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Day 45: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom's jingle signaled yet another announcement.

"And our excellent behavior continues! Well, I am extremely impressed indeed!

"In any case, it's time to stop our socializing, unfortunately, and for the patients to return to their quarters for dinner. Be aware that new roommates have been assigned due to our influx of new patients and discharged old ones, so please be hospitable should you find yourself with someone new!

"As for dinner itself: tonight, we'll be serving shrimp and vegetable tempura along with delicious chicken teriyaki. Yum, yum, yum! As sides, we will also be serving boiled, salted soybeans, rice, and of course the appropriate soy and tempura sauces. Our regular assorted drinks and vegetarian substitutes are also available.

"I hope you enjoy your meal!"

The intercom clicked off.

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This was interesting.

Luxord was quite certain he'd slept in his own bed last night, thank you. There was an important day afoot with an important revealing of hands and it would be unwise to fall ahead without any rest. He most certainly went to bed with the dull, gnawing feeling of electricity in the air, having counted the seconds, half-seconds, each measure of Time as it passed by in an effort to fall into unconsciousness, awake refreshed and ready for one last game with Roxas. And yet, somehow, awakening did not find the Gambler in his chambers. The walls were almost white enough to fool him for a brief moment, but the lack of window, a second bed, and... well, any spare furniture greeting his eyes came as a surprise; The Superior never had been one for interior design and, as lacking as it was here, it was still more than what could be found in the castle.

This was very, very interesting.

A memory of curiousity tugged at his mind and the Nobody was soon on his feet, taking all the cards into mind as he stroked his goatee. Two beds, two closets, two trays of food - a roommate, then? Whatever new game he had found himself in, he was not expected to play it alone. The strange uniform he had found himself in suggested a hospital of some sort, from what he could recall from other worlds - did this world have a theme? Why run in theme as a hospital? Investigating the door proved it was locked - night, then? It would follow the running theme, since a hospital would indeed lock their doors at night, but had he really slept in that long?

Axel would be proud were he not currently Nothing.

Hm... His uniform was in tact and within the right-hand closet, however. If he had been given a new uniform to play in, why give him the Organization's standard attire as well? Was this to give him a choice? If that was the case, why be in this new uniform at all? Why not have it in the closet?

The more he thought of it, the more it was obvious and always would be in the mind of someone such as him: someone was playing a game with him. He had no idea whom and no idea why, but who was he to turn down someone who would go to such lengths as to kidnap a member of Organization XIII, especially before such a telling battle of wits and strength? With a shrug and a smile, he calmly summoned-


He calmly summoned-...

He calmly summoned--

...That was odd. As staring at his fingers in plain confusion did not produce his weapons any more than attempting to summon them did, Luxord, unperturbed, began a more thorough search of the room. If they had gone through the trouble of collecting his uniform, they may as well have hidden his cards about somewhere for him to find as well. It was only a matter of Time...

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Entering the room, Edgar found not only was his tray of food already there, but his roommate as well. Both were nice changes from the previous days, when he had to bring his own food and his roommate had been nowhere in sight, though he would have preferred the company of a lady as opposed to the other blond.

At least the other man, while a bit of a mystery himself, had been somewhat helpful during their one conversation. Even now, he seemed a bit odd as he dug through the drawers and closets. Perhaps he'd lost his kitten. "Looking for something?"

Despite the sudden intrusion, Luxord did not startle. Instead, he kept digging through the surrounding area with an air of determination before finally relenting and turning to greet who he was going to imagine was his planned partner for the moment: a blond man around the same height as he. Predisposition to facial hair as well. Did not appear to be that rude a fellow, in the very least.

Very charming, Ms. Fate. He was on to you.

Strangely enough, the man did not seem very surprised with his presence either. After spending most of his Time being encouraged not to be seen and even making many a game of it, it was... well, not entirely different, but a very nice change of pace.

"I apologize for the intrusion," he said with a polite smile. It was important to make a good first impression with the other players, after all. But most importantly... "You'd not happen to see a deck of cards about, have you?

Edgar raised an eyebrow, a little confused. "I've not seen your cards today, though I'd suspect they're with your coat. I believe that's where I saw you put them last." He'd been so short last time they'd conversed- his change to a more polite manner was a little puzzling.

"And it's not really much of an intrusion," he continued, fishing his toolkit from beneath his bed. He set it on the desk and took a seat. "I mean, I expect to see a man who has been designated as my roommate around occasionally."

Last time? Had they met before?

...Any normal person may have decided that, with such troubling answers as that, they should logically ask for clarification. When had they met? Where were they? Who was this man? Why did he not remember him?

Luxord, on the other hand, thought no such thing. Normal people were dreadfully dull and had no desire for the challenges in life. Why bore one another with pointless questions and exposition? X was much more pleased to spend his time puzzling this quandary out for himself.

Besides, it also doubled as a little entertainment: play along for as long as he could without the other man realizing something was woefully wrong with the situation. Personally, he would wager this could go on for quite a while.

He did take the man's advice and remove his uniform from the closet with a light chuckle, though. While his search of the pockets produced nothing, it was a nice idea to get into something more comfortable. The man wouldn't mind if he changed, would he? "And how this game been treating you?" he asked over his shoulder.

"Better than expected in some ways, and worse in others," he said as he leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms. "I've found an ally, someone I knew before I came her. While I wouldn't wish this imprisonment on anyone, it's good to know I have someone in these walls I can fully trust."

He eyed the food on the desk before taking a bite. "I never did catch your name the other day, and I really should have introduced myself. I'm Edgar."

"Oh?" An ally? So they were not the only ones playing, then. Fascinating. And they were not a stranger to him as well?

Hmm... Perhaps he may run into a familiar face or two while here. He should make mental note of that.

Being the gentleman he was, X only turned back until he was fully dressed. He extended a gloved hand to the man, inclining his head in a curt show of acknowledgment. "Think nothing of it. I myself go by Luxord. It's a pleasure to finally grow acquainted."

He was hardly a man for formalities (a true gambler took pride in their ability to read their opponents' hands without any excess knowledge that could take all the fun from finding their tells), but if they were to be sharing a room for the time being, it was only right. He had to wonder why, if he was indeed here before despite remembering nothing of the sort, he had not introduced himself before this.

It was all very curious and exciting.

Edgar took hold of Luxord's hand, giving it a firm shake. He couldn't put his finger on it, but the man was acting different in some undeniable way. At least the change had left him in a seemingly courteous manner.

"The pleasure is mine," he stated, retrieving his journal from his pocket before taking another bite of his meal. He flipped it open, scanning the first page. He'd need more parts before he could finish any of the ideas he'd put to paper.

"You have any plans tonight?" he asked, turning in his chair to face his roommate.

Handshake taken care of, Luxord retreated to the comfort of his new bed and sat down. From what he could gather as of now, this "hospital" was arranged to open its doors at midnight, if that question meant anything. A useful thing to know, really. Could he be expecting anything interesting during this exploration?

He had been given his coat, yet his powers had been taken, at least to the point of hindering his ability to summon his weapons. He had been given a roommate, but was not expected to cling uselessly to the man as a source of protection and information.

So. If they were the players and this was the setting, what was the game?

"Only to see where Luck takes me," he answered, stroking his goatee again as he counted the seconds. Edgar's words suggested the doors would unlock, and Luxord wished to know when, exactly, they did.

"I'm hoping to meet up with Celes- that's the friend I mentioned- and possibly go looking for supplies," Edgar responded. "I've got a few things I'd like to build, but I can't build much without parts."

Edgar finished his meal, thankful it tasted better than the gruel they served prisoners in Figaro. "Hopefully, luck will keep you out of the path of some of the abominations I've heard run the halls during the twilight hours. I've yet to run into anything dangerous yet, but Celes assures me that they are less than pleasant and far more dangerous than they look. She's a skilled warrior and not one to cower on the battlefield, so I'll trust her there."

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