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Day 44: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Once again, it was Nurse Lydia who took over the daily announcements just after the jingle came on. She didn't seem to waste any time and launched right in.

"Hello, everyone. Dr. Landel will be taking over for the last announcement of the day, but for now, I will continue in his stead. Presently, our nurses will escort you to your rooms, where dinner will be served. Tonight, the menu consists of herb chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and carrots. Dessert is a brownie."

After one of her conspicuous pauses, she added:

"A double-fudge brownie."

It seemed as if someone had been coaching her from the background. At any rate, she stiffly finished the announcement with: "The Head Doctor will speak with you soon."

The intercom clicked off.

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Somewhere along the line, Depth Charge's good mood had been derailed. Brooding in the Sun Room hadn't exactly done him a world of good, admittedly, but then, after the way his conversation with Bart hit the rocks, he hadn't expected any less. Just what had he done with himself here, anyway? All this time he'd been pretending that X was behind him, that it wasn't his problem anymore, but just who was he trying to kid? Losing X in his core was like trying to shake a funk in the dead of night and he sure as Pit wasn't getting anywhere soon.

Well. There was always a new roommate to take his mind off of things with. What kind of headcase had they thrown him in with now? Knowing his luck, he'd find himself with a 'con on his tailpipe all through dinner. He threw himself resignedly into his chair with a sigh, feet up on the desk and tilting it moodily back so that only two legs touched the floor. Oh well. Not as though he'd had any appetite anyway.

The nurse paid no attention to the Scarecrow as he insisted this was the wrong hallway, and that his room was most certainly the other way. She handed him his tray of food and opened the door and gave him a small push into the room, shutting the door behind him.

The new room admittedly looked the same as his old room- well, with the exception of the man occupying the other desk's chair. He didn't look one bit like Kaiji, aside from the obvious 'being human' similarities. Feeling awkward, the Scarecrow stood next to the door for a moment before finding his way to the opposite desk (presumably his, now) and setting his tray atop it.

"I suppose this means my old roommate really is gone, doesn't it?" the Scarecrow asked, facing a very sad reality.

Well, that sure as Pit wasn't Matsuda. Older, taller, broader, maybe a little less green around the gills, if the expression could be excused, though even that was questionable. Depth Charge gave the man the once-over before shrugging coolly. "Yeah. Looks like it."

He paused, watching the man's face. He really did look pretty miserable about this, huh? Depth Charge had never really been friends with Matsuda- it was more the principle of it that got him than anything, and he'd been a nice guy. But maybe this guy had actually spent time enough with his roommate to get past the cursory mumbled pleasantries between mouthfuls. The Maximal's expression softened a little and he let out a sigh, lowering his chair back onto the floor with a quiet thunk. "Name's Depth Charge. Who're you?"

The Scarecrow frowned, more than a little hurt at Kaiji's loss. This place could be cruel, and losing friends was something which cut the former strawman pretty deeply. He would make the best of this situation, though- maybe he could find out where Kaiji went, someday. Until then, the Scarecrow liked to think he made it home somehow.

"Scarecrow," he answered, putting on a small smile for his new friend. "How do you do?"

How do you do? Are you for real? But Depth Charge knew a brave smile when he saw one, genuine though it was- Primus only knew, he'd done it enough times himself- and left his bad mood at the starting line. He was probably one of those quaint country-folk, the types you found on vacation, wandering around Iacon City at all hours and marveling at the size of it.

"Been worse. You okay?" The smell of dinner wafted over to him from the desk. Relenting, he picked up a fork and began to tease the mashed potato around the plate in an attempt to ease the awkwardness of asking after someone he'd only just met. Guess loss is just one of those triggers for me, huh?

"I will be," the Scarecrow said. "Don't you worry about me. Kaiji wasn't the first friend I've had or anything- it's just that him disappearing without so much as a warning was a little startling is all." He felt naive: he'd been here for days, and still knew so little.

He looked at his tray and prodded his carrots with his fork. He wasn't sure why he'd seemed to have completely lost his appetite- at least for the entire day. He'd have to make up for it tomorrow.

"So," he said after a moment, feeling the silence filling the room, "I'm guessing you've been here quite a while?"

If he was sure. Depth Charge let it slide with the thought that only head-doctors poked around more than that, and he sure as scrap wasn't any smelting head-doctor.

"Six solar c- uh, a week tomorrow." Tch. Putting it like that, well, slag, just how much had he achieved? A few supplies, letting a teammate get mauled to death by a cat only to have him pop up again a few days later, blundering around Doyleton in the middle of a zombie apocalypse... six nights in the Pit reduced to a series of miserable failures and false starts.

Well, not tonight. Suitably provoked, he fished around in his journal for the crumpled scrap of paper with the list of materials ZEX had wanted and glanced up at Scarecrow (Scarecrow? The Scarecrow?). "You been here long enough to know about the third floor?"

"I've heard rumors," the Scarecrow said, "But not sure what's fact and what's fiction."

He tried to recall all he'd learned of it. "I even tried to get there one time with Kaiji, but we got stopped when we found this unconscious girl in the hallway and got attacked by these somethings up on the second floor." He'd almost forgotten about those wounds, what with the new one on his shoulder. He was thankful they weren't aching anymore.

A Mr. Nice Guy? Not that there was anything wrong with that, but he'd figured as much. Depth Charge nodded thoughtfully, then leaned in to get past the introduction and to the point. He wasn't just asking for his health, after all, and apparently, asking after dangerous chemicals wasn't exactly standard practise for most people. Who knew.

"People seem to think that's where they're keeping people's bodies. If you, uh, had a different one to start with. Couple of people are working on explosives to get up there." Scrunching the note into a haphazard little ball he tossed it neatly onto the Scarecrow's desk. "You know where I could find any of these chemicals?"

The Scarecrow took the wad of paper, uncrumpling it and smoothing it between his fingers. "I don't recognize any of these names, though it would make sense to check the storerooms upstairs, right?" He'd never been to any of them himself, but he'd seen them on the map, and they had to contain something useful.

The intercom clicked on as he started to speak again.

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