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Nightshift 46: West Wing North Hall 2-B
Beyond Anger
contentincloset wrote in damned
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There was no sound from Kurogane this time as he entered the next hallway, but the same things met him as when he'd last slammed through a door. Darkness and no sense of just where the hell he was. He was getting frustrated now, and worse was the fact that his shoulder was now in pain. He couldn't keep going through doors like this, even if it was about the only option he had for not going around in circles.

After huffing, Kurogane pressed on again, cast dragging the wall slowly. This time he didn't hit anything for a long stretch and when he finally did hit, there was only a wall. Two long hallways, one after another. If this wasn't the first floor's patient hallways, then they were the ones right above them. And since he hadn't hit a hallway before the wall, that meant he'd been going further in instead of out. To check, Kurogane brought his hand around from one side and found on the other side a door. He could picture the map in his head now and knew that he was right. He even knew where exactly he was too.

"Dammit!" he barked, and slammed his hand into the door out of anger, leaving it there as he simmered. He was pissed off enough from before, and this frustration was only making it worse.

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Edgar stepped through the doorway first, pushing aside the broken remains of the lock on the floor to make a safe passage for his companion. Whoever had preceded them had certainly done a full-force number on the door when opening it.

He turned his light to the hallway- same stifling darkness as before. While there didn't seem to be a visible threat, something about the hall was unsettling.

"Which way now?" he asked, keeping his eyes and his light on the corridor.

[passing through this time on account of short distance and mun hiatus; emailed mun to let them know]

Harley followed right after, pit-patting quietly down the hall and through the door. Despite how it may look, she actually was paying very close attention to their surroundings. Getting eaten would have put a bit of a damper on the evening, y'know? She'd like to avoid that if possible.

"Just right through here," she whispered, going around the guy to the wall on their left. The door they wanted was right next to them, conveniently. Less convenient, however... She frowned down at the door lock. What the? Didn't she bust the lock on this thing last time? What, did they go around replacing all the locks everyone broke every night? Boy, no wonder this place didn't have any money for exterminators!

She made a disgruntled noise. "Hold on. I got this..." She lifted up the iron poker and quickly whacked at the lock several times. It took a few hits, but the stupid thing finally snapped and gave way. Lucky thing the staff was too dumb to switch lock brands.

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