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Night 44: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
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Ugh, she was really gonna have to figure out a good way to strap the shuriken to her back. Keeping it constantly in hand was kind of reassuring, but it was also hella impractical. Practicality came before comfort, especially in a place like this. A whole bunch of her techniques had the shuriken starting out on her back; if that wasn't an incentive to do something about it, nothing was.

Yuffie peered around the hallway she'd just stepped into. Deserted. Again. Sheesh, what was everybody doing? Hiding in their rooms and hoping the Big Bad didn't sneak in to get them? Or… Well, okay, it wasn't like Yuffie hadn't loitered in her room before, so maybe she could understand. Maybe.

Shaking her head, she trekked onward.

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Well, being a paranoid, angst-ridden wreck was better than being an angry, violent one. He’d fallen into that side of things so frequently here it was getting difficult to know where he began and his emotions took over. And when, more often than not, he ended up taking it out on a stranger…

There was a thought. They entered the next hallway unscathed, and it was between monster checks he glanced at the Scarecrow with eyes as cynical as they were curious. “Hey. What are you doing this for? To get your body back?”

The Scarecrow looked at his feet as he walked. Oh, heavy thoughts. He'd had a lot to think about since he'd been visited by Dorothy, and little time to think, what with Kaiji's disappearance and all. "Even if it is here, I get the sneaking suspicion I'd not be able to return to it."

Frankly, he wasn't sure he wanted to. That was something he needed to think about.

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