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Night 44: Main Hall, 2-West
should_be_dead wrote in damned
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After reaching the top of the stairs, Tenzen slipped into the next hallway. This time, the hallway consisted out of a normal floor, ceiling and walls, as opposed to the pulsing flesh from last night.

Sliding his hand along the wall, the ninja kept his flashlight switched off as he headed East.

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Celes swept her light across the floor after they opened the heavy metal door to the second floor. "Alright; if I remember correctly, the morgue is down that hall. Patient possessions, I've been told, is also on this floor, but on the other side. We can visit one or the other, whichever tickles your fancy, Edgar."

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"Both sound intriguing," Edgar said, his eyes scanning the hallway for activity. The hall seemed darker than the previous corridors, even with their flashbulbs pushing back the shadows.

His eyes scanned the entrance to the side hall. "If the morgue is the closer locale, perhaps we should head there first."

"Very well," Celes agreed, and turned her light towards their required hallway. "It's the very, very last door at the end of the hall." She added and took a few more steps forward.

"The morgue is quite co--" the lady general was quite rudely cut off when she simply vanished into thin air.

[s;lfsjhkjhgdsflk Celes is going here Good luck, Edgar!]

Edgar's eyes widened as his companion was completely cut off, her form vanishing completely. "Celes?" he asked the space where she'd been, wondering if she'd simply been granted invisibility through some enchantment.

"Celes!" he called louder. No answer- it seemed she'd been spirited away entirely.

Edgar cursed under his breath, irritated that he'd found an ally, only to have already lost her within the span of a few minutes. He had no idea where to start looking for his companion, or if she could find her within the walls of the prison at all.

He closed his eyes for a moment. Celes was fully capable of taking care of herself, wherever she was. He knew her room number, and would find her as soon as the sun rose in the morning. Until then, there was no sense in mourning her loss- not yet, anyway.

He continued down the hallway, determined to accomplish something this night.

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