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Nightshift 46: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
trains passing
toxicspiderman wrote in damned
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This was the part where S.T. hesitated. The meeting hadn't gotten anywhere near actual planning. It hadn't devolved into logo-design and acronym debates, but it'd been close. Not that a group of Holmes wannabes made ideal bodyguard fodder, but this place had dropped his standards. Any backup he could get was good backup. Ability to hold a test tube right-end-up was just a bonus.

If he got the chance, he'd never bitch at Tess or Debbie or any of the girls for cruising a parking garage. Park by the damn elevator, under the security lights, screw the gas mileage.

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Harley bounced up each step, happiness and enthusiasm more than apparent simply from her body language. And with good reason, too. She got to go shopping and had company. If they could keep from getting their faces eaten off, this might be a good night! "No matter what you're lookin' for, all the fun stuff is always upstairs. Look in the right places and there's treasure everywhere."

Edgar hadn't traversed much of this prison, but he had to agree with the lady- all the really good items were upstairs. The lower floor had a few notable exceptions he'd noticed during the day, but Edgar had spotted most of what he wanted on his first evening with Kuukaku.

He wasn't sure he could match this girl's enthusiasm, though. She was certainly an energetic thing, and the way she used the term treasure might have been why. Thieves got to have all the fun.

"I'll trust you know all the best places," he remarked. "I've only got a few items I'd like in mind, though I'm sure I can find a use for anything that isn't on my list."

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