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Night 44: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
should_be_dead wrote in damned
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Unsurprisingly, the stairwell appeared to be empty.

There was, however, no excuse to allow himself to be caught off guard. Now that he had gone further away from the patient blocks, the chances of an ambush would naturally only increase. Not that such a thing would stop one of the Ten Chosen Iga, of course.

His eyes peered into the darkness above, concluding there was nothing of note, before silently ascending the staircase.

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"You mentioned monsters," he said as they entered the stairwell. "Pray tell, what sorts of beasts are lurking here? We saw nothing the other night, save for an enchanted hallway and a couple of unsavory prisoners who were apt for a fight."

"Yes, there's apparently quite a variety of them, though I've only managed to see giant insects and ravenous giant birds." Even the night she and Luxord had gone for that walk, out in the open, however, nothing had shown up to attack them. "Some of the monsters have a human form, however. They tend to be the more dangerous ilk."

Celes's light bobbed up the stairwell as they walked. A small, narrow corridor where the chance she could break her neck was extraordinarily high? Especially in those shoes? Celes wasn't about to take any chances. "It takes a lot to take down the spiders - several spells and multiple stabs under their joints - but the roaches, one must only kick them over and deliver the killing strike to their bellies. Provided you can kick them over, anyway." As for some of the others, Celes hadn't seen them.

Edgar smirked. "Giant insects and birds? Surely those are no challenge for a warrior of your caliber. We've faced far worse beasts than that- granted, we were better equipped than the majority of the prisoners here seem to be, myself included." The outfit was not only tacky, but seemed it would offer little protection from even the weakest of monsters. After procuring his coin and a weapon, his next order of business would be finding some less appalling apparel.

"Where did you get your outfit, anyway?" he asked. "You're the second person I've seen with a different garment than the ones provided to us."

Celes looked over her shoulder at him and arched an eyebrow, Cheeky bastard. "If I had a sword, they wouldn't be a challenge whatsoever." That, Celes was especially sure of, there were enough monsters back home to make these look like child's play, albeit abominable child's play.

"I just found it one evening in my closet, like it had been there the whole time. It even followed me when my room was moved. Speaking of that, Edgar, my room if F12, if you've need to find me, or wish to meet there." Celes shrugged.

"I shall keep that valuable piece of information in mind," Edgar said, quietly wondering what Celes' roommate looked like.

He paused for a moment. "I'll also have to make a note of my own room number. I've not paid attention to where I'm staying, to be perfectly honest. I suppose I've had too many other curiosities on my mind."

He brushed a piece of hair from his eyes, cursing his lack of ribbons to keep it from his face. He had dim hopes of having those returned to him in the future. "This whole place is a conundrum."

"Curiosities aside, keep a ready eye on where they are making you stay. They've made me move once already. But, if you've anything hidden, it somehow moves to your new room. No matter where you've hid it."

That part was vaguely unsettling, but Celes had learned to take it in stride. Celes stopped on the stairs just before the door and looked at Edgar again. "I am pleased that you're here, Edgar." Again. Celes wasn't sure if it was wise that she say such a thing aloud, but, she hadn't said it the last time he was with her, and had vanished.

Edgar stopped as Celes did, his eyes meeting hers. He gave her a genuine smile: "Believe me when I say that I'm more than pleased to see you, especially given the circumstances under which we last parted- as I remember them, that is. I would not wish capture upon any of our friends, but having an ally in this strange predicament is an unexpected blessing."

He enjoyed the taste of freedom the night allowed, but the evening was deceivingly long. He was looking honestly looking forward to the morning this night. "I trust we'll discuss this all in more thorough detail tomorrow."

"Of course we will," Celes agreed. Then quickly added, "Just don't let my pleasure at your return go to your head, Edgar." There were reputations to preserve and whatnot. Images to maintain.

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