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Night 44: Main Hallway, 1-West
Ninjas > everybody else.
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There didn't seem to be any of the typical night-time traffic. It was a little weird, but then again, she had practically thrown herself out of the door this time. No wonder she'd managed to beat the rush.

After everything that'd happened in the past few days, Yuffie couldn't shake herself back into her old mindset; the trek through the corridors was still mind-numbingly boring, but horrifying potential pricked constantly at the back of her neck. Any minute now, something crazy could happen—mutant zombies, grotesque ghosts, and super (annoyingly) psychotic Remnants crawling out of the woodwork sprang immediately to mind—and there was no way she was gonna get caught with her pants down, no way, no thank you.

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Celes walked as briskly as ever, "Upstairs, we've a chance of at least acquiring metal. You'll find it's worth its weight in gold here, though easily enough found. Tonight is an experimentation night, so if we head to the morgue, we may run into those who've been tortured by the institute.

"I suggest that we pick up any stragglers, but if there are none, to carry on our way." Always business first and more empathic matters second.

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"Torture?" Edgar asked as he followed Celes, his flashbulb kept next to him. "Experimentation? Are those nightly occurrences?" He hoped not, but expected they would be.

Experimentation made this place sound even more twisted than an elaborate prison run by a mad sorcerer. It was enough that the captives were being forced to play this game, but to run some sort of tests on them all the while was even more cruel.

"Every other night, but considering they've a habit of pulling prisoners from the ranks every night and doing something to them, it might as well be nightly." In essence, it made Celes think of the Magitek Research Facility, though the Espers, in comparison, were treated like kings.

"Edgar... just how long have you been here? I'd feel terribly foolish if I've managed to miss you for long." Celes said as they started towards the stairs.

"This is only my second night here," Edgar said, recognizing the path they were taking. They were most certainly headed in the same direction as the previous evening.

"I awoke here just the other night, having no recollection of being brought to this place. I'm told that's not unusual. The man who shares my cell was fairly vague, but I've gathered more information about this place from other prisoners I've met during the day. The nursemaids have ignored me almost entirely."

He frowned on that last line. Perhaps he was getting rusty.

"You poor thing," Celes teased. "I'm sure it is a black mark on your otherwise shining record." Her heels clicked rapidly as she hurried to the stairwell. "The quicker we are, the sooner we find a way back before the monsters find us."

Edgar smirked- Celes' tongue could be so sharp. It was unfortunate she was so strikingly icy at times.

He had little time for sight-seeing as he walked, his pace quickening to match that of his companion.

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