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Day 46: Sun Room
rage; grrr!
human_sponge wrote in damned
Peter woke up suddenly, his body twisting in the bed and then forcing him to catch his breath in pain. Pain, which was coming from his middle because of the thing that had scratched him last night, and after that...

After that, Zach had jumped in front of him like some kind of martyr, like the exact opposite of everything Sylar stood for, to take the next hit for him. It got pretty fuzzy after that, so night must have ended right around then.

The man let out a pained grunt as he straightened himself up in bed. For some reason, he got the feeling that he'd slept in. There was no way for him to really tell without a window in the room, but he just knew. The fact that Sam's bed looked long since vacated was another clue.

Sam, but was he Sam again? Had the brainwashing worn off, as he and Roland had hoped, or was he going to have to go through this nightmare for even longer? He didn't know how long he could handle "Zach" and "Harrison" before he started going batty himself.

Pulling himself out of bed, Peter lifted his shirt and saw that he was tightly bandaged. The scratch most likely wasn't nearly as bad as the bite that "Zach" had received, but it still smarted. He let his shirt fall and then had to deal with a nurse chiding him for sleeping through the morning announcements. Not that Peter really cared at the moment. He was too busy thinking about last night and the fact that in a way, he now owed something to Sylar. Except it hadn't been Sylar. That was something he was sure of now.

Lost in his thoughts, Peter reached the Sun Room right as the rest of the patient populace was trickling in from breakfast. Sighing to himself, he headed over to the bulletin board and then saw a note written in familiar yet unpleasant handwriting. Holding his pen in a vice grip, Peter scribbled out a reply and then stalked over to an armchair and fell into it with a huff.

While Sylar was maddeningly frustrating, there was one good thing about the fact that he was himself again. It meant that Nathan was too.

[For Spock!]

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Breakfast had actually left Raph in a good mood for once, though chances were this place'd find some other way to mess that up for him. Still, there was no reason not to try and have a little fun while it lasted, not to mention see if he could find some others who might be helpful in taking this place down. He doubted anyone could measure up to how effective his brothers and father were, but it was better than nothing.

With that goal in mind, he quickly scrawled a note out and pinned it up on the bulletin board, a wicked smirk on his face the whole time. Feeling pleased with himself, Raphael then found an empty chair where he could keep an eye on things and flung himself down to wait and watch.

[for Edgar, no limit!]

Knowing he wouldn't be leaving this place anytime soon and that he really should get to work making some form of a weapon, Edgar found that each room now took on new life: he took note of objects in each room, already planning on what to do with each piece, fully intending to come back for them during the night. It might take him a while, considering the materials and tools he'd be working with, but he liked the challenge.

The Sun Room, unfortunately, was devoid of much in the way of useful materials. He did spot a few people he knew though, his roommate included. The man had been strangely polite the night before- Edgar was sure he'd react when he mentioned Celes' name, since he supposedly knew her, but there had been nothing. Either Luxord didn't recognize Celes' name, or he'd hidden his acknowledgment for reasons unknown. Perhaps she'd been right about him.

He put his concerns aside for the moment, finding an empty seat where he could keep an eye on Luxord. The area wasn't empty- a dark-haired man sat nearby, and he seemed to have his attention on the rest of the room, as well. "I suppose this spot is best for people-watching," Edgar noted, "Though you seem to be enjoying it more than most."

Raph had been watching the flow to and from the bulletin board more than anything else, but he'd been more than aware of someone else approaching and sitting close by. When the guy spoke, Raph glanced at him and shrugged. "Just keepin' an' eye on somethin'," he said.

Like most of the conversations he'd had here so far, Raph couldn't help but feel a little put out that people were just so casual around him, when he knew there'd be screaming and running if they saw what he really looked like. Not that he wanted that reaction, but it was irritating that the only reason people accepted him now was because he looked 'normal' to them.

He frowned and slouched further in his chair. "So who're you watchin' then?" he asked.

"Someone I don't quite trust," Edgar answered, leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs. "Granted, there are a lot of people fitting that description here, but I've heard from a reliable source that this one is less savory than most."

He intertwined his fingers, turning his head to get a better look at the other man before returning his eyes to his roommate. Young, reminded him a little of a more battle-worn Locke. It was a small, private comfort.

"Oh yeah?" Raph asked with obvious interest. He knew all about unsavoury types. Generally by way of his fist and their face though. "Anyone I should keep an eye out for?"

There were way too many people around for him to be sure who the guy was looking at, but Raph was pretty certain he'd be able to figure it out eventually if need be. Then if it looked like maybe someone else would have to step in and teach some punks a lesson or two? Well, it'd be just like being at home, late night entertainment and everything.

Edgar shook his head, relaxing a bit as he leaned back into the chair. "I've not got concrete proof, unfortunately, so I wouldn't discredit him entirely yet. I only have the word of a friend who has my absolute trust, and my own suspicions from some questionable behavior of his."

He brushed aside a stray hair. "I'll see him during dinner and try to learn more about the situation. Until then, I'll keep an eye on him as best as I can."

He extended his hand to the younger man. "Pardon my manners. I'm Edgar."

"Heh, well, if you ever need someone else to help teach a punk a lesson or two, I got plenty'a experience," Raph answered, grinning dangerously. "Not to mention I could use the practice. Don't wanna get rusty or anythin'."

At the introduction, Raph shifted around and accepted the offered hand. "The name's Raphael," he said. "You been here long?"

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