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Nightshift 46: West Wing South Hall 2-B
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contentincloset wrote in damned
[falling in from here]

The sound Kurogane made as he fell echoed in the empty hallway and soon faded out to silence. That had been stupid. He should have been more prepared for the lock to snap suddenly and not have gone tumbling into the hallway like that. But the ninja couldn't take back the action now. At least no one had been around to see him take the spill. Or if someone was there, they didn't have enough light to have seen him do it.

Everything was still dark as night, and as Kurogane picked himself from the floor, he had to feel around for a barrier to the area. If he was somewhere open he was in trouble, but thankfully there was a wall there. Given the fall, he couldn't figure out if it was the adjacent wall or one right next to the door, but he'd find out eventually. Dragging his hand again, he started along the wall (apparently away from the door since he wasn't feeling it) and was soon at another door. Feeling it, he knew it wasn't the one he'd just came from, and after a quick test he knew that it was another that would give if he forced it enough.

But where was he then? There were so many doors on the second floor like this, and then areas that still hadn't been listed on the map he'd gotten. He could be going further in or heading back out or anything right now! And he wouldn't know any wiser until he got a damn light!

Calling to see if anyone could hear him was out. With his luck he'd just draw the attention of some monster that he'd have to fight blind. He was lucky enough that one hadn't come at him anyway with the noise he'd been making in ramming that door. Did he chance another one? Or was wondering blind some more a better option. Ah, to hell with it. One, two, and three tries didn't have the door giving, but a flustered fourth had this door going down as well, only this time, Kurogane kept his feet.

[gone here]

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[From here.]

All the hallways looked so similar! Maybe it was the lack of light or that ache in his head, or maybe the halls were intentionally designed to be disorienting- whatever the reason, the Scarecrow couldn't tell if they were getting any closer to relative safety.

He felt heavy and sluggish, with every limb reacting dully. He was sure he didn't weigh as much as a fully grown, cowardice-riddled lion, but helping him stay on his feet couldn't have been easy, especially given the way his knees kept shaking and threatening to abandon him.

He shook his head, trying to stop thinking about his stubborn body and put more thought toward the task at hand: getting away. "Left or right?" he asked quietly.

The Scarecrow's voice was disturbingly quiet for someone he'd always had down as the cheerful sort. Considering the circumstances, though, Depth Charge was willing to be surprised.

"We came from the right," he answered in a voice forced to sound a lot firmer, "so we know it's clear- of the big guns, anyway." Like that ninja guy from a few nights back. The wound on his shoulder was just about gone by now, but he sure as slag wasn't about to forget the smell of his own human flesh burning any time soon.

Well, if anything else happened to be waiting for them on that dark stairwell, they were going to have to get through an angry Maximal and one smart-aft human first.

... it would work better in practise.

Every time the Scarecrow's knees started to buckle, S.T. found it hard not to expect him to burst into a song-and-dance routine.

Nope. Still not funny. He counterbalanced the guilt trip by stepping closer to the Scarecrow. If he lost his land legs in either direction, they'd have him.

Blood, antiseptic, and human sweat chock-full of stress toxins. MTV in living odor. There was something to be said for sticking to porn for late-night TV marathons from here on out. Or infomercials. Anything could be entertaining with half a Hefty bag of nitrous and the right company. Sometimes, the latter even included Bart.

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