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Day 46: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom jingle went off, mirroring the cheery voice that came out of the speakers soon after it.

"Hello, everyone, and I hope you found productive endeavors in both your music-making and your therapy sessions! Now, our nurses will be escorting all of you to your rooms and to your delicious dinners. Tonight, we're serving moist slices of turkey breast covered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes and grilled artichoke. Also available are our usual salad and drink choices, as well as a to-die-for devil chocolate cake dessert!

"...Mm, yes, I do think I'll have to partake in some of that myself! I trust you'll all enjoy it as much as I do, and I'll speak with you again shortly!"

The intercom clicked off.

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"Looks like I'm first this evening," Edgar said to himself and somewhat to the nurse behind him, though he suspected she'd just ignore him. As predicted, she simply rolled her eyes and closed the door. He smirked as he set his tray and his journal atop his desk. He'd keep busy tonight- he had a long list of items he'd need before he could even think of starting to work on a new weapon.

Before the night came, he'd have a talk with Luxord. Celes didn't trust him entirely, though she was apparently connected with his roommate so far as to sound concerned when speaking of him. It was an interesting curiosity, but Edgar was more interested in why the man had feigned ignorance of their acquaintanceship. Perhaps the conversation tonight would alleviate some of the doubts the other man had on his mind. Then again, he might unknowingly make them worse, as well.

Luxord had problems with being late.

It wasn't as if he had a reoccurring brush with tardiness or could never keep a firm grasp over his own Time to arrive in a preferred fashion, no. This problem lied with the small detail firmly resting in his non-being as thus: he could not stand being late. If he imposed a restriction on himself to arrive at a certain location at a certain time and missed the mark by even half a second, it was considered a loss and he would immediately not bother with whatever he had assigned himself to do after the fact. He firmly remembered an incident involving sitting out a meeting for that very reason, importance of whatever was spoken be damned.

He wasn't a sore loser, no. In fact, he normally remained calm, collected, and certainly agreeable even after a loss. You could not win them all. But why keep sitting at the table when you were already out?

The fourth shift of the day was, as such, not spent mingling in any certain area, but trying to explain such viewpoints to McNursingson in an adjacent hallway. She sadly would not hear of him returning to his room for "no apparent reason," and in return he would not hear of her objecting to his wishes for not comprehending what he was telling her. Most likely she was growing tired of his strings of analogies and metaphors when the shift changed once again, as she gave an exasperated laugh and just let him back with nary another word.

He was going to take that as a victory.

"Good evening," he greeted politely to his roommate as he entered the room and took to sitting on his bed. "How Time flies in this den." And it did, truly. It was almost disconcerting.

"Good evening, Luxord," Edgar greeted with a glance over his shoulder, taking a quick bite of his meal. He gave silent thanks that it was better than the food from the afternoon, taking one more bite before flipping open his journal to a list of supplies. He was certain he could remember the way to the storage room he'd visited with Kuukaku- surely he'd find some of the pieces he needed there.

"Celes and I had an interesting conversation concerning you today," he said casually, adding a few items to his list. "I wasn't aware you two were such good friends."

X had been reenacting a marvelous adventure in Wonderland with his dinner (mashed potatoes forming the hedgerows, bits of green for the guards. The Queen was a particularly large piece of turkey sitting atop her potato throne) when his roommate continued to speak and said something that could possibly put an end to all his fun.

...Ahahahaha... Oh...

Luxord ceased all movement and watched the man blankly for a moment, thinking. Celes... He hadn't heard the name, neither from any of those speaking with him this day or, from what he saw, written on the bulletin board. Someone else he "knew?" If this had been the case, why had he not been sought out as the redhead had done with him? If he had been missing and Edgar claimed for them to be amicable enough...

...was the redhead Celes? ...No, Celes was a woman's name, was it not? Though the redhead had seemed awfully feminine, Luxord could at least tell the difference between the fairer sex and not. And Yukari had already introduced herself, leaving no room for it to be her.

Then who was Celes?

"Have you now?" Whatever the case, he'd need to play it safe for now before he could fully understand just what cards Edgar held. Luxord gave a charming smile as always, shrugged, and prodded his food in an uncaring yet still respectable manner. The Queen was knocked from her throne, where she then landed into a lake of gravy where no guard could hear her pleas. "I apologize for not informing you beforehand, then. It hadn't seemed important at the time." He wasn't going to ask what they spoke of. That was something else to figure out on his own.

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Edgar shrugged lightly, taking another bite of his meal. There was that shift in Luxord's voice, the one that differed from their first meeting. It was irritating that he couldn't figure out what was so different about it. "It's not something you need to concern yourself with," he said to the other man, making sure the statement sounded genuine. He was going to have to work for the answers he wanted.

Finished with his meal, he turned in his chair so he could face his conversation partner. "It was just an observation. I suppose any friend of Celes could be considered a friend of mine. We ought to get to know one another better eventually. I'm sure with as long as you've been here, you have some interesting stories to tell."

Luxord did not miss how the conversation continued to shift to him and his "trials" in his institute. Was that the man's game? How fun to have a partner willing to play along.

Unlike II, however, this man was an admitted stranger. He may have had his guesses, but X could continue to bluff into the night; this man would still need to procure the right numbers to make the Gambler fold.

"I might," he said as he leaned back, grinning and placing the plate to the side while doing so. "Any friend of mine would know there is no fun in telling them if you did not win the right to hear them, however. Don't you agree?"

"I suppose," Edgar replied, leaning on his hand, a little bored of trying to fish information out of the other man already. While he enjoyed guessing games as much as the next man, he got plenty of practice in working out hidden motivations without being trapped in a prison. Time to change tactics.

"It does make for terrible conversation to have to pry everything out of you, though," he continued, brushing some hair from his face with a disinterested look. "I'm guessing you don't get a lot of dates with that routine. It's no mystery why Celes befriended you."

Okay, implying Celes was icier than need be was a little cruel, and he was certain she'd hear about it somehow, but he'd take the inevitable slap for it later.

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