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Nightshift 46: M11-M20 Hallway
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notthistrain wrote in damned
Once again the doors had opened. Cloud believed most of what Yuffie had told him, but it was still unreal the way this place operated. They were clearly being tested, mocked, or both with the nightly routine, yet they didn't have many other options but to take the chances they were given.

Still unarmed, but hopefully ready to deal with anything, the blond nodded a goodbye to his roommate before stepping out into the hall with nothing but his flashlight. Yuffie's room was in the single female block, which was on the other side of the block he was currently in. It wouldn't take long to get there, but knowing that creatures could attack the patients even within the patient block caused him to keep his guard up right from the start.

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Well, it looked like that was all the conversation Edgar would be getting out of Luxord this evening. The man was still a mystery, his true motivations still hidden, but those puzzles would have to be solved another day. For now, he'd leave the man to his own devices. He had some supplies to gather. He took the flashbulb from his drawer, readying himself.

"Take care of yourself this night," he said as he opened the door, heading into the hallway.

"You as well." It was a polite goodbye, if not a vaguely disinterested one. As fascinating as his roommate was, how could he even pretend to be so caring when night was afoot once more? Yes, it was entertaining to walk that fine line the memories of others had left and pierce together those broken chains, but compared to the greater mystery of this asylum...

Well, it was comparing chuck steak to filet mignon, wasn't it? No matter how well prepared, one would just always taste better than the other.

Cautious, but opened-minded to his surroundings, X once again exited his cell.

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