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Night 46: Main Hallway, 1-West
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quickdrawbkiddo wrote in damned
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Beatrix had walked this path to the Sun Room so many times, she could do it in complete darkness. Which was exactly what she was doing. Knowing the way, there was little need for light as it would only draw creatures and other unwanted attention. Silently counting her steps, at the right number, the assassin headed left and down the hallway.

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Edgar paused as he reached the main hall. If he recalled correctly, he'd be taking the stairs to the right, then traversing that long hallway at the top until nearly the end, then taking the hallway on the left. It'd be a long walk back with the tank to get it to his room, but worth it if he could manage to hide it in his wardrobe.

After he had the tank, the rest of the pieces he needed would be smaller and surely easier to find. He cursed needing such a specialized part, but he'd be thankful later, should he run into any of the beasts and demons Celes had mentioned (or not mentioned, in some cases, but the machinist figured any creature for which the general could not manage a verbal description must be nightmarish).

The hallway had a surprising number of people loitering in it, so he stood to the side for a moment, watching them go left and right. He briefly wondered what Celes was doing, and decided to wait a few minutes to see if she appeared.

[Harley Quinn]

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She cut around the corner, hoping to jog past anyone else in the hall so she could hurry up the stairs. Hopefully someone wouldn't try to race her or something... okay, actually, that could have been kind of fun. Long as they kept their mitts off her stuff once she beat them.

Of course, in trying to avoid people she ended up slamming hard into some tall guy who'd been standing off to the side like he'd been planted there just to play obstacle. It happened so fast, she didn't have time to react at all and just slammed full force into the guy, face slamming right into his shoulder. A hand immediately went up to her nose. "Owwwww!"

And just as he was considering continuing his venture, Edgar found himself jarred as someone collided into his shoulder. Surprised, he turned on his light, keeping his hand over the bulb so that the illumination didn't ruin his eyesight.

Well well well. She wasn't Celes, but she was a very welcome distraction.

"I beg your pardon, Miss," he said formally. "Clearly, standing where you could run into me was grave misjudgment on my part. Are you all right?"

Harley was still wincing and rubbing her nose, more in bitterness than in actual pain. Darn straight it was a misjudgment on his part! If he was going to hide in the shadows, he should at least do a better job of staying out of the way! Well, it didn't much matter anymore. Lesson learned on both their parts.

"...Huh?" She finally put her hand back down and looked up at him... slightly puzzled. Did he just call her Miss? Holy smokes. She hadn't been called that since... um... so far back that she couldn't remember anymore. And he asked if she was okay? Aside from doctors, it was probably even longer since someone had asked her that after she'd been hurt. It was surprising.

"Yeah. I'm fine... Not like I broke anything. ...Uh." She quickly glanced around the hallway before turning back to him and lowering her voice to a loud whisper. "Are you planning to pop out and surprise someone?"

Edgar shook his head, smiling slightly at the mental image of Celes' shock if he literally sprang from the darkness and surprised her as she rounded a corner. It wouldn't be the safest idea, but it was an amusing notion.

"I was just waiting for a moment to see if a friend was coming this way," he said, taking one more look down the dim hallway. Perhaps she'd gotten an earlier start than he had, and had crossed through the hall before he'd even arrived. "I thought I might go looking for some supplies, and I would have liked the company, but I suppose I'm out of luck this evening."

Waiting for a friend, huh? That made sense, she guessed. But it wasn't that part that had Harley's eyes light up and her mouth spread into a huge grin. Out of luck? Was he kidding? She'd say luck was on both their sides if that was really the case.

"You wanted to go shoppin'? Why didn't ya just say so?" Still grinning, she jabbed a thumb over her shoulder, indicating the stairs a little ways from them in the hall. "I was just headin' up to do the same thing. You want company, you can come with if you want. It's more fun with more people!"

Now that was the offer he'd been hoping he'd hear! Celes could take care of herself for the evening- the young king had found a fair companion with whom, by pure coincidence, he happened to have a common interest. She'd understand.

"I agree whole-heartedly," Edgar said with a smirk and a nod. He gave her a polite bow, almost flourishing an imaginary cape. Ah, how he missed the little touches provided by his formal attire. "I'm Edgar- I'll be glad to accompany a lady as lovely as yourself, if you'll lead the way."

What was with the prissy boy act? It was strange but in an oddly entertaining way. Frankly, Harley usually hated the Casanova act normal guys pulled. It was shallow and soulless, no real emotions behind it. Had the guy been serious about it, she would have been really irritated. But this guy went the whole nine yards, bow and sweep of the arm like this was one of those Southern Belle movies. It was funny, like watching a parody. She had to wonder if he really thought of himself as one of those royal court fops or if he was just playing around. Either way, she could tell this guy was going to be fun.

"Well, aren't you a charmer?" she said with a big playful grin. She swept her arms open wide, tilted her head, and performed an exaggerated, plié-like curtsy to match his bow. "Harley Quinn. Pleasure, pleasure." Hee hee! It was fun to play along. Ohhh, this would be a blast.

She straightened up and whirled around on her heels, ready to play Follow-the-Leader. "This way then, Eddy-boy! We gotta get up before everyone else snags all the goodies!"

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