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Nightshift 46: Decontamination Room
jokers_wildcard wrote in damned
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Two steps into the room, Harley wrinkled up her nose. Oh, yeah. It had been a while since she'd been here, so she'd forgotten all about that heightened disinfectant smell the room had. It kind of forced you to pause rather than just barreling right through. Aside from a hesitant dripping from a faucet somewhere, the room was dead quiet.

A quick sweep of the flashlight revealed nothing of interest. The room was empty; no people or mutilated freak-cats or giant psycho bugs as far as she could tell. But there were enough hiding places for anything to sneak around if it really wanted. She wasn't so crazy that she would completely ignore that.

"Let's see," she said, moving the flashlight back and forth to search the room. "There should be a door around here somewhere..."
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Edgar swept the room with his light as he entered, trying to determine its purpose. It certainly didn't win any originality points with the plain walls and floor. It did nothing to stand apart from the hallway, aside from having a door barring the entrance.

While he didn't catch sight of the door Harley mentioned, he did see something else of interest: a table with a cloth over it. He approached the table, giving the tarpaulin a tug once he reached the side- cheap material, but it would be nice to keep those bits and pieces of works-in-progress together. He smiled, holding his light with his shoulder and chin as he folded the fabric and tucked it under his arm.

Retrieving his light to his hand, he spotted the aforementioned door. "Over here," he called. "I suppose this is it?"

Harley had stuck her upper body into what looked like a shower room, curious to see if anyone had left a pair of undies or something else lying around. It was a little too dark to be checking around for little things like that, but it wasn't looking like it. Of course, she'd only had a peek when Eddie called her over.

She jogged a few steps to get closer and see what it was he was talking about. Her flashlight followed his, fully illuminating the door before them. It might have been a while since she'd been here, but she recognized it plenty. "Oh! That looks like it!"

She stepped closer to the door, looking it up and down as though searching for something. "Past here is the lab. This is where the people make all the monsters that're wandering around." Despite this declaration, she didn't sound terribly worried or concerned, more like a tour guide stating facts.

Still, she exercised enough caution to not barrel through the door as she normally would have. Instead, she paused and pressed her ear against the door, tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth in concentration. Hmm, she couldn't hear anything yet. At the very least, that meant there were no scientist guys lurking around. Too bad. She'd love to catch one some day. She pulled her head away from the door way, sent a quick 'okay!' smile at Eddie, and opened the door.

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And this room was completely empty.

Grell forced the power back into his eyes, causing them to glow a soft green as he glanced around. Just as he remembered it last night and the night before - boring. Nothing he could use to entertain himself, so this room was all but a bust as far as he was concerned.

Stepping forward, he continued on to the next area.

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