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Night 46: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
I dunno about this
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So far, so good; Junpei wasn't feeling any compulsion to go someplace he wasn't intending to. It was a relief to know that Evangeline wasn't going to vampire him to her side that night, despite the implications from earlier. Then again... what if where he was heading was where she wanted him to go all along, so it just didn't feel like a vampire compulsion?

Oh man, this whole vampire servant thing sucked. Junpei wasn't even sure if he'd be able to tell when Evangeline decided to call him to hold her hair while she prayed to the porcelain god or something worse - carrying her damn books.

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Getting closer to the main hall, Edgar ran through the list of items he wanted, visualizing each piece and what use it would have in his creation. He would need that pressurized tank for almost any tool he'd be making. It needed to be the top priority, especially since he already had basic hand tools.

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