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DAY 45: Sun Room (Second Shift)
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violent_varmint wrote in damned
There was something fishy going on in the Institute today. All over the bulletin board, people were talking about having "woken up", having been "cured"... and it seemed as though ZEX was one of them. Tanaka wouldn't have recognized the note at all if it hadn't been signed - his wording, his handwriting, even his name had changed - and a part of him still wondered if it had been an imposter, trying to pull the wool over the Captain's allies.

But it'd be easy enough to find out the truth. Whoever it was had agreed to meet him, and Tanaka was waiting for him just outside the cafeteria doors, ready to catch him as he came from breakfast. If "Max" was an imposter, then he'd discover the identity of a hidden enemy. And if he was really ZEX...

...well, he'd have a whole new set of things to worry about.

[for a spoiled rich brat brainwashed Admiral]

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[Coming from here.]

The nurse thankfully left them quickly, and Edgar made his way toward one of the empty couches. He stood beside it, waiting for his lady companion to have a seat before seating himself.

"I trust being spirited away on a whim is not a regular occurrence," he said, making sure the nursemaids were out of earshot. "What happened?"

"I..." Celes started, and was stopped short. Her mouth worked as she tried to form the sentence I was spirited away to watch two men die, but couldn't. The words simply would not come.

"There's a good reason for it, truly. I just... it was all very odd." Celes added lamely, unable to make her words work. "And I can't seem to say word one about it." Frustrating certainly. They'd have to find a way around it. "There were others with me, four men and two girls. I don't know where we were, though."

Edgar leaned forward, his elbows on his knees, hands crossed before his face. "Was there some specific reason why you and the others were taken?" he asked, hoping he wasn't causing her too much discomfort by prying. The subject had her tongue-tied, an unusual state for the former general. She may have been short on words, but she'd surely let him know if he had overstepped a boundary.

"Was there something that you all had in common, perhaps?" he continued, completing the thought, "Or were these complete strangers?"

Celes shook her head, even though she knew the reason. They'd been told it, but it was almost as though she weren't in control of her actions. "No, I don't. I knew three of them. The others... the others I didn't. Edgar, I... for some reason, it's like trying to think through mortar."

The frustration in her voice was thicker than molasses, and she laid her head against the back of the couch. Truly, there was no greater annoyance than this. "I am sorry."

"It's all right," Edgar said as he surveyed the rest of the room, his hands still before him. "Forgive my insistence- I was simply concerned. Perhaps your head will clear once you've had some rest and time to think things through."

He relaxed as one of the kittens wandered toward him, purring and arching its back as it rubbed sideways along his leg. He smiled as the kitten came to his offered hand. "I suppose this explains where my roommate got the animal he brought into the room the other day." He looked around the room again before continuing. "This place is so different during the day: relaxing, yet stifling, and certainly unlike any sort of prison or madhouse I've ever witnessed."

He paused, thinking about his roommate and remembering something. "I'm in M16, in case you wanted to know."

"It's because none of us are insane, Edgar," Celes pointed out quietly as a nurse passed. "Though all of us are prisoners." And apparently, they could even hold captive a person's memory or tongue.

The room number, however, brought with it a painful pang of nostalgia for Noah, and Luxord. "I know where that room is; a..." What to call Noah, exactly? He was certainly on the same page with her, and certainly, things may have progressed differently were he still here... "An acquaintance of mine once occupied that room. And Luxord, too." Perhaps she should warn him. "Be wary of him, though, I know not where his loyalties lie."

"I'll keep that in mind," Edgar replied, his hand straying from the animal at his feet. "He was brief in our conversation the other night." A vague smile crossed his lips. "You'd think he didn't like me already."

He put his hands together, his fingers intertwining with one another, his eyes still on the room and not on her as his smile faded. It wasn't his best show of manners to not look at a woman when speaking to her, but he had a lot on his mind. She was definitely, undeniably Celes, but how could she be? How was it this place could pull individuals from any time, any place? And if it pulled her from a time earlier than himself, how was it she was still with the party later, as he remembered? Was the Celes who'd supposedly betrayed her friends, the Celes who had stabbed that joker in his rotten maw nothing more than a phantom? Was there a phantom of himself in his place, as well?

No, he wouldn't let himself believe that. Somehow, they'd both been brought here, and would have to find not only a way to escape, but a way to survive whatever abominations were within the walls.

"Celes," he started, not really sure where or how he should begin, or what he wanted to begin saying in the first place. He took a deep breath. "This place, and you being here, is a lot to swallow."

Celes was silent for a while, but leaned forward in a typically male fashion, knees spread, her chin rested in the spot between her elbows. "If you'd just taken it in stride, Edgar, I would've believed something was wrong with you." Never mind the fact that she'd be nearly moping earlier. "What do you want to know, exactly?"

If they were talking about that, they weren't talking about her, and Celes rather approved of that idea.

Edgar kept his eyes off her, still not sure how he wanted to word everything that was on his mind. After a few moments of silent thought, he decided it might be best he didn't burden her with his concerns about their captors, their prison, and their world as he and she knew it.

He sat up, putting on his best face for her. "Forgive me," he said, changing the subject. "I've just not had enough time to sort this all out. I've not quite gotten used to sudden changes in setting. Perhaps I'll do a bit of exploring tonight, and hopefully pick up some supplies during my venture."

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