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Day 46: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom jingle went off, mirroring the cheery voice that came out of the speakers soon after it.

"Hello, everyone, and I hope you found productive endeavors in both your music-making and your therapy sessions! Now, our nurses will be escorting all of you to your rooms and to your delicious dinners. Tonight, we're serving moist slices of turkey breast covered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes and grilled artichoke. Also available are our usual salad and drink choices, as well as a to-die-for devil chocolate cake dessert!

"...Mm, yes, I do think I'll have to partake in some of that myself! I trust you'll all enjoy it as much as I do, and I'll speak with you again shortly!"

The intercom clicked off.

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Well, this day had certainly been productive! He'd not only managed to find Mele and soothe his concerns about her (and boy, had he been worried about her after last night's fiasco), but he'd made sure Scourge and Sam were all right, and even gotten a new name with which he was sure he'd avoid some awkward confusion in the future. There was only one more person he wanted to see, and he'd hopefully be coming in the door any minute. His body felt worn for some reason as he sat in the chair, his tray on the desk, resting his legs.

His mind on being exhausted, he pulled his flashlight from the drawer and turned it on. Well, he thought he turned it on, but no light seemed to be coming from the end. It had been acting funny the last couple of evenings, what with the flickering and all. He unscrewed the cap, paying close attention to the way the- now what had Kaiji called them? Oh right- batteries went into the cylinder.

He retrieved the other set from the same drawer, shaking his head. He'd probably need to replace that first set in the next few days. Being left without a light in a dark place was just asking for trouble.

So. Forte knew he was back, ST knew he was back, Javert knew he was back. That left just two people left on the list- the two difficult ones, Depth Charge couldn't get but note with more than a little chagrin, since he'd been a royal afthole to one (moreso than usual, at least) and the other... well. The last time he'd seen the Scarecrow he'd been part-way through stabbing a ghost to a second death with a scalpel.

He hesitated outside the door, then took in a deep breath and turned the handle. Inside, the Scarecrow was busy changing the batteries (now there was a novelty...) in his flashlight. Slag it. He had to say something, no matter how terrible he was at the whole communication thing.

"Hey," he said, after a long moment spent hovering in the doorway. What was he doing just standing there, anyway? This was his room too. But then, he thought as he reclaimed his desk, just how was he supposed the finish that sentence? I'm sorry about my personality transplant, it was Martin Landel's fault? Yeah, right. "About last night..." he continued hesitantly. "I wasn't myself."

"I thought that was the problem," the Scarecrow said, dropping the new batteries into the flashlight. He looked at the old batteries on the desk a minute, not sure what to do with them. He shrugged and dropped them into the drawer where the new ones had been. After spinning the cap back into place, he gave it a try. The light was as bright as it had ever been! He smiled at his handiwork- that wasn't so hard.

"You weren't the only one like that, either," he continued. "Scourge was bewitched as well, and my friend Mele." Recalling the events of the night prior with his search for Mele and the licks she'd given him, he was thankful he'd not gone looking for Scourge instead.

"You're okay now though, right?" he asked tentatively.

Depth Charge let the relief wash over him with a wry little smile. The Scarecrow didn't seem to have been traumatised any by the unceremonious abduction of his roommate's processing unit, and that was good enough for him. Especially since he only had around half an idea of what he'd actually said yesterday.

Dropping into his chair, he nodded. "That's pretty much the story I got, too. A couple of people I know got screwed over as we- wait, you know Scourge?" It was a small galaxy after all. He couldn't think of two people less likely to meet in the entire Institute- Mr. Niceguy and the Deceptichicken.

Oh, well. Karma had a few bolts loose like that. "Don't worry, I'm definitely back in the driving seat. That's the last time I'm letting them mess with me. Ever. One more stunt like that and I'm breaking my foot off in their tailpipes."

"Boy, am I glad to hear that," the Scarecrow said as he clicked his flashlight off and on a few times for good measure. He wasn't entirely sure what a 'tailpipe' was, but taking an educated guess with his knowledge of human bodies and the feeling that Depth Charge was one of the robotfolk, he decided that having a broken-off foot in it would be very unpleasant. "I felt pretty cowardly the other night- I wanted to head upstairs, but I didn't have the nerve to try the second floor again, not alone, and certainly not after that Mangled Witch attacked us."

There went that weird, tingly feeling that crept through him whenever he thought of the Mangled Witch.

He turned his chair around so he could face his roommate. "Will you be trying again to get those ingredients you wanted?"

Mangled Witch? A brief face sparked in his memory circuits, bloodied and twisted with hate, and, suddenly, the Scarecrow's description seemed a whole lot less whimsical and a whole lot more fitting.

"You and me both," he breathed, shaking his head slowly. The idea of running into that thing again was... well. It put to rest any crazy ideas he might have had about tearing off on his own again. He paused, shifting awkwardly as he caught the Scarecrow's tone. "You did good," he said after a moment, casting his roommate a sideways look. "For a civilian."

Especially since I should have been the one looking out for you. That was my job. And that part right there? It still smarted. A lot. Trying not to sound as agitated as he felt, he nodded. "Yeah, most likely. What about you? Got plans?"

The Scarecrow shook his head, smile on his face the compliment he'd been given. He was glad to be of help that night, even if that meant he had to step out of his comfort zone- he wasn't a fighter by any standard, but defense against witches was something that couldn't be avoided, especially when she was putting a friend in danger.

"I've don't have a thing to do, now that everyone is back to themselves," he said, thankful for his friends' safety despite the nagging feeling of being unproductive. "I thought that if it was okay, maybe we could try to get those things you wanted again."

He put a finger to his head, thinking. "I know there's another stairwell upstairs- maybe if we just avoid the horrible end of that hallway? For some reason, all the somethings and dark magics and witches seem concentrated on that side. There hasn't been a time I've gone up there where something awful didn't happen the minute we hit the top of the steps!"

Depth Charge had to admit, he didn't exactly have the Scarecrow down as the type to valiantly fight to a gruesome and mech-fluid-splattered B-movie death, but somehow it didn't surprise him that he'd been looking out for the people who'd lost their heads last night. Even if it still didn't seem right, somehow. The smile was nice, though. He hadn't made someone smile in a while.

And now he was coming over all sentimental about it. Just gear.

Silently grateful for the change in subject, he nodded. "Fine by me. I could still use an extra pair of hands." Several extra, if the Scarecrow was right and this place really did have supernatural hotspots. And of course, they had to be positioned right where they'd caught the most amount of trouble.

"If you ask me, this whole place is messed up. Still, a lot of crazy slag does seem to go down around that area. Primus willing, taking the scenic route might be easier in the long run."

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