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Nightshift 46: Main Hallway 2-West
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Sakura wasted little time in waiting to see if Raphael could keep up.  This was a mission, which meant something completely different from a simple argument in the cafeteria or outside during a training session.  There was the goal, and reaching it safely and with optimal results was the only thing that mattered.  She'd been teamed up with other annoying people before; after the Chuunin exams, most of team 7 had gone their separate ways, whether that was because of training or whatever other reasons.  So teams weren't always with the people she wished they were. 

At least she'd gotten her old clothes back.  Raphael should have no trouble following the emblem on her back as she passed him by, taking the stairs two at a time with hardly a sound to mark her passing.  Her flashlight flicked up and down the empty hall, a tool she might have put away had there been others about, but one that was still had its uses. 

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Stepping through the doorway after Harley, Edgar looked left and right. He was fairly certain he'd taken a right during his last scavenger hunts; however, as he wasn't in the lead, he felt it more appropriate to ask for their next move.

"Which way now, Miss Quinn?"

She blinked twice, slightly surprised again. This guy kept catching her off guard. There weren't too many people who called her that. Mostly the Bat or doctors. It was weird to hear it from a peer of sorts. "You know, you don't gotta be all formal. Just call me Harley, 'kay?"

Harley put a finger to her bottom lip and looked up and down the hallway, too, trying to remember what was where. Which way, which way? Which way to go? They could wander around for a bit and see what things they could find by luck. She kind of wondered what things he might be interested in. What kind of things was she looking for? Ohh... actually. Maybe she did have an idea.

After this moment of silent deliberation, she pointed the iron poker triumphantly into the darkness to their left. "This way! We go this way." She immediately headed off that way, keeping her pace normal so she could walk with Edgar rather than just in front of him. "It's not exactly very nice down here... but there's some good things around."

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