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Night 44: M-B Block Hallway
Black; bored
tyki_pon wrote in damned
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After Tyki rounded the corner and headed into the block's main hallway, he paused to lit himself a cigarette. It pretty much sucked that the only time he could actually smoke was during the night thanks to the bothersome staff.

Not to mention they weren't easily to come by, either. Why did Cheating Boy go and disappear before giving him his seven packages? He could've at least waited until after delivering those. Or even after the Noah could got around to finish the job. At least this place had people like Sylar and Miss Shinigami to keep his black side occupied. But with his those bothersome burns, it probably wasn't very smart to pick a fight. Not that he was one of those impulsive warrior-types, but he liked his fun. The thrill of the kill and all that.

At least for now, he had a couple of boring hallways to travel through.

[For Demyx]

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[From here]

It was only the first hallway but, call it experience, paranoia, whatever, Depth Charge wasn't taking any chances. He swept his flashlight along the hallway three times before stepping out into the darkness, and even then it didn't take a genius to see that he was tenser than a Pred in an interrogation room.

"All clear. C'mon." He glanced back at the Scarecrow, again probably over-cautious, but like slag he was losing any more teammates.

The Scarecrow followed his new roommate, being sure to keep up despite his sometimes unreliable feet. He clicked on his flashlight and checked the map he'd copied into his journal. The path they'd likely be taking was a familiar one- he suspected they were headed to the Horrible Hallway. It wasn't a place he particularly wanted to go, but abandoning an important task was a less inviting thought.

On the other hand, what better did he have to do tonight than to help out a new friend? He was sure Depth Charge would do the same for him, after all.

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