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Night 44: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
ruthless_hunter wrote in damned
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Lockdown scanned the hallway with his flashlight before entering. Axe poised, the bounty hunter stepped into the long and wide hallway. After taking a brief klik to review his map, Lockdown continued on his way.

Well, at least his optics and processor weren't playing tricks on him like the last night. Although apparently people had suffered much worse that night than he had. Due to his habit of checking the board every chance he got, he'd seen the notices and questions about 'dying' last night. With slag like that going down, Lockdown was more anxious than ever to get out of this Pithole and back in his real body and world.

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[From here.]

The pair entered the next hallway, the former strawman keeping a trailing hand on the wall while still following the former... huh, what had his roommate been before coming here, anyway? He'd indicated he wasn't human, and with a strange name like 'Depth Charge,' it was hard to tell. It wasn't nearly as obvious as names like 'Tin Man' or 'Lion.' He filed that question in the back of his mind for later asking, deciding this probably wasn't the time for it.

The Scarecrow couldn't help but notice Depth Charge's cautious behavior, even in the hallways that were normally uneventful. "Something the matter?" he asked plainly.

Depth Charge's head jerked slightly at the sound and before he knew it his hand was hovering over the shears in his back pocket. Slag. He'd have to be careful with that, if all it took to set off his trigger finger tonight was a question.

"No," he breathed slowly, rubbing a hand still clawed with tension through his hair, "it's fine. I'm just a little jumpy tonight is all." And after going nearly the whole day with a good mood, too. Sometimes he didn't know why he bothered to try at all.

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