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Nightshift 46: Disciplinary Therapy Corridor
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The door opened easily enough, but the problem of darkness remained. Kurogane growled, but had no way of remedying it. He hadn’t started in his room, so he couldn’t linger over how he didn’t have the light or his clothes. He’d just have to go with it, which he did. Stepping out, he went right trailing his casted hand on the wall as his guide. There had to be a way out somewhere, so eventually he’d hit a door or else fall through one.

He came to a door sooner than he thought, but on trying the door found it was locked tight. Moving on, the next door proved to be the same. After a few more doors, Kurogane began getting frustrated. With so many doors in a row, he'd thought he was somehow in the patient hallway anyway, but with the doors all locked, that couldn't be right. The patient rooms opened at night. These didn't. Remembering the map he'd been given, he could only guess that he was on the second floor somewhere. Many of the doors had been noted as not opening, but that left more of a problem. Which part of the second floor was he on? He needed more of a bearing.

Close to ten doors later the ninja finally hit a wall. Better than a shut door, he supposed, and turned the corner to trail along the next corridor, hallway, or whatever else it might have been. Another door proved to be just as locked along the way, and Kurogane could only picture how thing would get if he was dead locked in this place for the entire night. Soon enough though he, hit another wall and another door, only this door was larger, and the handle didn't remain in place when he pulled at it either. If it was locked, it wasn’t very solid, and just as there were doors that wouldn't open, there were ones that had to be forced open too. That still didn't give Kurogane more of an idea of where he was, but he definitely knew he was on the second floor now. So he'd have to deal with stairs in this darkness later. Wonderful.

For now the door. Kurogane felt it out first, then carefully stepped back and threw his weight towards it with his left shoulder. It gave, but not enough to break through. The ninja grunted, felt again, and repeated the action, once more to no avail. One more try and he'd look for another way out. Thankfully the third ramming caused the lock to break and the door flew open, far faster than Kurogane had expected.

[falling to here]

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[From here]

The hallway was clear still- so far as he could see, that was. With one hand indefinitely indisposed behind the Scarecrow's back while he acted as a crutch, he'd taken the executive decision that keeping one hand free for his crowbar was more useful than seeing where he was going. Besides, S.T. had a flashlight too- and anyway, not to knock the guy, but Depth Charge knew he was probably the better suited to taking out monsters out of the two of them.

"I'd say it was pretty quiet out here," he commented huskily, "but I'd be tempting fate. We heading the same way we came up?"

S.T. kept close. If that hand on his shoulder was still needed, it could stay. He shuffled along. It was impossible to look in all the shadows at once, but he could try.

"Yeah. Shortest way down." It was quiet. Maybe it was still early. Four out of six doors closed made an unscientific clock, but it was the only evidence he had. At least it looked like Cavalry Division Two had shown up. Not Javert -- he didn't recognize these two. The guy looked a little twitchy, but there was one obvious possibility. They'd be O.K.

While he hated being a bother, the Scarecrow was extremely grateful for the support he was receiving from his S.T. and Depth Charge. His legs still felt unreliable as the rest of his body seemed to be rioting against him. That continuous, pounding sensation in his head was the worst of all. He couldn't think for more than a few seconds before it set in again. He gritted his teeth- a lot of good that brain he had was doing him when it was complaining like this!

He didn't recognize the hall where they were, and getting a better look around was nearly impossible. He'd be sure to never intentionally leave his room without his flashlight, knowing what could be hiding in the darkness. If there was one good thing about having that debilitating sensation running through his brain, it was that he couldn't put any serious thought into what beasts were lurking in the shadows.

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