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Night 45: M41-M50 Hallway
Under a Red Sky
cmdr_exposition wrote in damned
Hayes paused in the middle of assembling the few useful items he had- the flashlight and TK's map, of course, and maybe one of the pens in case he wanted to note some kind of landmarks- to scowl up at the intercom. He talks like a schoolteacher and laughs like a damned Ilwrath, he thought, with a very slight shudder. A laugh like that was never good news, and worse when you were defenseless.

Then the lock clicked off, a tiny sound that completely shattered any remaining illusion of this being a legitimate psych unit. The door opened easily under Hayes' touch, and he turned back to look uneasily at his cellmate.

"I guess we have our answer," he said grimly, and turned his light into the dark hallway.

[For McCoy!]

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A click from the doors, and the Scarecrow knew it was that time of night. Tonight would be nothing but trouble- not only were his friends out there with the witches and whatnot, but now it seemed they didn't know who they really were or what sort of somethings were out there! He hoped those people who believed all they'd witnessed in the Institute was a lie would just stay in their rooms and out of trouble.

Somehow, he knew that was wishful thinking. After all, he'd have wanted to do the same thing before he got a brain to tell him otherwise. He put a finger to his head, trying to think about his friends and not about his missing diploma. Scourge would probably be okay- he was a pretty sizable guy, and didn't seem like the type who, even believing he was a normal sort of person, would let any witch intimidate him. Mele might-

Mele! In his worldly experience, the Scarecrow found that girls were just magnets for witches. She'd surely get into trouble if she went out in her state, especially if she went to the Horrible Hallway on the second floor. He couldn't let that happen, no matter what! He nodded to himself, knowing what he had to do tonight.

He turned, giving a stern wave with his hand to Depth Charge. "Please, just... stay here tonight!" he said, grabbing his flashlight from his desk and heading out.

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