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Day 46: Lunch
tostepforward wrote in damned
The mere fact that she'd been susceptible to whatever hold the Institute had had on her yesterday was sufficient to leave Ayumu both upset and angry - no, not angry, downright furious, both at herself and whoever was responsible for that. But there was also the fact that because of it, she'd lost out on an entire day of work, and in several ways had ruined some of what she'd done already. That little conversation with Himura the day before, for instance, was something she'd sincerely prefer not to remember if she'd had any choice in the matter.

Unless the man was a complete moron, which, unfortunately, was one thing she couldn't believe of him, he had to have realized just who her brother was. After all the effort to keep that fact quiet (not exactly a secret, but certainly not advertised; half the Shinsengumi probably never even realized it because there was no reason to) she'd gone and chatted about it with him. Told him all about it, practically painted a bright target around a weakness that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

She'd spent the shift in the Sun Room pretending to sleep, while in truth forcing herself into calm. After years of practice she could shunt away the useless and distracting emotions, focusing only on what was important and needed to be at the forefront of her mind, and by the time the intercom signaled the lunch period she was feeling considerably calmer. The time to silently observe others had, as well, alerted her to something she probably should have noticed earlier: Mello was back. Would her previous objective be reinstated now? He seemed to have far less of a bulletin presence this time, so perhaps not. Still, though, it bore investigating.

None of her thoughts were visible, of course, as she moved through the line, examining the lunch selection somewhat dubiously. Now with the benefit of Yuuko's memories she might recognize the food, but she certainly didn't share the enthusiasm for it that her imaginary self apparently had. Ayumu skipped past that part and settled for the salad bar and some bread, then positioned herself in a place where she could watch both the door and the rest of the room, setting her journal open in front of herself as though planning to write something. There was far too much that she'd missed, too much work to do now.

[for Okita]

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Edgar took a seat near the door with his journal, hoping to keep a careful eye on those entering and leaving the room without looking like he was keeping such a watch. While he was hoping to keep tabs on his roommate, he also hoped to spot a certain tow-headed woman as she made her way into the mess hall.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying not to think about what he'd said to her upon their first meeting in this dreadful place. With luck, she'd forgotten about it, and he was taxing his mind for nothing. He did not want to be the bearer of bad news of a future she did not know.

He tucked his journal away and had a glance at the meal presented to him. It was certainly imaginative at best.

[I believe he has a date with the aforementioned woman?]


Celes's plate had been filled with pizza and salad (though she'd been here nearly a month now, she found herself becoming somewhat unenthusiastic by oily bread covered in cheeses, sauces and Triad only knew what else), and she'd been sent off to find a seat in the bustling cafeteria. Though it was somewhat petulant of her, she missed sitting and waiting for her meal to come to her, instead of walking all over creation in search of a seat with a suitable compan--

Well, there's Edgar. How wonderful! The young woman sat down across with him and smiled, almost welcomingly. "Good afternoon, Edgar. You appear well."

"I am well," he remarked with a smile. "And was hoping to catch you today. It appears this day is a lucky one for me."

He crossed his hands before his face, resting his elbows on the table, his eyes stealing a glance to the door as another person entered. "I mentioned your name to Luxord the other night, but he didn't acknowledge his knowing you."

He lowered his hands, his fingers intertwined. "He was acting differently than when I first met him- perhaps it was a better day for him, but I get the feeling it was something else entirely."

"Did he remember speaking with you?" she asked and picked up her fork and knife. She was not about to stuff it in her maw like some heathen (which, actually, counted for many of the institute's patient population) born in a tar pit.

She looked for Luxord in the cafeteria and sighed, not seeing him. "It's hard to keep track of people here; as you and I have both noticed."

"He acted as though he was intruding on a stranger's room," he noted, "As if he didn't belong there. He was rummaging through his possessions when I arrived, looking for his cards, when he'd known where they were the night before. Unless someone else has been rifling through our room, they'd surely have been in the same place."

He took his own utensils, slicing the meal before him into manageable pieces. "I've spent years learning to read people and act accordingly- it's something you have to be able to do well when shaking the hands of the lowest scum with your right and helping the resistance with your left. I can't put my finger on it, but his behavior was distinctly different somehow."

"Hmm," Celes pursed her lips and looked thoughtfully past Edgar's head to the crowd around them. "That is rather peculiar." She wondered if he'd been collected for experimentation last night. Was last night an experimentation night? She wasn't sure.

Everything was blending together unhelpfully. A month here, and already her brain was beginning to turn to jelly instead of the finely honed mind it had been. Disturbing. "I would still have a care around him, Edgar. This place does... strange things to people who spend a lengthy amount of time here. I believe he was here before even I was."

"I'll trust your assessment of him," Edgar said, taking a bite of his meal. The slight spice in it was a pleasant surprise, though the rest of the taste wasn't nearly as appealing. He wrinkled his nose and took another bite, knowing he'd need his strength for later. He'd put aside the topic of his roommate's peculiarities for now- he had more questions.

"And what 'strange things' has this place done to you, pray tell?" he asked with a curious smile. "Anything I should be aware of?"

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