

Abe looked up politely, brushing powdery yolk from his lips. The man beside him was older than most of the prisoners here. He seemed far more formal and polite than the last person who'd invaded his personal space bubble (said bubble being about ten feet in radius since this morning), something Abe greatly appreciated.

"Approximately a day and a half. My name is Abe Sapien," the psychic replied, clearing up any suspicion that his name might actually be Langdon. 'Abe Sapien' was ridiculous enough. "And yourself?"

Using his knife, he maneuvered another clump of chopped eggs onto his fork, acting with the delicacy of a forensic scientist gathering evidence.

Alfred raised an eyebrow as he glanced at the other man. He was extremely precise, enough that it made the older man wonder what sort of background the man had come from. This place didn't seem to be very discriminating in those it chose to be its patients.

"I do believe that this will be the forth day since my rather unexpected arrival at this most interesting facility. I don't suppose that you happen to recall the circumstances of your arrival, sir?"

He glanced at the food on his tray, took a sip of the tea, and started with his salad, looking over it before actually eating anything. Everything in the salad appeared to be in order, with nothing extra slipped in. Although it would be somewhat risky to drug the food. Several "patients" seemed as though they ate as much as they could, and whatever the reason for their being here, the doctors didn't seem interested in killing their subjects during the day.

"I was asleep somewhere else and then woke up here, in this form." Abe set the knife down and made a sweeping gesture to indicate his far-too-pink body. "I understand this is relatively common. I haven't met anyone who actually remembers the period between leaving their own place and being here."

He took a careful bite of his gathered food and chewed thoughtfully. The eggs still didn't taste quite right, even with the onions, but Abe suspected the nurses wouldn't take it well if he sent them back and asked for a set that had been aged longer. It would probably make him sick anyway.

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